Self Development May 1, 2020

Long-awaited independence 🎉

Lukasz Wiktor @LukaszWiktor

I had announced it already two weeks ago, but why not to share the joy twice.

It took over 2.5 years, definitely longer than expected, but I finally made it.

I'm fully independent now! 🥳

Maybe a bit unreasonable in these uncertain times, but I just quit my job yesterday. Such a relief! I can finally focus on the development of my own business — no more hustling to carve out extra time for a side project.

I'm so grateful for the Indie Hackers community. It's been a huge inspiration, especially podcasts, but also all of you helpful and friendly folks! Thank you so much!

I'm happy to answer your questions.

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    This is my dream, you know :)
    I've always wanted to develop my products, since when you work in a big company, any small solution, any small task takes a long time to publish. Company often does things not the way it should but they way customer wants.

    Of course, while running your own business sometimes you do the same thing: customer asks something irrational but willing to pay for this. But if you have your product you can do stuff the best way, loosing some nasty customers but satisfying others.

    And you know that your EFFORT results in MONEY. In full time job you can work 24x7 which wont mean that you'll get more salary.

    Congratulations. Hope one day I'll publish the same post :)

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      This is exactly what motivated me to work on my own product. The ability to decide at every level, not only code, but also design and features I want or don't want to implement.

      Working as a developer in a larger company, you are most often separated from end users. But I like to see the whole picture! I like to talk with my app's users and learn about what they are struggling with. It's a great source of new ideas. Not like some made-up ideas, but the ones that you can be sure will address a real problem. You can then turn them into a new feature or even new product.

      It's also an amazing feeling when people want to pay for your product. Seeing new clients subscribing to paid plans is like getting a rise every month.

      Good luck, @Akcium! I'm sure you'll fulfill your dreams.

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    Congrats, Lukasz - that's terrific :)

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      Thank you, Michael!

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    I just wanted to say big congrats! That's the dream for many folks on IH!

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      Thank you so much @irinka!

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    Gratulacje :)

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      Dziękuję :)

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    Huge huge congrats Lukasz! Was this made possible mostly from the recurring revenue from your Personal Discount project?

    Would love to hear more about your story. My readers on Young Makers would be interested to hear how you did it too. If you're up for an interview after you've settled down with everything, let me know! I'm on Twitter and Telegram

    Here's an example of what one of my newsletter issues look like:

    Young Makers Making Your First Profit

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      Thank you Gabriel!

      Yes, the recurring revenue from Personal Discount is already enough to cover my essential needs. I can see the MRR growing slightly every month.
      To prepare to the leap, I paid off my mortgage early, and built up some savings.

      Thank you for the invitation to an interview. I'll think about it. Although, I'm 35 so not sure if that counts for a young maker... 😜

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        That's my dream! I want to pay off loans for a house (for when I get one – i just graduated college) quickly. That way, I can focus on working on projects that matter to me – impactful, helpful, related to my interests.

        You're still young at making 😉 Feel free to reach out to me anytime! Many makers like me would really really appreciate learning from your story. I'd like to cover it from an angle of financial independence.

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    Wonderful, congrats!

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      Thank you Rosie! 😊