Looking to Partner Up November 20, 2019

Looking for a side project


I'm a designer/front end dev and i'm looking for a side project, it can be anything, i have a few ideas that i didnt had time to create yet, but i'm also up to work in any other projects.

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    I'm looking for equity cofounders. Please take a look at my venture description and if it sounds interesting feel free to email me:




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    I'm a full stack developer (with preference for back end). I'd be interested to hear out some of your ideas and see if there's a way we might collaborate together on something. Shoot me an email with some of your ideas when you get a chance if you would.

    [email protected]

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    Hi! I've built www.hindsights.io and I'd love a front end collaborator. If you're interested, msg me here of at [email protected]!

    Cheers :)

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    Hey! I'd love to take you up on some design help if you're looking for a side project! Can you email me at [email protected]

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