Looking for co-host - founder journey - bootstrapping physical products

Hello! I'm looking to start a founder journey podcast focused on bootstrapping physical products and am looking for a co-host on a similar journey. The goal is to cover starting and running a bootstrapped physical product business with achievements and struggles along the way.

Looking for someone with previous experience with physical products but not a hard requirement. It may be interesting to have someone with strong experience in software products looking to make the jump to a physical product.

Quick info on me -- I'm starting Carme Desk, a line of finely designed desk accessories built with eco-conscious materials. I'm focused on making this a company that stays small. You can find more on the IH product page. Previously, I have a decade of experience working in the additive manufacturing space for a 3D printer manufacturer and years prior to that as a sculptor.

If you're interested or have someone to recommend I talk with, reply here or contact me directly.

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    Definitely sounds like a podcast I would listen to. Love making physical products!

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    Sounds great, look forward to listening 😃

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

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