Looking to Partner Up September 1, 2020

Looking for partners to build a side project in 1 month! 🚀

David @davidmika

Hey fellow indie hackers,

I'm David from Georgia. I'm starting a challenge to build 12 side projects in 12 months.

I'm passionate about building things and this is going to be an awesome experience.

I'm looking for partner for the first project. I will be crowdsourcing ideas from the community each month and partnering with people who proposed each idea I picked for the project.

Please post Ideas and lets build something great together.

If you'd like to follow the progress please subscribe to the newsletter.

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    I am up for it

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    Hi David,

    I am interested in..

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    This sounds interesting. Where else to find out more?

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      Hi @Luc09,

      I'm reporting the progress weekly in the 12in12 newsletter feel free to subscribe!

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        yup I read them. Hope you will have more updates soon ;)

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    Hi David,

    Been looking to do something like this. I am also in Georgia. Atlanta to be specific. I can help with growth hacking , etc. [email protected]

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      Hi @jkhaliph,

      I'm from the republic of Georgia :) But anyways I'm open to partnership.

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    I selected idea for the first project check out post

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    Hey David, we're working on something that will certainly take longer than a month - but if you wanted to jump in and work on a feature, we'd welcome the help! Here's our latest post:


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      Hi @AirHorn! Thanks for the reply!

      Congrats your our app looks awesome. But I don't have experience with flutter. And also main idea behind my project is to start from scratch and document the whole process.

      Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to follow the process.

      Good luck with your startup!

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    Hi, I had this idea around building a social media monitoring project.
    Basically brands companies can monitor lets say there twitter feed for interesting insights.
    Eg - A product company can automatically be alerted when users tweet about a bug.

    The project would monitor tweets to and classify them into topics. Weekly Reports can be generated about the user sentiment.

    Hope you get the idea. Reach out to me if you think it's interesting

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      Hi @gabber12!

      Sounds interesting. If I understand correctly you are talking about something like
      hotsuit or tweetdeck but with sentiment analysis or classification of mentions.

      I will create a poll on Sunday with all the ideas and select one on Monday.

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    hey david, feel free to reach out! My email is in my profile

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      Hey! thanks for replying. I will send an email. But feel free to propose ideas here as well. I'd like the whole process to be transparent with involvement from the community.