Ideas and Validation January 26, 2021

Lunchclub for X?


Recently, I'm seeing more and more people talking about their need to have a "Lunchclub" for their specific community. For those who are not familiar with, it's s a 1:1 super-connector that match you every week with someone relevant to you.

Indeed, it seems that as the platform is becoming the reference in the networking space, it becomes less useful for people looking to meet people from specific groups (ex : IndieHackers, GenZ etc..)

The unfair advantage of Lunchclub is that their algorithm matches you with people different from you but with similar interests, adding serendipity to your life. But if you're looking to meet someone in a specific community, why don't you DM them, as you know where to find them?

I have the feeling that there is a real need to be introduced to relevant person in its own community.

My question is, what is the real need behind this? Do you need someone to make the introduction? Do you need to be on a platform that creates a safe environment? Are there other solutions that could be more relevant?

I would love to have your thoughts on this subject and eventually start a project to create meaningful connections within the IndieHacker community! 🔥

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    I think that it will be easier for established communities to create their own Lunchclub than just starting yourself one. I've tried something similar with founders at
    Didn't really took off

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    LC itself might work on this with their 'communities' feature - you can now request a match from community you're in [on LC though].

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    Lunchclub is surely nice for serendipity. I love the 1-1 concept ! You can connect better & faster. But I've never really met someone with the same references as me. I would love to have a safe space where I can exchange with someone that knows what I'm talking about, have my projects & ideas challenged.

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    Lunchclub for lunch? 🤯

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    is it quite similar to Shapr?

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      Btw if you want an invite to try it out, feel free to use mine :

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      It seems pretty similar indeed. Lunchclub leads the way to all these curated 1:1 connections software, but there are many other similar projects.

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    Just launched this quick IH survey, with similar questions maybe you can share your thought there too. Will be really helpful :)

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      Interesting, I answered to the four questions 😉

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    I am active on Lunchclub. Been a user for several months.

    I think over 85% of my connections are really amazing. I like LC because everything is automatic until I meet the person, save me a lot of time.

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      Indeed, it's one of the Lunchclub's strengths, you only have to click in a button to be matched with someone relevant to you. At the end of the day, I'm sure it's a already a big help for most of the users.

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      Just some thought.

      If you are extravert or just like to socialize, then "general" online meetups such as lunchclub are great. I have talked to 2 people like that. Lunchclub does ask about your area of interest, but they are still just general categories.

      I am not good at socializing. After the initial meeting, if there is not a common need (and what would it be?), how would you keep the "relationship" going and arrange more meetups? I get tired of meeting new people after a few times. I can get a lot of info from people's LinkedIn profile already. LOL

      I have joined many startup/founder/marketing sites, discord groups, and Slack groups. Even when there are live meetups, we don't have info about others before the meetings. People take turns introducing themselves and their projects, so time past by fast but not effective:-) When a group helps out with 1 person's problem, usually it is still too general because it depends on the group's experience and background.

      I am on this site because I want to learn and meet other like-minded people. But for live meetups, I want to meet people who can help me or who can use my contribution. I have been thinking about writing a post to see if there are people who want meetups for more in-depth discussion to help out one another. So maybe that relationship can last longer because of the mutual interests and benefits.

      Maybe the online live meetup sites/apps will evolve like the dating sites/apps. It starts with general sites. Then specialized versions appear later, e.g. Eharmony, Tinder, Ashley Madison, for Jewish people, for good looking people, etc:-)

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        Thank you for taking the time to explain your thoughts further. Completely agree with you. It can be tricky to keep in touch with the people you're meeting in live meetups or on Lunchclub.

        I don't think that Lunchclub for X's websites will evolve in focusing on community. Even though it would be a great first step, if users don't have a real problem to talk about or something to deeply connect (other than just be both on IH), I'm not sure it's possible to create a long-lasting relationship.

        If just being in the same community is not enough, do you have any idea what the criteria could be? Do you think another type of meeting could strengthen the relationship (maybe drawing or sending audio notes rather than a video-call..) ?

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          Lunchclub is for 1 to 1 meetup and different from clubhouse where people hang out, extraverts talk and introverts listen - I am just guessing:-)

          I don't know the stats for 2nd and 3rd meetings among the Lunchclub users. Maybe it is not a problem and the problem is just me:-)

          Assuming it is indeed a problem, then we are trying to solve a human problem - networking and making friends on a deeper level. If we can solve the problem for the 2 users to arrange a 2nd and 3rd meetings, it would be a great start:-)

          One possible solution is to ask for an optional detailed profile to better match people. The content marketing material can talk about the problem that I am describing - how to network and make friends remotely and the solution that Lunchclub can provide:-)

          This is based on my needs...

          There are many websites that offer paid 1 to 1 mentoring/consulting services to help out any general or specific area on anything, e.g. business, health, personal development, etc. What I need is a sounding board or peers who are interested and willing to listen/understand my "problem" whatever it is. That is what the criteria/fitler is for:-) But it can't be one-sided; the interaction and benefits need to go both ways. That is what friendship or networking is about to keep it going. The community approach is a great way to start because it provides at least 1 big common interest. So lunchclub or likes can add ways to match people who want deeper level of networking/communication. This has been applied in differerent areas, e.g. peer coding, accountability buddy, mentoring/coaching, interest sharing, etc.

          It is very likely that other women (or men) have other needs that I, as a man, do not have, in terms of emotional support, relating, etc.:-)

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            I think you're really onto something when you're saying, "What I need is a sounding board or peers who are interested and willing to listen/understand my "problem" whatever it is."

            I've decided to launch an experiment and try to connect Gen Z. It's called Meet Gen Z (, and I have ~20 users so far. I'll try to gather feedback along the way and see if our assumptions are correct are not.

            I'll try to see if :

            • They are interested in having a 2nd or even a 3rd meeting with the same person
            • They are interested in having a deeper level of connections
            • They would be interested in having a "board" of peers and therefore be matched with a group and not with only one person.

            If you think about anything, I'm always open to feedback. Feel free to DM me. Thanks! 🔥

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