Make you cold outreach more effective with pre-targeting

Here's how you can make your outreach strategy more effective with pre-targeting:

  1. Create a custom audience made up with you target accounts - best ad platforms for this are LinkedIn and Twitter as they allow for the most precise targeting (LinkedIn by company name and Twitter by user's handle) - you can even use them both at the same time

  2. Run ads targeted at these audiences to build initial brand awareness (optimize for reach)

  3. Only after your target audience has been seeing your ads for a couple of days/weeks, start your outreach campaign

Why does it work? Mere exposure effect - people prefer things they're familiar with. When you reach out to them after the pre-targeting campaign, your company is no longer unknown to them.

  1. 1

    wonder which channels you used?

  2. 1

    Kacper, have you done this yourself or know someone who's done it? I wonder what the lift looked like with this "warm up" and without...

    1. 2

      Haven't tried it yet, but heard from a couple of marketer friends that it worked well for them.

  3. 1

    Has anyone tried this or a similar approach to advertising on IndieHackers for instance?

    1. 1

      What do you mean by 'advertising on IndieHackers'? There are no ads here.

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