March 21, 2019

Marketing: Has anyone done a pop-up launch/ retail location?


My company is in the clothing space think Supreme, Palace, ect.... I want to do a pop-up but were not a well-known company yet.

Any ideas on how would you attract the high school demographic to the event?

I'm thinking about holding the event in a major city like Los Angeles. I have confidence that I can attract the college and up crowd, but I need something creative to get awareness from the younger crowd.


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    thanks for the replies.

    I agree with all your comments.

    @vwoo did you guys work with an event coordinator?

    I only want it to be a one day pop-up, and eventual having it as a travel event.

    I'm thinking of having music artist perform and hopefully, they bring their following... also trying to bring in other different vendors like food trucks

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    You could do a popup tent at big events that you know have your demographic.

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    I have worked in pop up shops during my time at Everlane. I don't advise doing one unless you know you have the audience already.

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    You could do couple of things

    • social media giveaway campaign and you could decide winners only if they show up at the place.
    • tie up with a fashion influencer who has decent clout that could attract folks to attend to get to do a meet-and-greet with the influencer.

    My two cents.