Landing Page Feedback February 24, 2020

Marketing Page Ready for Prime Time. All Feedback Welcome!

Brian Jenkins @bjenkins24

I'm working on a new SaaS product right now. I just got the marketing site all ready to go. Would love to hear some feedback about anything and everything!

  • Do you understand what it will do?
  • Is it interesting?
  • Would you use it?
  • UX/Design/Copy feedback is great too!

I won't say anything about it as I want the marketing page to speak for itself. So go ahead and give it a look and tell me what you think!

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    Biggest issue I see is language.

    'Ew, not like that guy in the breakroom whose parents didn’t love him' who is this guy? Really have never saw, heard about , or spoke with this guy.

    breakroom -> is spelled break room (95% sure of this).
    Make a Team of Know-It-Alls -> why would anyone ever want this.

    Seems to be some basic language issues. I would say remember that the world is mostly English as a second language, and even native english speakers can misunderstand sentences when they are out of context.

    'Let Trig organize all of your company knowledge, and your team will actually know it all.'

    Might become
    'All of your company knowledge searchable in one place. Meet Trig: the company knowledge management suite.'

    Way too many analogies: ice cream, socks? Lot's of kidding and jesting throughout the written text. Makes it seem like a young person is writing it.

    It seems like you share a lot of the same values that customer's of Slack do. 'Know what needs to be done and when.' 'Easily be able to to search through your companies knowledge.'

    I would read through Slack's customers stories and see how they word things. Or any other company that you see as a competitor.

    Lots of English issues throughout the page.

    'Find out if Trig is the right tool for your business by getting in touch.'
    This implies I need to do something to figure out if this app does anything; natural reaction will be close the page.

    Value then action is the standard way.
    'Never loose company knowledge again. Join beta.'

    PS: I read that you are remote. Making a remote office tool and looking for feedback as well .

    1. 1 - Breakroom or Break room? Maybe I should use break room if it threw you off. Not sure which one is right?

      Hey, gotcha. So yeah that's the feel I was going for here. I knew it wouldn't resonate with everyone, but I'm looking to be a little bit different. The goal is for it to be fun to read and actually encourage reading. It's also the company culture/vibe I'm going for. Laid back and fun. I worked in a company with similar copy and it killed it.

      Definitely some good comments, though, I'll take a look on some things to clarify there. The "Make a Team of Know-It-Alls" is supposed to jest. Get you to read more because exactly, no one would want that.

      I want to test out the copy style a bit. I'm ok for now to limit my reach to native english speakers, or at least US natives. Getting into some of the legal complications of marketing outside the US I think is better done when I'm bigger.

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        Neat! It seems like a valid experiment to try then. Maybe run two at once and test conversions! I am a native US speaker and did not like it. I am definitely not everyone though :)

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    Looks good on desktop. I enjoy the color palette - it works really well. Gatsby is cool. The Lifetime Subscription buy-in is good marketing. It does remind me a lot of Podio, etc., which isn't a bad thing. Here's the thing:

    • If I'm already neck-deep in a PM/CMS, what value does Trig add for me? What will make me jump ship and try it out?

    I think having a very solid value proposition is going to make or break the amount of users you onboard initially.

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      Hey thanks so much for taking a look and for the feedback. For sure that's a good point, and I don't think I'm doing a fantastic job on the site making the value proposition clear.

      What I tell people in person is that Trig is Google Photos for knowledge. The benefit Trig will have over other alternatives is there won't be folders. There won't be manual tagging. There will be no organization options whatsoever besides the ability to share multiple cards at once.

      The idea is Trig will be the organizer. Machine learning, auto-tagging, full-text search, and then honestly just surfacing good obvious cohorts of knowledge. I've used some of the alternatives and AFAICT they all suffer from forcing their users to upkeep and organize, which I've never been in an organization that's done that well.

      Once a user signs up they will see immediately on connecting to google drive that they can find things so much easier than before. I love the Google Photos comparison, but I've noticed not everyone knows about Google Photos yet, and I'm honestly not super keen on including a consumer app in my B2B marketing copy.

      Also this space feels fairly new. I know there are a few players out there already, but there seem to be a lot of companies that don't use something like this that should. I anticipate a lot of my users will have never heard of the competition. That's mostly an anecdotal assessment. The last couple companies I worked for haven't used anything (and should) and just about everyone I talk to doesn't use something like this either in their work. The last thing is the other offerings seem pretty clunky. I feel confident Trig will be the most user friendly software in the space.

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        Well, you've sold me. I've both used and built the competition and I agree that none of it hits the mark 100%.

        I feel confident Trig will be the most user friendly software in the space.

        Then it will be! Good luck! 🙂

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    I appreciate that you’re trying to add some personality to your copy, but I think it gets in the way here. Focus first on communicating clearly and concisely. Most people won’t take the time to wade through jokes to reach the point. If they don’t immediately understand what you’re offering and why they should want it, they’ll bounce.

    The hero area is a great example. I have no idea what your offering based on that. And there in no benefit highlighted. In fact, it seems like a negative based on the headline.

    I kind of get the concept on the rest of the page, but I think you could do a better job of conveying the value. It’s hard to picture how it’s going to solve a pain point specifically. Maybe highlight some use cases, compare it with the stays quo or show it in action sone how.

    You CTAs are also misleading. The offer comes out of nowhere and feels like a bait and switch. Be specific and honest with users about what you want them to do and what they can expect.

    Best of luck.

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      Hey! Appreciate the comment. Sounds like a recurring theme here, so I'll go make adjustments to the copy. Question! I didn't like the Get Started copy for the button either, but I sat on that for a while and couldn't think of anything better that wasn't like 6 words long. Do you have any suggestions?

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        If you just want to change to button text you could try something like Subscribe Now or Get Trig. But it’s probably better to go a step further and really think about your offer.

        Getting people to pay now for something that isn’t ready is not the easiest ask. Is there a reason you’re asking for payment upfront instead of just locking in the deal now and paying when it’s available?

        I would also put the offer right up front on the first page. Why hide it?

        Introducing the offer earlier can also help make it more persuasive because people will feel like they are getting something special. You could even add some urgency by putting a limit on the number of lifetime licenses or an expiration date for the offer.

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    Initial impressions:

    I’m viewing on mobile. Site loads fast enough and looks ok. I’d get rid of the joke as it’s distracting.

    As for the product. We’re using onenote. It sucks. I’m sure your product is better, but I’m not going to try it because it’s not enough of a paint point for me. I’m in a team of about 12 devs. One note is good enough and is included in out Microsoft licensing. We also use slack and Jira, so at the intersection of all that I think we’re covered.

    Hope that doesn’t sound too harsh. I don’t know your market but I guess I’m saying I’m not in it so that might be a useful data point.

    There is a lot of work to migrate to a new documentation system so you’d need to find people in a lot more pain to want to go through the transition (even if you are free and open source!)

    1. 1

      Thanks for taking a look. Good points! I think I'm not doing a good enough job at communicating why there would be a benefit in switching, so I'll adjust the copy.

      I'm hoping that migrating to Trig will actually be very minimal work. Just connecting over what you already use. But again I'm not communicating that well.

      Regardless thanks for the feedback!

      1. 1

        Yes something that tells me I can migrate from OneNote would be good. Obviously other people will be migrating from something else. Even better if I know how that migration works, and that you have thought through the pain points, or have an example of someone who has done it.

        Now I am in a category of person who already has documentation system. Of course there are people who don't, so that's up to you to decide how to carve up your precious landing page real estate and who you are targeting. A feature point "Easy migration from:" followed by logos which links to a page with more info would make me look further.

        But as I said I am sort of projecting here because it's not enough of a pain point using one note. It has some awful behaviours around formatting and undo/redo, and the linking is quirkly ang creates these massive URLs. But overall it does a nice job. You can work on the desktop and see stuff on the web. You can organise and search nicely.

        It feels like you have invented a new (and better hopefully) way of organising things in a team. So as a consumer I am also thinking "do I want to learn this new way, will I like it, will it have issues that will cause us stress later on?". It's a bit like the latest JS framework problem! I see a new JS framework and think of all the headaches in learning "their way" and decide to stick to React.

        Not sure how you get over that. Maybe it is just me and some people want to learn a new way, I don't know.

        Maybe take inspiration from YNAB (You need a budget) which is an app but also a way of budgeting, and so they have to teach and sell you on the way, then the app completes the picture.

        I just saw your site on desktop, and maybe you've updated it since, but it does look really beautiful and renders well on my weird size screen. That's important because people will judge the book by it's cover.

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          Hey thanks again for the detailed reply. All good points. I did update the copy quite a bit and hopefully(?) it's doing a much better job of covering your concerns. From everyone's feedback I think just about everyone is thinking about it as a documentation (knowledge base) type of SaaS product, and that's not what it is. There shouldn't have to be any migration, and hopefully I made that clear now in the copy.

          I love and use YNAB and that's a great example. I think my major advertising early on will be content marketing. I've done it before to drive quite a bit of traffic, so I feel confident I can do it here, and I think this product would lend well to it.

          Thanks for the kind words about the design too!

          1. 1

            Thanks. Nice work. Wishing you all the best with this product!

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    Hi Looks good , some suggestions

    1. The main screenshot you are showing on the laptop that is great which helps the user to understand what it is, but that image is hidden in the mobile view you should include some real screenshots there.
    2. If you offer users for some days of trail it will attract more customers (direct or indirect) because very less people pays upfront without using a product.
    3. If you are not planning to give free trial, add some demo/explainer video
    1. 1

      Planning on adding a trial for sure. No product yet, so gotta wait until then. Demo/explainer video is also hard. I'll do that for sure once I have more of the product built out though. Thanks for the comments! I'll try to figure out exactly how to get a decent screenshot on mobile. I couldn't think of where to put it from a design perspective so it was easier to leave it out, but I'll give it some more thought.

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    "Ew, not like that guy in the break room whose parents didn’t love him. "

    Really not as fan of that line. Let's hope that hope that guy isn't a potential customer of yours.

    I'd experiment also with a benefit-led tagline. Right now you're (somewhat abstractly) saying what features the product has. You should state what problem it solves for the user.

    Other than that I think it's a really nice page. Awesome color palette.

    1. 2

      Hey thanks! Definitely a trend here in feedback, so for sure I'm gonna take it out and think about the copy there a bit more. Thanks again!