Marko Saric breaks 1,000 paid users (along with surveillance capitalism)

1,000 paying users. A big milestone born out of a desire to protect his family from the evils of surveillance capitalism. Here's where @markosaric of Plausible Analytics ($6,100/mo) finds his drive:

I'm the "tech person" in my family. On the holidays, I'm the one that gets asked, "Why does my computer do this?" and "Why doesn't my phone do that?" So I get to see how less tech-savvy people use their devices and how they're affected by surveillance capitalism.

They just want to watch a video. Or chat with their families. Or read the news. But as a side effect of these basic tasks, they're exposed and exploited. Their data is taken without their consent and without their knowledge, then sold to companies that try to manipulate them. And the average user just doesn't know how to avoid it. But each of us can make the web a little bit better for them. We can make it healthier and more human-friendly.

So that's where the passion to build and grow this thing comes from. With every website that removes Google Analytics and replaces it with something like Plausible, we get a little bit closer to a better web.

And it's gone great over the last six months — Plausible is now installed on more than 8,000 websites, with over 1,000 paying customers. And we're doing it all with a business model that is completely disconnected from the world of surveillance capitalism.

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