Most expensive Shopify apps

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to check what are the most expensive Shopify apps.

The highest price tag goes to Jioukou that offers the Advanced plan for $6,666/mo. Although, it looks more like a joke considering that the lower plan is only $24/mo.

Second on the list is Shiphero with much more consistent pricing. The highest plan is $2,750/month, but the two lower ones are also quite expensive ($1,995/month and $1,850/month). Shiphero also charges a significant amount for additional users. Nevertheless, it seems that Shiphero is a successful app — they have over 100 reviews with the average rating of 4.7

There are also other apps charging over $1000 per month, but some of them have either no reviews or many negative reviews:

What other stats would you like to see? I've collected data about pricing and reviews from all Shopify apps.

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    Although I'm not building a Shopify app, I found this data interesting.

    Are you thinking of monetising this data? Seems there would definitely be a market for data-driven insights on these large walled-garden ecosystems e.g. shopify, salesforce

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      For now I just put a raw dataset on gumroad: https://gum.co/shopify-app-store-dataset 😅

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      Thanks for your suggestion. I'm considering monetization of the dataset. Do you know any marketplace or community that would be a good place to offer such data-driven insights?

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    I'm curious, for apps with multiple plans, what the average difference between their lowest priced (non-free) plan and the highest tier is?

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      The average difference between lowest (non-free) plan and the highest tier is $90.20

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    Which app has the most polarizing reviews (i.e. lots of fans but also lots of haters)?

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      Interesting question! You probably want to exclude apps that have just a few reviews, because those with one 1-star review and one 5-stars review would be on top of the list. Considering apps with more than 100 reviews the ones with highest standard deviation are:

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        These are some really interesting numbers.

        Do these curves (very two-tailed) represent outliers or is this a standard shape? If these are the highest deviation, what does low deviation look like relative to Shopify apps?

        I could imagine these being like Yelp reviews, where people tend to express themselves using extremes pretty often.

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          I'd say that the two-tailed curve is not a standard shape of Shopify apps rating. Sure, there is a valley in the middle, but the right side is much higher. When you sum counts of reviews from all apps, grouped by the number of stars, then you get following numbers:

          ★☆☆☆☆ : 16,344
          ★★☆☆☆ : 4,512
          ★★★☆☆ : 9,186
          ★★★★☆ : 35,145
          ★★★★★ : 371,332

          1. 1

            Thank you again for sharing! It's endlessly interesting.

            That super-high volume of 5-stars is certainly suspect in the sense that one could easily imagine an App Store-esque attempt to game ratings afoot. I haven't even dipped a toe into Shopify (yet!) but I could see how it's an extremely competitive space between these numbers and prior posts here on IH about Shopify.

            If you have the text bodies of reviews, text analysis would also be fascinating. What 10 words (after common words) identify the most with each star rating?

            While you're here - it looks like you're into the Shopify world but IH is only now hosting an IH group for it. Are there other communities online that discuss serving Shopify customers?

            1. 2

              I haven't collected the text content of reviews yet, but I totally agree that it would be immensely interesting to run a text analysis.

              As for other communities, there is the official Shopify Community which is a mix of shop owners, Shopify partners (app developers, theme developers, setup specialists, etc.), and Shopify stuff. There is also the Shopify Partners facebook group.

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                Thank you! Joining both. What are your thoughts on each?

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                  The official Shopify Community is a great place to talk with shop owners and spot their pains. I'm looking for repeating problems to find ideas for new apps.

                  As for the FB group, you can find really helpful people there who are willing to share their knowledge about the Shopify ecosystem.

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