My experience so far with Rally Creator Coin

Hey gang! I have gone down a rabbit hole, and have finally come up for some air :) I haven't been posting my usual weekly/monthly roundups because I found myself deeply immersed in the world of Creator Economy and Rally.io. Rally is a cryptocurrency-based project for Creators to have their own coins, with 0 transaction fees, a rewards program, and other goodies.

In fact, my last post about status was a little over a month ago, where I was talking about integrating $BOT coin into my Announcr project. Early in March, a professional friend asked me to check out Rally, and I did, and got involved on the $BOT coin team. I quickly saw the enormous convergence and potential, and went both feet in. It's a match made in heaven for Announcr, as there are several Creators who would make great use of Announcr in their own communities.

About month later, I had been trying to bring my FB Game Dev Group over to Discord, and using $BOT to reward them, when it clicked for me. The mod team and I wanted to have a coin for Game Developers, and for use in games. Importantly, there weren't any Creator Coins built around that use case yet, and the Play "domain" was, as of yet, unclaimed. I saw clearly how an economy built around Game Creation was a potential thing of beauty. I took my shot, sent in the proposal, and it was voted on 100% YES by the Rally community.

$PLAY Coin is going to happen. I fired up the team machine and we're ready for launch this Thursday, 4/22 at 1PM EST.

$PLAY Coin is meant to Unite, Empower, Uplift and Reward through its supported programs while promoting a strong moral compass. Our initial programs are:

  1. GameCreators, a premium incubator community which brings fans and game creators together with expert industry guidance and funding to create games/NFTs and level up skills.
  2. LifePlay, a lifetime rewards and achievement program for kids / teams / groups doing any kind of organized on/offline play activity.
  3. PlayPro, an accessible marketplace for leveling up gameplay skills through professional coaching.

Creator Coins are very interesting. Most are founded by a solo creator, usually a streamer, DJ, musician, or influencer (so far). There are almost 100 Creator Coins on the Rally Network. Some of the coins have very passionate communities, and some are very quiet as the Creators are still figuring out how to build and leverage tools.

I have also been deeply involved with the Community Developer group, to try and understand what tools need to be built, and what the needs/use cases are.

Short answer.. there are 100 Creators now, there will be up to 8000 or so in the next couple of years. They need everything built, so they can offer perks to their communities, have ways to track things, and make the best use of the Creator Coins they have for their own fan groups and economies.

If you are a builder, this is a GREEN WIDE OPEN FIELD.
If you are a Creator, this is a GREEN WIDE OPEN FIELD.

I have rarely seen such well-timed convergence. If you're not looking at this space, please take a look, it could be very beneficial for you!

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