Growth October 30, 2019

My List of Marketing Ideas - What's Missing?

Ben Noland @bennoland

A little background. is an IOS only social body weight tracker. It has been in the app store for a few months, but is only at 100 downloads. It's in a fairly crowded space, so it's hard to rank for keywords, and I haven't done any real marketing yet.

I'm looking for free, or very low cost ideas only at this stage.

I've created a list of marketing ideas. What items do you think I should go after first? What else should I add to the list?

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    I haven't read your list but I would advise starting with things that don't scale.

    eg. get out of the house and hit up your local gyms and physically talk to people or at the very least hand out flyers etc.

    Gotta start somewhere and yes... you're in a very crowded space where digital marketing will be almost impossible to crack for you right now.

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    I think you could reach out to bloggers/influencers who regularly post about health and fitness and genuinely ask them to check out the app and maybe give some feedback.
    If there's a good response you'll be able to make improvements to your app and see if anybody would want to get onboard to promote it.

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    Hey Ben, here are some ideas:

    [1] Current Users

    Who are your current users? Have you talked to them?

    How often do they use the app? How many people are they connected to?

    Can you get them to invite more people to their posse? Do you have a notification asking them to invite more friends to get better results?


    [2] Influencers

    Have you reached out to influencers? What is their response? What is your pitch?

    Influencers care about engagement with their fans, and new ways to create content.

    What about a competition between two (or more) influencers, to see who’s followers can lose more weight? Maybe each influencer picks 10 or 100 fans.

    Or even for one influencer to use adiposse with a small group of super fans?

    Would need some way to verify weight loss, but it could be a useful method for growth.

    Since you have limited budget, it might be a good idea too target people in the 1k-5k range of fans. Once you have that as a proof of concept, you can start moving up to larger influencers.


    [3] Content Marketing

    Office weight loss challenges is one area I would target, especially with new year around the corner. Check out the top search engine results for “office weight loss challenge” for content ideas.

    LinkedIn could be a good place to post about that.

    This is a good place to start for SEO and content strategy:

    I would also consider how you can get your app to get recommended on lifehacker or similar sites; seems like something that would fit their style.


    [4] Social Media

    For the people you're messaging on instagram, are you just messaging them once?
    Are you commenting on people's posts?


    [5] Product

    Photos are a definite need, IMO.

    Grouping people with strangers could be a cool aspect, especially if they're relatively the same size. i.e. If I'm trying to lose weight, it would be cool to be able to join a group of people who are in the same position as me and to see what's working in real time, for other real people.

    This could get the app to spread, if you let people create their own cohorts and then do the marketing for you.

    Your app already has a viral aspect, you just need to tap into that virality and keep pushing it further.


    Also, I think "Social Weight Loss" might be a better tag line for the name than "Body Weight Tracker"

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      Wow, lots of nuggets in this response, thank you!

      [2] With influencers, I've started many drafts, only to delete them because they feel spammy/purely selfish. I've had trouble figuring out how I can bring them value.

      At first I went after online fitness coaches, thinking they could use it to interact with their training clients, but quickly learned from them the need more sophisticated software which already exists.

      But yeah, new ways to engage with their fans and new ways to produce content, good ideas there.

      [3] office weight loss challenge sounds like a perfect market to go after. I've been trying to keep my scope wide and general purpose, but I targeting a specific niche is probably what I need to do, at least to start off. I can alway re-widen my scope once I've achieved some level of success.

      [4] On instagram, I've been searching #weighin and DMing people who post photos of their bathroom scale. I ask them if they'd be willing to try my app, about 20% of them say sure. However, most of them end up being on Android*.

      Your post has really helped me. I will be referring back to it many times.

      I think I'll need Android too if my app is going to be social. Even IOS users will be turned off if half of their social circle can't join them.