Bloggers November 2, 2020

My personal programming blog

DevTalker @DevTalker

Hi guys,
@notlhw article and story ( motivated me to join your community :).

An year ago I started my own programming blog ( but I started writing more often since July.

Currently I have only 1-5 users daily, but I am motivated to increase them exponentially :).

I will try some good ideas I found here and I will write again with my progress in a couple of months.

Thank you!

  1. 2

    All the best! 🙌

  2. 1

    Good stuff, blogging really requires commitment.
    Keep it up.

    Any reason you went with WordPress compared to other blogging platform?

    1. 1

      Thank you! I went with WordPress just because I had previous experience with it :).

  3. 1

    I can't access to your blog

    1. 1

      Strange. I don't have problem accessing it. Even in analytics I see that the blog has views real-time (think).

        1. 2

          I will investigate further. It is interesting that even CloudFlare dashboard does not report any problems.

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