November 8, 2019

Name Suggestion for Analytics Startup

Bruno Alano @brunoalano


I'm building a Privacy-focused (without usage of 3rd party cookies) Analytics & Ads Enrichment Platform.

What you guys think about Monoscope? Also, do you prefer or

Best regards,

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    from the 2, my vote goes to - seems less complicated and it's much easier to say

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      And what you think about the name?

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        it reminds me of stethoscope, so to me I get a feeling that it will monitor the health of the site

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    My vote is focus on building and launching. You can change the name later.

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      Wise, and I fully agree with you. My question it's because I'm not native english-speaker, and just want to know if this name resembles something about analytics / ads.

      I'm focusing 90% of my time on the algorithms (core value, validating if it works as I expect), and 10% on making the website and trying to relate with companies (eCommerces mainly).

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        In this case, I like for the platform and for the landing pages, sales & marketing, etc.

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          Disagree. Standard setup is to put the app as a subdomain. I have yet to see a web app spread across two domains in that manner. You can also avoid the subdomain approach by having your web server handle this split under the hood to treat traffic as the app and all other url paths as the landing pages.

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            That works too.

            Many businesses split their company/information/sales/marketing sites away from their product site. Here's one example:

            (1) and then,

            I could give hundreds more.

            ...and I could give hundreds of examples of the subdomain and subfolder setup as well. None are "right" or "wrong". Do whatever you want to do in this regard.

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              Splitting domains is a really bad idea for SEO purposes. Microsoft doesn't have to worry about SEO - they're Microsoft. But if you want any organic leads, doesn't make sense to water down your rankings.

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          Splitting between domains makes it unnecessarily difficult to track a user's journey from your landing page to becoming a user. I did that for a while and then ended up switching to a single domain. You could certainly buy both domains and redirect, though.

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    My first thought was ”mono” the illness to be candid. ”scope” I think is a very powerful word. Just avoid the temptation to try to combine “analytics” and “scope” ;)

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      My view (as non-native english speaker), as "Mono" to be the only tool required to see that data (scope). But I will think about it, thanks!

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        this didn't jump to my mind for mono! maybe it's just me, but it does feel memorable which is also important. I called my site prototypr, and nobody can spell it 😅

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    I'd suggest '' as it seems too long of a word to append yet another word 'get' (those usually work better with short words like ''.

    Seems like a solid name to me; good luck!