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New section on IndieHackers? (Wiki)

Aaron B. @GeroviVaper

Hi all

I'm mainly a lurker here and have not that much experience in building. So I have a lot of theoretical questions like technical questions, marketing questions etc. which other indie hackers also have. Since I started using and browsing indie hackers, I have always seen the same questions pop up again and again.

Just some examples:

  • Which marketing books do you recommend?
  • How can I validate my idea?
  • How can I rank my website high (SEO)?
  • How to create effective ads?
  • How to build an audience?

I know that there are articles and a search function on indie hackers, but that is kind of "unstructured". Yes you can browse through multiple posts and take away key points, but that is time consuming.

So I thought maybe of creating a new section, where there are a lot of questions, which often come up. Each question has its own page. Of course there should still be place for individual questions as it is now in the feed, but I think it would be a great additional feature if there is something similar like a wiki.

Let's make an example and say the question is: How do I validate my idea?
So there would be a page (like on wikipedia) which describes how to validate your idea, and several indie hackers would contribute to this post. One hacker would show maybe a way to do it with Google Ads, the other person with Facebook Ads, the third with instagram and cold calls etc.

The only thing I haven't found out, is that how the content creation will work.

  • Which people are qualified to write for this subject?
  • How is the approval process? Who allows the effective update of the new wiki page with the new content?
  • Is everyone allowed to write about it, or only persons with running businesses which had success with the written post?



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      Still on the roadmap… eventually.

      My medium-term goal is to simply replace articles with posts. I never liked that articles were a gated thing that only some people could contribute to, nor did I like that they sat "next" to the forum instead of being a part of it. The only problem is that people typically don't write substantive forum posts like they do with articles, so I've been working to change that:

      • articles are deprecated and the articles section will be going away soonish
      • posts now support multiple levels of headings, e.g. h2, h3, h4 tags
      • posts also support inline images
      • I updated the post page design so it works well both for quick forum posts and for long-form article-esque posts
      • on-site SEO is actually good now, and posts go into the sitemap, so Google is now beginning to index them and send them traffic

      Harry Dry has been making better use of the new features than anyone (here's an example), but I think others will catch on soonish.

      There's still a lot of work to go here:

      • previewing posts while making them
      • saving a draft of a post you're working on
      • better user profiles that allow you to showcase your best posts

      Anyway, at some point when there are more great posts on lots of topics, I'll likely categorize them into some sort of wiki or index. A lot of the milestone posts would be good for that, for example. But I can't say it's a super high priority. Nowadays we're focusing mostly on growing the groups feature.

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    Thanks Aaron, @csallen and I have talked about how to address this kind of thing, especially the repeat question kinda thing. Not sure what the solution is at this stage, but at least you know we are thinking about it.

    (I've also tagged your post as #meta, a good hashtag to use to provide feedback on IH, for your future reference :) )

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