Newsletter cross-promo exchange (v2)

I did this about a month ago, and it seemed to have done quite well here.

As we all know, growing a newsletter ain’t easy, and cross promotions have always had a win win effect!

So comment your details below using this template, reach out to anybody who might be a good match and let’s all grow together!


  1. 6

    Newsletter: Indie Letters
    Subscribers: 1547
    Open-rate: 46%
    Audience: SaaS marketers

    You can reach out on Twitter @Indieletters1 for cross-promotion / ads

  2. 5

    Newsletter: BrainPint
    Subscribers: 475
    Open-rate: 53.2%
    Audience: Marketers, Founders, VCs, Entrepreneurs, Writers, No Coders.

    You can reach out on Twitter @JanelSGM

    1. 1

      I love your value box. Very clear and upfront!

  3. 5

    Newsletter: The Slice
    Subscribers: 793
    Open-rate: 47%
    Audience: Solo founders, devs, freelancers, VCs and entrepreneurs.

    1. 1

      Hey Nic - I think there’s some audience overlap with our newsletters - and our active subs are pretty close.

      I shot you a dm on Twitter if you’re interested in a cross promo.

    2. 1

      Hey, my newsletter is Community Weekly and I have 149 subs (just starting), think there's a fit in our audiences (mine are community builders, community managers, investors). Would love to cross promote if you're up to.

  4. 4

    Great opportunity Nic (again haha) 🤩

    Thank you for that!

    Newsletter: Creativerly
    Subscribers: 394
    Open-Rate: ~55%
    Audience: Designers, Writers, Creatives, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Indie Hackers, even VCs

    Creativerly is a weekly digest about creativity and productivity-boosting tools and resources, combined with useful insights, articles, and learnings from the fields of design and tech.

    If you are writing/curating a newsletter in the same niche, just get in contact. You can reach out to me on Twitter @philipptemmel_ or just drop me an email at creativerly[at]philipptemmel.design. Let's chat and work something out!

  5. 3
    • Newsletter: The Indie Hackers Newsletter
    • Subscribers: 50,000+
    • Open rate: ~25%
    • Audience: entrepreneurs, developers, marketers, copywriters, etc.

    And as I mentioned last week, we recently changed up the design to include multiple short articles in each issue (100–300 words) in order to now open it up to writers from the community! In particular I'm looking for newsy content related to tech, business, entrepreneurship, etc.

  6. 3

    Newsletter: Virtual Mojito Live - bi-weekly
    Subscribers: 177
    Open-rate: From 54%
    Audience: Virtual event organizers, Remote workers, Online community builders

  7. 2

    We're still starting, so this is our data

    Newsletter: Monthly Start
    Subscribers: 10
    Open-rate: ?%
    Audience: students, makers, dev, design.

  8. 2

    Nice initiative Nic. I've started looking for a newsletter for cross-promotions.

    Here is mine
    Newsletter: SaaS Enthusiast
    Subscribers: 70
    Open-rate: Sent the first email just now.
    Audience: Bootstrappers, Indie Hackers

    You can reach out on Twitter @saasenthusiast

  9. 2

    Newsletter: Community Weekly (https://community-finder.co)
    Subscribers: 149
    Open rate: 49%
    Audience: community builders, community managers, investors.

  10. 1

    Newsletter: Contrarian Thinking (https://contrarianthinking.substack.com/)
    Subscribers: 100K on all platforms
    Summary: Thinking critically about finance, business and life and cash-flowing unconventionally.
    Looking for cross promos/ acquisitions/ paid posts
    email: [email protected]

  11. 1

    Newsletter: http://newsletter.craftsmancreative.co
    Subscribers: 450
    Open Rate: 39%
    Audience: artists & creatives who are trying to build sustainable businesses around their craft

    Email me at [email protected] to connect!

  12. 1

    Newsletter : Abetec Business Digest (https://abetecbusinessdigest.info)
    Subscribers : 102
    Open-Rate :40%
    Audience: Entrepreneurs ,Founders, Marketers, Small businesses, Freelancers
    You can reach out on twitter @betykm

  13. 1

    Newsletter: PM Principles by Peter Yang
    Subscribers: 1,000+
    Open-rate: 40%
    Audience: Product manager + aspiring PMs

    Connect with me on Twitter https://twitter.com/petergyang

  14. 1

    Newsletter: DesignRemotely.co
    Subscribers: 1143
    Open-rate: 46.2%
    Audience: Designers

    You can reach out on here or on Twitter @designremotely and @alistairFTW

  15. 1

    Newsletter: The Stakeholder Report
    Subscribers: 265
    Open-rate: 30%
    Audience: Project and Program Managers, PMP, Agile, and Scrum types.

    You can email me if you'd like to chat.

  16. 1

    Newsletter: The Daily Coding
    Subscribers: 185
    Open-rate: 43%
    Audience: People interested to learn.

    You can reach out on Twitter @sharjilsidd

  17. 1

    Newsletter: 🎶 Dopamine Hits
    Subscribers: 40
    Open-rate: 66.67%
    Audience: Various

  18. 1

    Newsletter: Synapse
    Subscribers: 120
    Open-Rate: 52%
    Audience: Anyone curious about the brain

    Reach me on Twitter @Clayman98

  19. 1

    Newsletter: Contrarian Letter
    Subscribers: 765
    Open-rate: 40%
    Audience: Investors, learners, students of life

    twitter handle - https://twitter.com/contliving
    link to newsletter - https://contrarianliving.substack.com/publish

    1. 1

      Hey there, I’d love to do a cross promotion with you, I think both our audiences interests over lap, and we’re both similar in size.

      Can you send me a dm on twitter? :)

  20. 1

    Sup Nic!

    Newsletter: The Unicorns Feed. Unicornsfeed.com
    Subscribers: 1300
    Open-rate:35% - 40%
    Audience: Web Developers and Digital Designers.

    Reach out on:

    No paid newsletter.

    • Because I don't link my readers to paid content unless is a Sponsorship.
  21. 1

    Newsletter: CultureWeekly
    Subscribers: 10
    Open-rate: 100%
    Audience: Founders, employees, people interested in remote work and team culture

    Culture Weekly is a newsletter with different articles, lessons learned and actionable advice from different teams that managed to build a great team culture leading to happy team members, a great working environment, exceptional employee retention and multi million-dollar revenue.

  22. 1

    Newsletter: Crafted
    Subscribers: 231
    Open-rate: 45%
    Audience: Craft beer enthusiasts, homebrewers, professional brewers

  23. 1

    Newsletter: Customer-fitted Growth
    Subscribers: 75
    Open-rate: ~50%
    Audience: B2B SaaS founders and growth marketers

    I write weekly case studies on the best practices to grow a B2B SaaS with a customer-led approach.

    You can reach me on Twitter @nicolasmerouze and on LinkedIn

    1. 1

      I can't DM you, Nicolas. Please DM me at @saasenthusiast

  24. 1

    Newsletter: Streamer Weekly
    Subscribers: 405
    Open-rate: 44.4%
    Audience: Streamers, content creators, live video, gamers

    You can reach out on Twitter @taylorishere

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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