Landing Page Feedback January 13, 2021

Newsletter landing page: what do you think about it?

Samuele Onelia @Samuele Onelia

We just moved our newsletter (We Who Think) from Substack to SendFox.

I just created a new landing page for it on Carrd.

What do you think about it?
How can it be improved?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

This is the link:

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    Hi Samuele!

    I agree, the text is too vague. I don't understand the purpose of the site in the first 10 seconds.

    Here are a few comments below:

    • You need a favicon
    • "Do you face complex business decisions? Simplify your life." means nothing to me. A better tagline could be "A bimonthly newsletter for helping you reduce the complexity of your life as a creator." Then you don't need the additional text below
    • You need social proof, quotes from readers on why they like your newsletter

    Other than that it's not bad, as it's simple and clean.

    If you liked my feedback I'd love some feedback from you on my website!

    Thanks! 🙏

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      You saw a different page, the right one, the previous one was on a wrong link (problem fixed).

      Thank you for the advice. I changed the headline, still a question, but I hope more specific one.

      We still don't have reviews from readers, we will add them as soon as possibile.

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        Hey Samuele, I think the sentence would work better this way: "Is life as a creator too complex?". More grammatically correct, I believe.

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    Hey, the landing page looks okay but the text is too vague.

    Every two weeks you'll receive 3 hyper-focused ideas to untangle the complexity of the independent life.

    Not clear, what do you mean, what the whole thing is about.

    The independent life brings freedom. AND many responsibilities. Everything is in your hands.

    This sounds way tooooo boring.

    Substack gives you the opportunity to read some article first, before subscribing. It would be nice if you would have it. Too much spam these days, sorry - I want to know what I'm subscribing for.

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      Thank you, I think that there's a problem with Carrd.

      You mention a copy that was present in the old page, and not in the new one that I just created.

      Is it possible that it sends you to a Send Fox landing page (

      1. 2

        Now your domain redirects to that empty sendfox page. But when I was looking at it, it shown the text other than you use for this article. Not sure what's going on.

        1. 1

          Thank you, I will check with Carrd to fix this problem.

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