No-Code November 7, 2019

No-code use cases?

Andrew @wrannaman

I'm working on a no-code platform and want to get a pulse on which use cases to target first.

Obviously you should be able to build anything with a no code platform but alas, that's going to take some time.

So far these spaces feel crowded:

  • e-commerce
  • blogs
  • spreadsheet -> app
  • landing page builders

Those are my negative examples, but I'd be curious to hear from you guys and gals on some categories and use-cases you'd like to see enabled, or which kinds of apps you'd like to build.


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    What tools do mid-size companies and up need?

    A lot of these no-code startups are building stuff for who?
    Other tiny startups. They'll capitalize on the mad rush today, have too-low prices and sometimes hit ramen profitability, but most of them will never see real traction, if they don't just up and collapse after a year or two anyway (because they were just a side project not a business).

    If you want to build a no-code platform business, think long term. What do companies need once they grow to mid-size and up?

    They need valuable insights from data.

    So why not a no-code data platform, where the core capabilities are around collecting, analyzing, performing calculations on, and displaying data?

    You'd still do the page builder, the workflow builder, etc., but you'd build it all on top of a core data and analytics platform.

    Food for thought.

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      @seansquared . This is exactly what we do at metricsart.

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      Thanks @seansquared. This is a really clear-headed thought and much appreciated.

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    I'm quite new to no-code but would like a platform that allows me to automated SMS and call routing. As far as I know Twilio doesn't cater for no-coders.

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      YES! There's a lot of value here. I'm half technical, but Twilio is just too darn complicated.

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      Oh interesting, so basically twilio features but for no code, that's a terrific idea.

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        Lots of companies build call centre software that leverages Twilio's platform though, and they make 'point and click' interfaces for building the IVR menus, linking to CRMs etc.

        @Bagodonuts have you seen Airtable have a 'block' that allows you to set up SMS automations? Pretty cool :)

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          I've only just started learning Airtable so was not yet aware of that. Thanks for the heads up! Excited to try it out.

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        If you can make it, I will use it!

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    I'm working on a no-code platform and want to get a pulse on which use cases to target first.
    I would suggest you focus on something that's easier to implement, something unified. For example, online stores are pretty unified apps. Else you are under risk to stick to something endless. Other things are:

    • communities
    • niche website (like websites for chiropractors etc.)
    • catalogs etc.
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      thanks, this is helpful!

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    Games I think feels empty to me though I haven’t looked recently. Maybe Unity is enough?

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      I'm a big fan of Construct.

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      With Unreal Engine they have a visual editor that allows you to program your games without writing code - it still requires you to be a very logical thinker naturally

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      games could be really interesting!

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    I'm confused when people say no-code! So do you use a platform like by designing the webapp then you add integrations using zappier, stripe, and slack into the webapp design through bubble? how does this work? This is unclear.

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    in the ecommcerce niche, I think there is a niche for building boxes/subscriptions. it's really hard to build custom step by step purchase experiences

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    This is a random one, but I've gotten two separate requests for something where

    • user sets up a form
    • someone fills out the form
    • answers generate a pre-filled PDF
    • PDF can be signed digitally

    I also like the "no-code Twilio" ideas in the comments... I've had a couple requests for things around SMS, and the answer is usually Zapier built-in SMS or Zapier/Twilio. There's not a clear no-code leader in that niche (besides Zapier).

    I also really like what @seansquared said and think that opening mid-size or larger businesses to no-code solutions is going to be a whole new game... lots of opportunity in making niche daily operations easier, faster, more automatic, and more custom!

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      This is exactly the kinds of use cases I was looking for, thanks @truedrew!