March 27, 2019

Noob Maker - please help with ideas to sell my chatbot to Restaurants.


Hi There,

I am new here, so please excuse any posting mistakes.

I have created a MVP Restaurant Reservation Chatbot service and plan to sell it to local restaurants here in South Africa (where I’m from).

I stuggle to get any traction from Restaurants. I have tried DM’s on Instagram and Cold Emailing.

I would appreciate any advice to get this off the ground.


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    @Jrothmann . You need to focus on "ideal users" rather than going to any random restaurants and for this, you need to articulate the pain point that you are trying to solve with your product, first. You can check out more at

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      Thank you for the advice!!

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    Get on the phone with them & listen to their pain points. They're probably going to mention something about wishing they could fill their seats more. When they do you bring up your product and ask them if they would allow you to use your service on their behalf to increase their reservations for a "fee".

    This fee could be:

    • A certain amount per reservation generated.
    • A monthly fee.
    • A percentage based fee per reservation.

    Work your tail off to get your first customers, make them incredibly happy, then get reviews/testimonials from them for social proof. Plaster this social proof all over your marketing content to reinforce that trust for future restaurants.

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      Will do! Thank you for the input.

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    James, do you have any local restaurants you can start with? Work your personal networks and have someone give you a trial run. Offer to do favors for them (even working the kitchen!) in return for them letting you test it. If it proves its worth then they will see the value, and if it doesn't you can move on to the next idea.

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      Thanks for the advice!!😀

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    I can't possibly help you in any direct way, but here are some thoughts: if you are to be successful with this product, you should be clear on these questions:

    1. Are you solving a problem that is painful enough? Is it really that hard for restaurants to handle reservations by phone? How many such calls do they have to handle?
    2. Do you have evidence that clients would prefer to use a chatbot? How do you convince restaurant owners about it?
    3. What's stopping restaurant owners from creating their own chatbot using some sort of chatbot creator tool?
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      Thanks for the questions!!

      1. The bot does not neccesarily solve a painfull problem, but does make things a lot easier. And the bot can handle more than one Reservation at a time.
      2. No I don’t have any evidence - This is something that I should work on.
      3. Have to agree with 303 on this one.

      Thanks again😎

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      These are awesome questions. But one I want to address:
      #3 is easy to answer: time, effort, and know-how. DIY bots are a disaster.

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        Hey, but this product is no-code, do-it-yourself bot 😅

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          As I said this is a MVP. There is some coding in the background in terms of the opening and closing times. And I an currently working on integration.😀 thanks for actually having a look at the bot.

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