Design and UX February 7, 2020

Photos like this for my blog?

Silje Storgaard @SiljeStorgaard

Where can I find/buy graphic photos like this? For my blog/website.

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    Plenty of resources out there for vector images. One of the best free ones is from @manypixels which are part of the IH community:

    You also have paid resources from the big guys like Adobe:[content_type%3Azip_vector]=1&filters[content_type%3Aimage]=1&k=monitor&order=relevance&safe_search=1&search_type=usertyped&limit=100&search_page=1&acp=&aco=monitor&get_facets=1

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      So cool! Thanks :-)

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      I saved this post the other day, it’s awesome! Found the illustrations for my landing page thanks to you 🙂

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    I'd add to the list - they have a huge library of un-stock photos, and you can commission your own shoot to leverage over 800,000 photographers across the globe.

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    Yes thanks 👏 but looking for some business like, as social media, digital marketing, ads etc. feel and look

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        Thanks, I will check it out! :-)

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