Landing Page Feedback January 13, 2021

Please critique the landing page for my Master Negotiator Newsletter


I'm a business school prof who teaches negotiation. I launched last month a newsletter for my past students, and it's taken off. I have redesigned my landing page and I would love some critique.

My niche is young professionals who want to negotiate, but don't know how to go about it.

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    these are my three main suggestions.

    1. Make the form visible
    Maybe it's a temporary mistake, but on the homepage, the about page and the newsletter page you have the same cover image.

    It's better if you put the form above the fold. I don't see any good reason to force people to scroll down for it.

    2. Skills are a tool to solve a problem. Which one?
    You promise a benefit, but:

    • it's not something unique (there are plenty of other negotiation experts),
    • it's not ultra-clear what problem I will solve with it.

    Later on the page you introduce various use cases. It isn't wrong but I prefer to highlight one specific problem from the start. So the reader knows I'm talking to him (or not).

    Sure one can use negotiation skills in multiple context. But unless you have a brand like Tony Robbins, by going broad makes you way less interesting to everyone.

    3. Why the name?
    Do you need to have the name of your subscribers? Rule of thumb is that the more you ask, the lower the conversion rate.

    I hope it makes sense for you.


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      Thank you so much! It makes a lot of sense.

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    Hi Jean-Nicolas! Overally it's a very nice webiste. I have a few comments:

    • you need a favicon
    • you need a better meta title than "Newsletter - Jean..."
    • the CTA (signing up for the newsletter) should be above the fold, don't expect people to scroll down
    • it's presumably free, call that out large next to your CTA
    • you don't need the sub titles under each "Does this Sound Familiar?" they are straight forward and less text the better
    • don't camel case your titles, it's better to just uppercase the first word, easier to read that way
    • too much grayscale
    • update your footer to 2021

    If you liked my feedback I'd love some feedback on my website!

    Good luck!

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      Thank you so much! I implemented most of what you said. Great advice! I also removed some of the grayscale. It's my personal taste but it doesn't work for everyone.

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    Really well done IMHO

    Can maybe put the title question before the image
    Put the PhD title also in the image
    Consider removing the name from the top as it's just double, not a must

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      Thanks so much for the feedback, it makes a lot of sense.

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