Landing Page Feedback January 13, 2021

Please take a look at this landing page: Poll service


Main page:

Features page:

Handypolls is a service that helps you create a poll.

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

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    I did a quick review and came up with few pointers w.r.t design. Please have a look here :

    I also made few changes by my own that you can see under activity tab

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      Cool product!

      Btw. I didn't catch from the begging that I need to turn on comments mode and then go through all points.
      Maybe would be better to show a number of comments near the comment mode icon. Very useful!
      Thank you for your time!

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        That's great feedback. I will incorporate this right away. Thanks for this

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    The feedback already given is quite good. I'll reiterate some I find important.

    • What do you offer that survey monkey or Google forms doesn't?
    • "Create polls and find out people opinions" isn't grammatically correct
    • "Simple and friendly tool for handling polls." doesn't add anything to your tag line. I would assume it's simple and friendly and I already know it's about polls. Add something like "1 minute set up, first 5 polls are free!"
    • Your CTA should be below your hero, don't make people eclick in your nav bar
    • Product screenshots would be great, it's not so clear what you're offering

    If you like my feedback, I'd love some feedback on my site!

    Thanks! 🙏

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      Thank you for your time! Of course, I will do the same for you.

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    It's a bit generic. The hero area makes it clear what you do, but it's nothing any of your competitors can't also say. Try to define your unique value proposition. Think about who your target audience is (including their desires, pain points, etc.) and why they should choose you. I would also include your CTA in that hero section.

    It might also help to include some use cases. People may not necessarily be looking for a polling service as much as a solution to their problem, so this could help illustrate the value. You could even create separate pages for specific uses, especially when they target different audiences.

    I think you need a bit more content to answer the potential questions a prospect might have. For instance:

    • What do the polls look like? Can they be branded? Showing some samples would help people picture it.
    • What happens when you sign up? If you can create a poll with the get started button, why sign up?
    • How does it work? Is it easy to use?
    • Where do the polls live? Will they be on the clients' websites? If so, will it affect site speed?
    • Is it secure?
    • Etc.

    You should also include some social proof, if available, for credibility.

    Best of luck.

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      "What happens when you sign up? If you can create a poll with the get started button, why sign up?"

      Heh, you right :)

      "How does it work? Is it easy to use?"

      Animated gif/youtube video will work to answer this question?

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    Hi Tirex,

    Here are some of the positives and improvements that I found in the landing page:


    1. The hero illustration is good and grabs attention. (it needs a little bit of brand magic)
    2. Good selection of icons and illustrations.


    The Get Started CTA does not get much attention. There should also be a primary CTA in the hero section.Sign In / Sign Up is confusing. Get Started in others means to sign up. Use Sign In or Log In as text only.
    The language dropdown is better off with only initials of the language like EN. It really takes a lot of space now.
    Log In is a secondary CTA, yet it does not differentiates itself. Use a thin border to make it stand out border.
    People read from left to right. It's better to put the CTAs at the right most corner in the navbar.

    Hero Section:
    It needs a CTA. A product screen will be much more convincing than an illustration. It serves an additional benefit of giving a quick overview to the visitor.

    The landing page is missing a comparison section. It is really need for apps that have other alternatives. For example, I can run a poll on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. How is your product different?

    You are selling the visitor on features of the product. Sell on the experience that the visitor will have when he / she becomes your customer.

    Sign Up and Get Started are very generic CTAs. Add more life to them. Use something more actionable like: Let's create your first poll". Something that makes the visitor wants to sign up.

    The landing page currently has 3 sections. I think it at least needs 5, 7 would be a good number to communicate properly. One I mentioned above could be a comparison section, 2 can be on the experience of the product like simplicity, ease of use or some really cool feature that makes the product and user experience amazing.

    Hope it helps, Good luck.

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      Will implement all your comments.
      Thank you a lot!

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    anything new about it? what sets it apart?

    The base pages are good

    signup the fb,g+ links seems not aligned properly
    about us just reloads the page, I guess you didn't build any yet?
    Company and Support titles seems a bit much for one item each

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      "anything new about it? what sets it apart?"
      We still trying to find our niche :)

      Thank you!

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