Post link to your project. I'll roast it. And then you can decide to roast me back 😈

Give before you ask. So I'll give my review, before ask for your one.

I will write detailed reviews, like this:

Mine project is https://whatnot.ai, but wait for my review first!

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    My thoughts on http://whatnot.ai/ :

    • Good concept
    • I like the left / right arrow nav going back and forth along your selected "timeline",
    • But maybe don't hide the menu: it's hard to tell how to navigate.. whereas you could use a persistent sidebar menu as a way to drive exploration
    • I clicked around and got bogged down in a long content flow. What about a minimize / re-collapse option for an article in a list you've opened?
    • Are you replacing purchase links from outside content with your own affiliate tags? Just asking bc if so, the links I got to didn't work (eg I clicked on the hyperlinked text under a skirt in the Fashion>Jennifer Aniston flow, and it didn't take me anywhere, though there's clearly an href there). Even if that's not how you're monetizing, the links should work

    Hope that's helpful!

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      Thanks. Really helpful.

      I understand I should make some onboarding tips. Clearly I underdeliver what it is

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      1. Page looks awesome. And a cat is calm, but fun.

      2. I get that you want to show your service works on desktop and on mobile. I start to read text on wide screen and than I understand it's covered with "phone" so I switch to it and reread text again. And when I switched to Live Poll experience was the same. It was uncomfortable. Duplicate experience and do not overflow each other like you do in your main app.

      3. I think "Make unique ... where you are" doesn't deliver value. Because you already showed this and now describing it in words. A bit dull.

      4. Slides and interactions. You could present this as actual screenshots, videos or real presentation of your app.

      5. email box doesn't trigger sign up on pressing Enter

      6. "I" in icon isn't readable. If my perception wasn't primed with clicking your link: https://slideswith.com, I'll read "sldes with friends". just add white outline.

      1. 1

        Thanks! super helpful. I posted some thoughts on whatnot here as well for you.

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      1. Icon in top-left corner is too blurry. Move text to the right and it will get some proper space and readability

      2. "Find an X by Y together" Looks cool, delivers value. But it be more readable in one line. And I think it deserves bigger

      3. "App to find peers. We learn and build faster with friends. This app will help you find friends to build, learn and hack together."

      Too repetitive and not successive. Maybe just leave: "We learn and build faster with friends", because your "Find an X..." already delivered

      1. Your video isn't helping. But your app can be easily described in words. Better illustrate your points with example screenshots.

      "Find an X by Y together"

      "Select your pop-culture preferences"

      "Outline your skills"

      "Set your collaboration goals."

      "Swipe on people who share your goals and preferences. If they like you back create collaboration tracks."

      autoplay video with swiping

      "By working, building and learning collaboratively find friends and cofounders."
      Faster and zoomed in version of: https://youtu.be/A8_hwm2yXSg?t=93

      And big "Join community" CTA.

      Other stuff goes to footer.

      1. I think image of a girl doesn't add value. Just distracts. Better make font bigger and centred.
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      1. If you want to accent something use bold, italics or color contrast. Do not underline webpage text if it's not clickable. Everyone feel very dumb when they click and nothing happens.

      2. It's too abstract. Based on complexity of vocabulary, you are targeting marketeers and not general public. So you shouldn't say some vague stuff like: "Use custom events and users attributes to evaluate if campaign goal has been reached". You user is pro, all he do is using custom events and users attributes to evaluate something. That's definition of profession. What you add to his routine? What is your added value? And, one step further, what is value she could deliver to their bosses, to convince them to use your service? Give them the reason to switch.

      3. “An event triggered marketing campaign means better email marketing retention rates, increased customer engagement, improved click-through rates, and overall higher customer satisfaction.”

      Just overly complex stated truism. But so what? What your service do about this? How this cite push your user to convert?

      1. Create email sequence with simple UI editor.
        Show me that simple UI editor, don't describe how awesome it is. Simple video, no sound

      2. Advanced segmentation.
        Now we getting something. But it's too simple. Show the complexity with real examples:

      scooter riders AND Manchester AND NOT rock fan
      foodie & read everything you send him
      opened invitation link OR come from indiehackers

      1. "Use if statements to personalize larger chunks of emails. Insert and format users data using liquid language.|

      I don't know why you call something liquid, but if you show me I can believe it should called like that. What is "if statements"?

      But you just put a template image, doesn't add any value or clarify something

      7." App and messages analytics"
      That section is just ridiculous, it describes basic functionality of EVERY analytic platform in a world. "Your open rates and click rates for every email" Why you even telling this? It's a must for email analytics

      Overall: too much words, too complicated words, too little value and examples

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        Thank you for your feedback!

        1. There is weird navigation. I cannot go back with the browser. I was on https://whatnot.ai/whatnot.ai/save-for-later page I wanted to go to the first view, but when I type address https://whatnot.ai I was redirected back to https://whatnot.ai/whatnot.ai/save-for-later
        2. I think that "Save for late" should not be highlighted, it looks like a clickable menu.
        3. The bottom menu is cut.
        4. I don't know what is the goal of your page.
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      thanks for review. You ask why I build it. So I've done it because:

      1. I want to read everything in single interface without going to original site
      2. I want every article be like wikipedia: entities like "Microsoft" and "Elon Musk" are clickable
      3. Advanced search and recommendation (not done, but working on)
      4. Payments will be integrated: so you could subscribe to paywalled media without creating separate accounts for every site
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    Hi. If you were to do desktop apps as well, mine is Windows-only. Here it is: https://studiocinematic.com ;)

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      1. Dog is extremely cute. But it doesn't convert. Same as other photos. I understand that you tried to create atmosphere, which you succeed. But on landing page everything should be lined to convert action (Download). But dog is looking on this button. So I think it leads to convertion. :)

      2. You don't need menu button on a single page. It's just plain distraction

      3. You can put all FAQ facts in your CTA button:
        it's Free! while we in beta
        Small subscript: windows 10 only

      Like this: https://wordstream-files-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/s3fs-public/styles/simple_image/public/images/cta-button-tips.png?.wRA.N4yZk2QC7TyTB73vhkZY4.lFSXN&itok=GQa7ymAo

      1. Too many videos, in a middle I loose the fact it's actually about selling software and not about video tricks. Leave 3 best (most featuresome) videos and give a link to your channel

      2. Users actually doesn't care how confident you are in your app. They care about their problems. And their problems can be "create epic focus video", but not how to "change resolution" in your app. They even not started to use it!

      3. "Edit videos 5x+ faster than before!" Good sale, would be great to see some split-screen comparisons with popular software doing same thing.

      p.s. I'm on linux and not that good at video editing. So I'm not able to criticize an app by itself

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        Hi @slavaGanzin,
        Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the late reply!

        1. I do get what the site does, from the get-go
        2. Search is a bit weird - I was searching for windows, and when I press enter, it will default to "#Windows 7", while there were a lot of available tags. Why not allow searching for all?
        3. Pressing back on browser will move to the previous page, but UI doesn't change (basically, I can't navigate away from search results)
        4. "Subscribe to best blogs" => "Subscribe to the best blogs"
        5. Speed + scrolling through the feed is quite good
        6. "Save for later" -> (press L) - it works, but there's no visual cut that it worked
        1. 2

          Hello @StudioCinematicApp Thanks for feedback.

          1. Good point. I will consider this.
          2. Working on it
          3. Fixed
          4. Now users will see notification. Thanks for an idea
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