August 8, 2020

Post your landing page and I will give you my honest brutal feedback!

Carlos @carlosw

Post your landing page and I will give you my honest brutal feedback! I see so many people asking for comments on landing pages and I'm always happy to help and share ideas.

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    Thanks a lot for doing this! Also, it'd be great if everyone in the comments review each others' landing pages too. I'll be starting by doing this.

    Our landing page is -

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      It doesnt shout out to me that much. First thing I think ok I can find a job on there, I can get coached in some way. Maybe describe how. There are far too many articles. i would like to see the platform and see how it works.

      Your margins are too central, try using the screen a little more. Its a shame i cant look up the jobs by defining them such as Salary, Job Type, Deadline...etc a sneak preview will surely increase your conversion rate.

      As for saying that "we negociate your salary" You definitely get a cut out of it, you sound like a recruitment business. Id say we can help you negociate your salary if you want...etc. Give the option. That way its more personalised. As for what I think of your landing page, I think there is plenty of room for improvement. I like the community and how you show members. But I there are plenty of communities out there. Show me whats different sell it to me and explain it to me as if I was a child.

      Connect with me on twitter when you have made changes Ill happily comment again.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for ideas for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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      Amazing landing page.. Here is mine actually i help website owners make an lite app for their website so they can generate leads from app store and play store. You can check our pricing on our landing page.

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      The site is really cool. And a great choice on the domain name. I had an idea of what the website is about even before clicking the link.

      Also, a Reddit style landing page where the users can see what it is like before even logging in is really nice!

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    Thanks a ton! Please give feedback on

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      Website has a good look to it. I couldnt find a contact us or about us.

      The 14 day free trial is confusing as I go into the pricing I see you have a free monthly account? So which is it do I get a 14 trial on any of the paid. Its a barrier to entry I think, maybe show you have a free account, and if a user wants they can upgrade. But then again you might get a good paying conversion rate. Its slick well designed, one of the better websites I've seen.

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        Sure, understood. About free plan and free trial - That makes a lot of sense now that you have said it :) Will fix it. Thanks a lot for your help!

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      Fantastic website in my opinion, I'll be taking a few points of inspiration for my own. Can I ask how long you've been working on this page? How many iterations? Did you hire designers?

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        Thank you for your kind words :) we do not have a designer but we use HTML themes that are easily available.

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      Really cool website and I like the idea that you're working on.

      But, it can be made more clear right in the headline as in what exactly do you do, which I got to know after scrolling down the website.

      Rest, it is really a helpful tool!

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        Sure! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

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            Sounds like a great product especially for the Indian market. The website design as well as language is pretty neat. Just one thing that comes to mind is - use snapshots from your extension than undraw images as they have become a commodity and it somehow gives a feeling that the product is not ready yet. Other than that, things look pretty good.

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      I like the colour scheme straight away. I'm not a techy, but I think I get it. I feel like something is missing from the landing page, the infographic is nice, but maybe add a video instead a step by step on how to with some writing above it. Something easy and simple.

      Oh yes, I know what you're missing a contact us and about us tab at the top. Maybe a team one too! SHow yourselves off why not you deserve it. The price doesnt stand out for me maybe put it in the centre somewhere some how. Or maybe a little bigger.

      The FAQ maybe put that in a tab as well on the top right. There are too many questions there it seems a little long or too spaced out.

      I like how you have the option to buy now again at the bottom. Maybe some images of actually what it looks like would be nice.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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    We are still strugling with finding the way how to introduce our product to new people. We want to avoid that people would consider it to be a useless mindmapping software. On the other hand, we should not overwhelm people with complexity. The difficult part is that people start to understand the benefit of our product after multiple hours of working in it.

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      I love this concept, video is useful too! I always use whiteboards in my room to do the same thing.

      However my concerns,

      • Privacy and security of my data when I log into Google Drive and access docs... who can see it? How secure is it really? I wouldn't want to access sensitive business data unless it's highly secure.
      • Speed, if I use this and have lots of things open on there will there be any lags?
      • Is it free? Do I have to pay?

      I can see the connections to Google Drive, but maybe in the video include how you connect it or open it, does it class a browser or do I have to connect it?
      If you can link in, I would love to talk to you directly about my project, we could collaborate on something that would be amazing.

      Maybe address those concerns and I'm all yours.

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        Ya, OrgPad sort of works like a whiteboard on which you can collaborate with others and also track your ideas over multiple months as they progress. Basically, the form more closely follows how one thinks, and not adhoc rules created by apps. Thanks for stating your concerns, this is something we should address in our landing page in the upcoming update.

        At the moment, we didn't implement any integration with Google Drive and other services yet. All data are securely stored at our servers, having the state of art security. Also the customers have the full control over their data and we have frequent backups. Our approach is: all data belongs to the customer and we just stewards providing the service, as described in our Terms and Conditions: We will add the option to integrate with other services including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox for files, and much more.

        Speed is something we will improve in upcoming updates, especially as we are targetting mobile phones now. Currently, it is easily possible to work with one or two hundred units before it gets slower, and it is quite easy to divide your work into multiple independent documents (we have about 200 shared within our startup, still perfectly understandable).

        Basic version will be forever free, for instance for students who need to do a single school project there. We plan to have subscription for frequent customers in a few months. We want it to be affordable, so we are thinking of 5 USD per month for a starter plan, 10 USD for a larger plan and more for business where work in larger teams, support, integration with other tools is needed. Of course, everything depends whether it will be suistanable.

        Concerning inserting files, they can be now uploaded directly, for instance by drag and drop. It is quite easy to organize quite a lot of documents there. Concerning you tool you linked below, we can add integration for it together with other services. There is a huge advantage in visualizing the files instead of just having a directory structure.

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          My concern with security is who has access to it, if your employees have access it to when we have highly secure data then maybe we would stick to our internal software. Its good to have state of the art security. Do you have any certificates. In Anqlave we recently obtained one and it brought in lots of new clients, some food for thought there.

          I ask specifically about cloud platforms as I am due to launch it would be amazing to link that in somehow, maybe some sort of partnership, just food for thought, I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement, maybe we could link our products as a package towards students together, might be a good idea, let me know your thoughts. Or even create an intergration for Treasure. We will be launching iOS and Andriod Apps soon too. I will also discuss it with my team. Any further discussions should happen by email I feel [email protected]

          As for the speed element that's great, I really like that. You've developed a product I really like and I intend to use. Although the security side is something I would need to discuss with my team.

          Feel free to connect with me on

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            Currently, we have no employees, so only three co-founders and brother of my co-founder (who is responsible for security and devops) have access. We take security and privacy of our customers very seriously. The options are that either you believe that your data are secured with us, or we could set up your own dedicated server for you for extra charge. Obtaining a security certificate could be helpful little bit down the road, thanks for the info.

            Let's talk about the possible integration/collaboration. We are busy implementing other features for the next few months, but afterwards we could take a look into it. My co-founder @VitKalisz will contact you to arrange a video call where your needs and possible alignment of our goal can be discussed.

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    Thanks, my landing page is !

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      Heyyy Interesting business, so basically youre some kind of manufacturing plant. I dont know how you usually get clients, but this is a good way to show people what you do. I like how you can get a price straight away.

      The images arent really that attractive, maybe get a professional photographer to take some, but for now that isnt a big deal.

      Peoople sitting down next to a crane in bright pink, whats that all about. Bright pink, sitting down, are they even working, maybe I should take my money else where?

      Maybe the video should be at the top, but maybe a small introduction from the CEO, saying "welcome...." be friendly and approachable, but also make sure you mean good business and you treat your employees right.

      You need to have better emails then GMail, Gmail looks unprofessional and use your full name without numbers, and dont have them at the top, have them in a contact us tab. Also have an about us, if im going to pay lots of money for a product I want to know who I might be going to work with. So an ABOUT US section is important.

      Connect with me and Im happy to msg back

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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    Thanks for the kind gesture

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      Hey there!! First thing first, well done! This is one of the best sites I've seen out of all the ones that have commented here. Give yourself a pat on the back. I'm going to be critical now so don't take it to heart, and this my personal opinion.

      Maybe make SUSUS a little bigger that way I see the brand name more clearly as I felt as I had to look for it, I like how it's embedded as an infographic, but why is it on an ice cream van when all I see are bakeries and cakes... maybe change it to a storefront? What I think would be cool to have all the bakeries/cake storefronts, and the picture changes every 2 seconds or so with a nice transition. However, I guess the problem with that would be your clients are individual bakers that cook from home??? If they do cook from home how do you promise me they are regulated and safe to eat, lets say I have a peanut allergy...etc gluten-free.. so forth.

      The sections are cool, I can go straight to what I want.

      About the whole website I'm actually unsure of the font, it seems too standard, is there something a little bit more friendly to the eye would be nice. The font/style/colour of the title I think should be changed, it's rather bland especially given you have so much colour and vibrance throughout all your images.

      Everything is in Euros, I guess you're still expanding, one day you may have to think how your add prices, maybe add a regional tab to say if you're selling in the UK or in Europe... I saw euros and thought where is this, this clearly isn't for me as I'm in England... etc.

      I hope that helps, feel free to connect with me on if you make any changes PM me and ill give you another mini roasting haha

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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    Siteoly - Build websites from Google Sheets

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      It was a little slow to load, maybe it's my internet connection I dont know. Make the images a little more transitional by fading in and out of images, rather switching immediately, its a little flashy. Maybe start the image cycle with the images, because its nice to see what it's like visually rather than looking at lots of writing.

      "Build beautiful data rich websites using Google Sheets without writing code" I like this it tells me what youre doing exactly straight to the point, I dont have to look for what you do unlike many other landing pages I've come across.

      Maybe have some of the "beautiful layouts" at the top of the page which will look cool. Because I really liked the examples as it shows me what youre offering.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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      It's awful, seems like its only compatible for phones.

      I will look over the fact that it doesnt work for desktop website because youre building it.

      I dont really understand the product, the layout of the "tasks" in the image looks really dull boring, it doesnt attract me to use it. Maybe style it.

      You need a strap line that tells me what you do exactly. Why are you so different to everyone else out there. Pretend youre telling a child what it is. Let me know when youve updated it and I will check it out again. Connect with me.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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        Thankyou @carlosw for your feedback.

        Just looked at , I think with everyone moving to cloud and talking about cloud, it has good potential.

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          Thank you, feel free to connect with me on twitter im more than happy to run through ideas with you

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    Would like to know your review about the concept and the landing page itself. Let's connect.

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      "Explode Your Lead Growth and Business Revenue With Tinder-Like Swipeable Stacked Cards" Hmm tinder I get the idea. Relating your company to tinder to a dating app, I'm unsure of. Something doesn't sit right with it. But I get the concept. but then again you get straight to the point and it works in someways.

      What's with the huge white gap below. And the blobs they are awful, get rid of that, I don't know what I'm looking at. Maybe a little description.

      Would be nice to see some case studies, your clients have done or maybe an example what another client has done in order to look into it.

      The blue section is blank, change that. In addition the tabs at the top dont work. Seems like there is a lot to do. Im happy to check it again and give you my feedback. Im assuming its a work in progress.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

      Connect me on my twitter and LinkedIn.

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        Hey Carlosw. Thanks, Yes we are still developing the landing page. I'm not sure which blue section that's blank, a screenshot would be appreciated. I will take care of the rest ASAP.

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          I'm on Safari, perhaps you can see it on there. If not msg me on twitter and ill send you a screen shot.

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      Just quickly, the uppercased words throughout the page are a bit unprofessional. Bold or italics would be better, some of them don't seem to make sense to capitalize.

      "Well suited with the attention SPAN of internet users, Which is 8 seconds, by the way GOLD FISH has attention SPAN of 9 seconds. "

      "No need to hire an expensive COPYWRITTER, Or Fancy Landing page designer, You can instantly Test your product with high converting Swipe cards"

      Note, COPYWRITTER is a spelling mistake. There are other examples, such as "converTing".

      Some sentences are very clunky:

      "Leverage The Power of Swiping AND TAP INTO A MASSIVE Technology that has Been Working For MULTI BILLION DOLLAR Mobile Apps Like Tinder & TikTok Into Your Lead Gen." for example.

      I think it would be well worth spending time on your copy, or hiring an expensive COPYWRITTER :)

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        deadlysyntax I agree 100% with you. Definitely need a copywriter to look into the landing pages and create a nice flow of words. Your review was really super important. Thank you very much.

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      The website looks beautiful and I really like the problem you're solving but the website load time is too long and the site is too heavy. Maybe you can improve upon that?

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        You can review our site too at Our landing page is -

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          Thanks Paresh01 for the honest feedback. Yep, we are using EasyWp with CDN integration to make it fast, We will move to a fast server soon. I reviewed your website as well. Here is my honest feedback

          1. The name is really cool, the logo as well
          2. I didn't the long demo video on the right side. a lottie animation can explain the product perfectly, that's what I used for my site. it loads fast and it's really lightweight. maybe you can still have the long demo video down below.
          3. Can I setup numbers on my site and then send automated msgs instantly without the need of manually typing or uploading the the csv.
          4. Does your system connect to a different CRM for automation?

          BTW what hosting you are using.

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            Hey @KaydYonis! Thanks for your detailed feedback. Yes, the video is quite long and I'm trying out lottie animation and it is really cool. Thanks for recommending it!

            Setting up numbers on a website and send it instantaneously is a feature that we're building on right now. The Google Sheets integration coming soon.

            Right now, there are no integrations but you can send messages to all your subscribers just with a click. In the future, we plan to connect to different CRMs to facilitate automation.

            We're coming up with some really cool stuff like polls, one-click reply and feedback collection on WhatsApp in the coming weeks.

            Let me know if you need any help setting up, it'd be great to have you!

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    BTW, your website ( ) is excellent!

    Thank you in advance!!!

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      The landing page explains to me what it is about but there is too much text upfront. If you could reduce the text, it'd be great!

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    Thanks in advance. It's in italian.
    I think possible that the problem is the product but I need a feedback :)

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        Seems pretty detailed and even has a video which is great! I feel that the "that too" part in the subtitle is unnecessary and the text will look better without it.

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      Very simple and clear and I get what it is. But why should I use your app instead of al the other options available over the internet is missing.

      If you could add that to the homepage, it'd be great!

      1. 1

        Thank you! I've been meaning to add a 'methodology' section to highlight what makes it different from other apps but I've been putting it off. I will do it soon! :)

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        I like your landing page but the illustrations you choose for landing page if that matches you theme colors then it look more perfect.

        And your domain name is actually good but the domain extension .ml i think it is ban in some country like this free domain .cf .ml .ga .gq .tk i think. You just check one time.

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      You're doing something so cool! Really amazing work!

      Website to the app within hours at such a small cost is really mindblowing. So, are you designing the app yourselves or is it like a no-code do it yourself kind of tool?

      Also, with the animation on the landing page, the buttons also move which is not that eye-pleasing. Fix the buttons and let the text animation continue, it'll be better.

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        Actually i do some coding and make your website into app without browser interface.

        Thanks for your suggestion i am working on my landing page as it is not completely ready.
        I will take care of the button.
        Thanks for checking my landing page.

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    GroupNinja helps you collect emails from your FB group on autopilot, converting your group members to paying customers :

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      This is really cool!

      But just a couple of questions -
      Does it extract Email IDs associated with the Facebook accounts of people present in the group?
      The demo is really nice too and explains what it is in great detail.

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        no, it extracts the info submitted for membership question and user name

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      Move the
      "Customizable plugins to embed on any website, Join 150,000 businesses who save time, money, and build websites faster. No coding skills required! and see our plugins"

      Move the tab upwards too, as its a litte too far down on Safari. The colour scheme is cool, I like it.

      As for the plugins section, its a cool idea having them as a staircase going down style towards the right, but I don't like it, in addition, they are a little too big I feel, I feel I have to lean back to read them which is never good, make them flat horizontally.

      The plugins tab is really good, I kind of which I saw that first on the landing page, it shows what you offer and it gives me really good options. Im like aahhhhh so that's what you offer. I'm not sure how you can fit that on the first page but that would be cool. The way you could do this is by implementing into the infographic on the right hand side, instead of havingh what look like web tabs, maybe an a small title above it explaining what it is, that way you are showing your offering whilst informing the user what it could look like.

      A team page is always nice to have, in additon the help button is good, but its a shame you dont offer a live chat with it, I had to scroll down to the bottom to find that. I hope this helps

      The pricing tab is really good too, well done on that.

      Feel free to add me on twitter, if you make any changes give me a message I'm always happy to help

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

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        Thanks @carlosw! Much appreciated :)

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          You're very much welcome

  11. 1 - never enough landing page feedback 😅

    Thanks for giving back to the community, Carlos. If you have a page I can look at, I'll be happy to give you some of my feedback as well ✌

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      Hey no worris, its alot of effort but i really enjoy it!

      As for the feedback, your page is in the better half of landing pages I've seen throughout this post. So well done for that. I can see you have put alot of effort and time into it which is good. You explain the product and what you do quite well which great.

      The video is a little fast, but i like fast personally but for the avg person out there maybe slow it down a little.

      I like how you can start now, set up locally. Those options are there and I can do what I want straight away which i love. You can also fork what you do which is great, how does the licensing work? Maybe its in the pricing section, im not a techy.

      The colours are nice and slick. Good job, not many critical things about it. A team tab would be cool! Maybe add a chat widget/bot to talk directly to you.

      Feel free to connect with me on if you update your site im more than happy to share my ideas.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for ideas, feel free to roast me.

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      First thing I think, its some sort of blog, too much writing to be something that I can use.

      I really don't get what it is or what you do, there are no images of any kind. I still don't really get what you do by just reading it. Could you explain to me what is it and im more than happy to expand on my feedback.

      Youre missing a bunch of things, an about us tab, contact us, maybe a team one, any social media links...

      The neon pink and black background does give me that midnight feel. What is .pub domain? Tried .co or .zil? Unstoppable domains have a bunch on there

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    I haven't touched it in a while because the prospect of starting a new social network/job board was so daunting and I couldn't find people to help me test it. When I tried Google ads, I got very few clicks and zero sign ups. Appreciate any insights.

    1. 1

      Ok its a good idea, id certainly get a crack on with it as the film industry will be re-opening up and they will be all looking for jobs, in addition the theatre industry will be re-opening next year in the UK.

      As for the website it does need to be improved it is bland, it seeem to be a sign up form rather than a website, have an about tab, a sign up here tab, also some pictures of the community youre building / some of the members in the community add some forth. I think right now is really good to start getting something like this out as so many people are looking for jobs and to connect

      As for the ads side, its all about going onto relavant community forums, facebook group pages, reddit, so forth, write a few blogs post them up, and on medium. Get google tag manager, link your Facebook ads, Google Ads, Google Analytics onto there for any key analytics. Build an audience once users start joining and you have defined an audience and get traffic on your site then re-target your ads to targer similar people that have been driven on your website. I hope this helps, there are tonnes of youtube videos about this, just put time and effort in.

      Feel free to add your site to my new post where everyone can grill you/give you advice

      if you want to run any more ideas through me or ask questions connect with me on my twitter and this is my site if you want to get ideas, its not a community website, but a cloud platform we havent fully launched yet feel free to contact me at any time :)

      1. 1

        Hey Carlos thanks so much for taking a look at my site. I tried to message you on Twitter but it says you can't be messaged.

        I was hoping to ask you a couple things real quick. Were you able to look at the default dashboard (with the people/jobs/projects links at the top)? The actual website is located there, but with some features hidden (like creating a project, posting a job) until you create an account. I did make a few posts on reddit but didn't get any responses unfortunately. I'm totally with you on the launching quick due to film production resuming, I'm just hesitant to let more people know about it until I actually have sign ups due to network effects. Nobody wants to be on a barren website and it really depends on having a community in order to collaborate and look for talent and crew members for films.

        As far as the aesthetic goes, would you recommend I add more images? Change the color scheme? Thank you again, you're awesome.

        Your landing page looks beautiful by the way. I thought about modeling mine with a similar type template, but it wasn't really suited for a community/job board offering.

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    Honest and brutal is hard to come by - really appreciate it!

  14. 1

    Thanks a ton for doing this @carlosw
    Here is my landing page:

    1. 1

      Clearly the site has been well put together, you clearly have put effort in this which shows. Its in the better half of landing pages I've seen. Ive actually seen a couple of landing pages that sell HTML templates too in the comments.

      Nice you have a chat widget / bot, is Twak good? Why did you choose Twak over Intercome or Crispy?

      Make the see pricing button clear like the other one. I dont get why you shaded that.

      Also a contact us and about us tab is nice to have.

      I dont like how the latest templates are at the bottom, why do you do that, your product should be the first thing I see I want to see the best examples straight away they would be cool to see what you offer. SELL IT TO ME!

      As for the team, I really dont like the clay pictures of your team, put your faces in, how will i recognise you if I go to an event?? Am I meant to find clay pictures??

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

      1. 1

        Hey Carlos,

        A bit late...but now I am here.
        Thanks a lot for taking a look.

        Clearly the site has been well put together, you clearly have put effort in this which shows.

        • Thank you for this words, you have no idea how much it means to me, after designing it and building it...

        Nice you have a chat widget / bot, is Twak good? Why did you choose Twak over Intercome or Crispy?

        • Not a bot actually. I haven't lost a customer still. My phone is connected so I get a pop up....

        • Wicked Templates has less than 2 months, bootstraping...

        I dont like how the latest templates are at the bottom, why do you do that, your product should be the first thing I see I want to see the best examples straight away they would be cool to see what you offer. SELL IT TO ME!

        • I guess I have to explain before you know what it is....

        As for the team, I really dont like the clay pictures of your team, put your faces in, how will i recognise you if I go to an event?? Am I meant to find clay pictures??

        • I don't go to events,.... and my twitter is always there...

        I will comeback with your review.

        Thanks a lot!

        1. 1

          We are in the process of trying to have an inhouse chatbot/chat / product tour that way we have control over the security of it.

          I mean I loved the templates and I wish I saw one or two examples at the top, as it really showed me how good your product was. Maybe thats the best way of explaining myself. On my website
          you can see a picture with an example of our platform. Whilst giving an little explanation of what it is. Its quite self-explanatory too if I know what I'm looking for that way.

          ( I understand my website needs a lot of changes)

          I know but it would be nice to see your faces. Its more personal. Your correct you dont go to events....yet, one day you might who knows. What youre wearing, how serious / happy you are is a reflection of your companies culture. So when we get team photos up, we will dress how we want, and have fun cool pictures where we can pull funny faces and throw our arms in the air, we are fun cool chilled, we want to portray that.

          1. 1

            I think I have an idea for that actually...

            I will actually test it tonight.

            Regarding the faces is a psychological thing also, we like it or not customers will take action according to that.

            Weird times right?

            1. 1

              Whats your idea? We might use some open-sourced software that we can fork on Github

              Fair enough, if you like it fair, you already know I don't haha, maybe ask some others too see what people say :) Hopefully my new post will get more people chatting instead of me.

    1. 2

      I love it, I know what you do straight away "Sell and build custom Shopify experiences on WordPress." Its bold its big and its straight to the point. Well done trust me Ive seen so many landing pages that havent done that at all!

      OK now into the website "Current version: 3.1.2" why is that there above the title, maybe move it somewhere more relavant?

      I love the chat widget, why did you use Drift instead of intercom or crispy?

      The picture on the right is relevant, seems like a lot of effort and time has gone into your website, you've must have had alot of feedback already.

      OK FAQ a little annoying, it would be easier if I could search something or see the catergories on the left. A little like what I have on my help center

      50 dollars for a 30 min call with you, even after they purchase the monthly fee, never heard of customer service being so brutal on the wallet. But I can talk to you on the chat widget for free?? Rather odd I might say.

      There are way too many reviews, lets be honest I might read 1 - 2 maybe 3 if im unsure, but there are like 10-15 there. If I really wanted to see reviews I would go on trustpilot.

      The free trial is at the bottom why??? Maybe put that a the top, you might get a better conversion rate

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

    1. 2

      A tab switcher for you, is ok, not the best way. I was like huh what do you mean. But when I read it I was like YES I always have 50 tabs open!!

      So maybe start with the problem... "Ever have 50 tabs open at once? We can make your life easier.... " or something on the lines like that, something to reel me in. Because I can compeltely relate to that,

      The website is far too blank and plain, I need some more context, how it works, some images, bring the website to life.

      Why does the video play automatically? Also have a title image for video before it starts saying "Step by Step how to" or something on the lines of that.,

      I still dont know how you really solve my issue

      "alTab is a simple lightweight tab switcher that just focuses on user experience to easily manage tabs in Chrome, Firefox or any chromium based browser."

      This is the solution! Why is it so small! make it clear! This is what I want why did I have to read so much to get to this point!

      Change the colouring to something more engaging its pretty dull to look at.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback, your website looks great the only thing I found was that the content was taking to much space, I use a ultra-wide monitor so the content was to spread across screen maybe you wanna enforce a max-width for people with the high-res screen.

        Another thing that I found was that the pricing table was not responsive for mobiles, there was also a full viewport of empty space below the footer.

        Hope this helps.

    1. 1

      Firstly I don't like the colour, its brown-reddish. We were going to use that colour at one point on we had a huge debate but we ended up going for a brighter red.

      Why is the text backwards underneath it your title. It's rather off-putting. It has a play button to play a video but it doesnt play. Also the I feel some of the top of what is meant to be your video is cut off by the header of the website a little. Maybe this is a safari issue. Google Play doesnt work. I am assuming with so many mistakes erros its still in development.

      The business video works, when it says introducing you can hardly read it, why is it in such stylish font too?

      The how it works video is horrible, did you make this on powerpoint? It needs to be changed. Also put the how it works at the top. Make it clear whos it for. Seems like you have two target markets, Customer and Business sellers, make a seperation at the top of the website and make it clear. DETAIL is important.

      Make an about us and contact us tab too. Thats missing. Message me when youve made some changes and ill happily give you my honest feedback.

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

      1. 1

        Thanks @carlosw for the feedback!

        There's more to this all, will get in touch with you soon.

        Just a quick visit to - its so good!

    1. 1

      Why is the brand name smaller than the text. That's my opinion. If you make the text smaller and closer together I think it will make it easier to read and easier to the eye. Dollars signs automatically make me think USD, what about British pounds, Euros, Yen...etcc Is this American only? OK I just scrolled down its only for American citizens.

      The phone with the logo, I mean its nice, but turn the phone to me, If im looking at a photo on my friends phone I want it facing me, not away. Id just bring it slightly closer inwards.

      You show iphones/andriod where are the buttons to download the apps? What if I want to sign up on the app not the website. Maybe an about us tab/contact us...etc

      I really like the site, it's easy to understand great graphics that give me context to what you do. Maybe dumb the compound interest rate part, with an explanation somewhere what that means. The young generation might not understand it.

      If you have time could you roast mine if not no worries :)

      1. 1

        Thank you Carlos! Very helpful feedback.
        I checked out - 1 small feedback, it wasn't immediately clear whether you guys are providing A) A cloud drive, or also B) a service that connects all your cloud drives together, or C) A+B. This question arises mainly from the "Get 10 GB of cloud storage for free when you sign up..." part of the page while right below that is Dropbox, GDrive, etc. I like the product idea, I'll be sure to try it out once you guys launch!

    1. 1

      I like the concept, the webpage explains it step by step but I'm left with more questions than answers. Thats a concern for me.

      "Make sure your resume only goes to those who really need to see it"
      make that a little bigger that really told me ok its about privacy!

      "Machine learning automatically matches your resume to the most appropriate job postings"

      Problem with this being further down makes me think OH its not just about privacy, it matches my CV with the right job.... BUT HOld on? Does it automatically apply for it, or do I have to do it??? .. alot of questions already and realisations. Some people may have clicked X before getting to this bit. Although the style of your website is nice, my concern is people will only realise what you do until they get wayyyy further down and by that point you've lost them.

      I like the 24 hours thing, maybe the person can customize how long they get?? In addition recruiters may adopt this. I quite like it, however, what if they need to share it with the whole team lets say a recruiter gets 1000 CVs, by the time they go through 500 of them its been 2 days (48hours) then the CV has gone. What happens there? Like i said so many questions.

      Maybe a video tutorial that explains what you do would be awesome. I love the idea of it. How do you share it securely if I may ask? I enable encrypted sharing through our you see. Feel free to share me your feed back on mine too if not no worries.

      1. 1

        Mate! This is excellent. Thanks for the critical feedback.

        So I'll return the favor.

        "accounts in a single place"

        I'm confused by the accounts vs storage terminology. It seems like you offer a service to consolidate the privacy of my "files" ? Storage is perhaps to techy. Makes me think of Amazon S3..

        "Privacy is the key" gold. Hype this angle more.

        Then 3 cards
        1- end2end protection, (yawn)
        2- cloud storage (Don't care, if it works I'll pay $__ for all the GB, implementation leak!
        3 - Secure sharing. Now you're talking! If you could make even the most crappy view of what this would look like then my interest would be piqued.

        1. 1

          Hey, listen you're more than welcome! I really enjoy it, and bouncing ideas off people vice versa. If you have any changes or ideas feel free to run it through me. here's my twitter if you want to connect

          As for the feedback thank you very much! I love brutal feedback its what Im all about! The roasting haha!

  15. 1

    Thanks for doing this! - HTML themes made easy as pie 🥧

    1. 1

      Hey Brayden, no worries, good to speak to you again! I enjoy it! I might learn a thing or two in the process.

      Firstly i'm no techy. I love the domain name it relates to exactly what you're doing. The website is clean easy to read. The colours are good. I would like to know how you do it, so many a video tutorial, step by step, nothing too long, just something that I can see visually that makes me go "Ahhhhhhh that's how you do it"

      I like you have templates at the bottom for the website, maybe put them further up. As a non techy wanting to build a website I would want to see them first. But then again if I was a techy and wanting to build something from scratch I would probably want to see the templates too unless I'm customizing something.

      The HTML tab and the about tab are awesome, they are my fav two. I feel the landing page doesnt impress me as much as they do.

      Can I ask you what you think of my site no worries if not :)

      1. 1

        Hey @carlosw! Thanks for the feedback. Actually, I'm working on a product video that I would add to the landing page. I am also working on explaining the process better to the users.

        Thanks so much!


        • The colors are nice, but it feels like a restaurant. Keep the red, but make sure that's not the only color.
        • You do a good job at explaining what your product is about.
        • The custom scrollbar isn't needed. It makes your website feel cheap. Just use the system's default.
        • The FAQ page takes a long time to open.

        Overall that's what I have to say. Hope it helps :)

    1. 1

      First things first, I love the domain name, kind of self explantory I hope! Im going to go into the site now.

      I love it, I love how you dont sell peoples info!

      HOWEVER!!! How do you do it?? Maybe do a step by step, otherwise im a little lost, Ive never done anything like this before, as a 1st time take me through it step by step, baby sit me. Once youve done that I think you have something there! its pretty good!

      This is one of the better landing pages I've seen!

      Can I ask you what you think of my site no worries if not :)

      1. 1

        Thanks so much @carlosw! You're the second person to give me the same feedback, so I made some updates to the page. If you get a chance to take another look, I'd appreciate it!

        And, wow, I love! The site definitely makes me want to learn more and try it out. The main feedback I have is that the sections that speak most to me -- ease of use, end-to-end encryption, and 10GB free -- are all way below the fold. I actually skipped the video section, as well as the "privacy is the key" section, because I was looking for the information in those other sections. I hope that helps!

        1. 1

          Dude lets connect on twitter or something, let me know what changes you make to the site and I will happily share my ideas.

          Thank you very much for your feedback, I would love to keep in the loop with how youre progressing, I see rapid growth on both of our sides.

  16. 1

    Thank you so much for doing this Carlos! - is the value proposition is clear?

    1. 2

      Hi im not a techy, from first view I have no idea what MySQL PostGreSQLdb means, to me that makes me want to click X off your screen as its too coded for me already. I scroll down it gets a little more understandable. I think youre trying to make an excel doc which lots of people can use and edit... Like you said in the description like Google Docs... Im just wondering how are you different and better, and what problem are you solving that I dont know about.

      Its important to dumb it down because a CEO might come across it and not be a techy but might say this is great we need this!!

      Can I ask you what you think of my site no worries if not :)

      1. 1

        Thank you and you are right, it's targeted at developers :-)

        Your site looks great and is super clear about the value proposition. Great video too. Only the pricing page looks broken on my (Android) phone.

        I only don't understand what is the supposed flow when I am already with Dropbox. So am I supposed to additionally signup with treasure? Then I don't gain any privacy I think. So replacing Dropbox, so how would I go about it? Would be great if the website would answer that!

  17. 1

    I love the brutal-est feedback :)

    1. 2

      I really like the style of the website, I hate how when you scroll down the fade, don't get me wrong it would be cool, but when I scroll it doesn't feel like I'm scrolling, it's rather annoying. Great idea though,

      Why am I scrolling down to see BIG BOLD LETTERS OF YOUR TITLE AGAIN. I already know im on artif... Its a little too big in your face. Would be useful if I was blind.

      The product is pretty easy to identify and what you offer. So far the its one of the better landing pages I've seen.

      The its simple part is the best, it really shows me how the product works, perhaps that should be at the top.

      I can tell alot of effort and time has gone into this.

      Add a contact us? It would be useful. Is it free? Doesnt tell me

      1. 1

        Hey Carlos thanks a lot for the very helpful feedback!

        For Treasure, the first section of the landing page is solid.
        "Cloud storage with a privacy-first approach" leaves me wondering why I would want to use your service instead of google drive (i'm not an especially privacy oriented person so not in your target audience). But then "Treasure allows you to store and access, securely, all of your cloud accounts in a single place" and the image showing both Dropbox and Google Drive shows me that I can access multiple cloud storage providers from one interface which seems intriguing.

        Overall the video is great at communicating all the information, but it feels a bit slow. I wonder if just speeding it up 1.1 or 1.25 times would help. Later I realized that I could continue scrolling and keep the video in the corner, but this wasn't obvious to me the first time I visited the site. Potentially making it clear that the user can keep scrolling would help keep their attention and make it unnecessary to speed up the video.

        Scrolling down I was a bit confused by the half closed laptop. I didn't see the connection between this image and "Privacy is the Key". Maybe use a privacy oriented graphic that fits with the style of the video.

        At the very end I get to "Sign up now and get 10 GB of free storage". I would potentially put this earlier on as it might keep customers interested who would otherwise click away before getting to the bottom of the apge.

        Overall the design is very aesthetic. What tool was used to build the website?

        1. 2

          Hey you're more than welcome i'm always more than happy to give feedback and run ideas through people vice versa, if you have any changes or ideas feel free to connect with me on twitter and we can chat on there.

          Thank you very much for all the feedback, I will definitely take it on board and see what changes my team agree to make!

          I will double-check on the coders, I don't want to give you the wrong info, ill get back to you.

        2. 1

          So we use Angular, my colleague literally said "We use Angular because we are the chefs, as wordpress is like giving Gordan Ramsey a microwavable meal"

          1. 1

            Haha thanks for sharing that's a sweet anology

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

  18. 1

    there you go , (waiting for your brutal feedback lol)

    1. 1

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

    2. 0

      Also a video tutorial would be awesome to see

    3. 0

      Why shouldn't I write on word and use Grammerly?

      If I publish can I publish to several platforms in one go? Like medium, facebook, reddit, Indie Hackers...etc almost like a buffer but for articles...

      Also these are cut out on the safari browser, move them up?

      • Reading isn't always fun
      • I doubt if any will read my content

      I hate the bright pink with the yellow, maybe a Monzo colour would look cool.
      Maybe have one Red and the other Blue, but the kind of red on my website.

  19. 1
    Upgrade landing page is

    We just launched on PH today and we could use some refinement in messaging to better convey the difference between or free and paid options.

    1. 1

      In the public community bit, it doesn't make sense to have opening hours there? Why do I want opening hours? If you're attracting a global audience, get rid of that thread, just have a contact us form. Eventually, you'll need a global team working 24/7.

      I love the site, it's pretty cool.

      Would be nice to be able to click on the following for further insights:

      • Deals & discounts on tools that matter
      • Personalized coaching
      • Exclusive community access
      • Targeted tutorials for every step of the way

      Like I would want to know what specialisations you can focus on in personalized coaching... there experience because I might have more or less... All i see is a couple of messages, looks interactive GREAT but no sight to what kind of coaching or the depth of it. But for 30 dollars is a good price, try to change it to 29.99 ;)

      1. 1

        It says office hours not opening hours haha. There's not hours, it is 24/7 365.

        Thanks, I agree there needs to be more detail and explanation on the value props. That's been common feedback from early users. Working on that now!

        Personalized coaching is all expert-led like current or former VCs, expert growth marketers, product managers, successful entrepreneurs etc. I'll make this more clear.

        Check out the third framework in this article on pricing. The TL'DR states that rounded numbers signal quality while numbers that end in 9 signal a bargain so that's how we picked our pricing.

        1. 1

          Ah I understand now, now that you explain it to me I actually just might sign up to it. I'll ask my team but I will more than likely go ahead. I really like it. I'm glad you explained the quality vs bargain. I assumed you wanted people to see it as a bargain to scale up fast. But quality is important. I will share your site with my team.

          If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

          1. 1

            That would be amazing @carlosw!🙏 If you end up signing up let me know and I'll do a 1-on-1 office hours with you and your team at Treasure Cloud and help make connections wherever needed!

            Yes of course! I thought I answered that below, I'll link it here too:

            I think it looks very well designed and sharp my man! Super clean and clear what it is you're offering. I'm more technical tho, so only things I would A/B test are moving up your "all your cloud storage in one place" section of the site as it makes in super obvious what you do for those who don't end up watching the video. And changing your sub-hero text to "Treasure allows you to securely store and access all of your cloud storage accounts in one place." It just rolls off the tongue more smoothly imo. Good job tho dude, what kind of traction do you have?

    2. 0

      If you want you can take a look at my website for some ideas, feel free to roast me.

      1. 1

        Looks very well designed and sharp my man! Super clean and clear what it is you're offering. I'm more technical tho, so only things I would A/B test are moving up your "all your cloud storage in one place" section of the site as it makes in super obvious what you do for those who don't end up watching the video. And changing your sub-hero text to "Treasure allows you to securely store and access all of your cloud storage accounts in one place." It just rolls off the tongue more smoothly imo. Good job tho dude, what kind of traction do you have?

  20. 1

    It's essentially a place where startups can find early adopters.

    Which features should we add next?
    Maybe categories?
    Any other cool ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. 1

      My first thoughts just by looking on the website, i thought it was just another web browser, it doesnt tell me what you do, all i see is a list of what seems to be companies, I thought it was sponsored content.

      I dont like the list view, I like it in rows maybe 4 every row? Or maybe have the option to see more of them so I can scroll down instead of clicking next page.

      Would be cool to see categories, when they were made, size of the team..etc

      I like the idea of looking for new startups.

      I know its a growing idea, I would like our service to be on there. Would you be happy to put it up?

      1. 1

        Cool, thanks for the feedback. Especially how you've described the first impression is interesting.

        I'd be happy to list treasure as well. Just click "Add Startup" and fill in some details. This way I can make sure everyone can update their details at any time.

        1. 1

          Ive added treasure :)

          1. 1

            Fantastic! I think privacy will become more and more important.

    2. 1

      Reminds me of simplified Product Hunt! What is your unique selling point? Like why would I post on your site over PH, HN, IH, etc.?

      1. 1

        Why would you post your startup only on one site? Why not trying to get as much exposure as you can?

    3. -1

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    1. 1

      I also love the change of colour on the button thing, thats cool.

    2. 1

      I don't like the idea of having to accept cookies, they are getting rid of third party cookies by law soon. So I dont like it, I dont like people tracking me.

      It asks me to create a free account when I haven't even looked at the site, I'm not going to sign up unless I know what I am looking at and seen if I like it or not.

      The idea is cool for freelancers, does it lag at all if I have lots of apps/tabs open? Do you send me that button? Is it wireless? Or USB will it fit into the Apple notebook ones? What kind of ports do you offer?

      A free account would be useful without a buzzer, with limited capabilities, maybe you can have an online timer instead of having to push something???

    3. -1

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  21. 1

    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

    1. 0

      You can review our site too at Our landing page is -

    2. 1

      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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