Post your Twitter handle and tell us why we should follow you in 2021

Here is mine https://twitter.com/matteomosca_

Twitter is the best way to get to know what I'm working on!
In 2021 I'll be tweeting weekly about:

👨‍🏭 Projects that I'm building & launching;
📈 Growth and marketing gems that pivoted the way I think;
🏃🏼‍♂️ Personal challenges, failures and successes;

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    I'm a solo founder, which means I have to do a lot of stuff as one person.

    In 2021 I plan to tweet about few different areas:

    1. Coding (PHP/JS)
    2. UI/UX, my passion :)
    3. Any growth hacks I'll find (how I grow my product, my experience about promoting on reddit/hn etc)
    4. Therapy. This is kind of new topic I'm learning!
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    6️⃣ In a challenge to ship 6 projects in 6 months (4 to come in 2021)

    📣I build in public and will share my learnings along the way

    🧐 I tweet daily insights about launching strategy, nocode and indiehacking

      1. 1

        Awesome, I'll check it out!

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    🌱 focusing in talking more about growing community (digital gardens)
    💰 going to be sharing more about indie hacking
    🧱 building, learning, failing in public

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    I run promote.so and I tweet about affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and partnership marketing

    In 2021, I will be helping lots of people grow their business without posting content all over the places or spending money on FB ads

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    🌱 I'll be tweeting about my journey building Divjoy. Goal is to grow it from $50k to $100k in revenue in 2021.
    ⚛️ I'll be sharing React tips like this one
    🚀Sharing insights and tips around startup growth and marketing

  6. 4


    Just today, I posted a 17-page exclusive interview with Professor Donald Knuth on writing and more. Not every post is this big of an info dump but I try to make them valuable!

  7. 3

    We are building a social media automation tool sociomata.com [Waitlist Open]. I wrote an Ebook sharing actionable growth hacks for generating targeted leads. https://twitter.com/shashwatgautam_

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    I tweet as @amoroso about 🔭 astronomy, 🚀 space, and 🔍 Google.

    Even if you aren't into rocket science, you should follow me because I don't share the usual mainstream or viral content. I'm a geek focusing on little known gems, practical stuff, and my own experience.

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      Astronomy!? wow, followed 🧑‍🚀

      1. 1

        Thanks, the sky is the limit 🌃

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    Here is mine https://twitter.com/logicmason

    Twitter will be where I share in 2021, starting with how I did a niche ebook per-release launch and earned over $1k from it in days (closer to $2k now).

    Then I'll share:

    🧪 Indiehacking experiments as I implement them
    📚 What I'm learning that's helping me grow
    📊 Revenue numbers and results

  10. 2


    i'm going to do 100 podcasts and invest in 100 startups in 2021 :-)

  11. 2

    So, you should follow me, because in 2021 I'm

    ✨ Launching a guide on how to make your app the coziest and most convenient app your customers have ever used. I test apps and websites for over 9 years, so I have a few tips and tricks to share. (Also, if you want your app to be tested, just tweet me.)

    🐉 Learning Chinese live every day for the whole year and doing a weekly newsletter about that. I'm already doing it for the last 6 days, 366 to go. I plan to achieve HSK 5 (intermediate) from almost complete zero. Not sure how I'll do it, still I think it's gonna be fun.

    🌱 Approaching #buildinpublic. I would love to encourage other people to do it as well. I was in read-only mode for the whole of my life, and since I decided to give up a full-time job and finally started doing something, I feel like superman.

    P.S. Oh, https://twitter.com/koynoyno ~

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      super cool! followed

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    https://twitter.com/begovatovd 👈 Nocode and Mobile-first enthusiast

    🚀 Discovering Global Opportunities with Slidepage
    ⭐️ In a challenge to ship 5 micro products in 2 month since January 2021
    😉 Reddit Hacker in the nearest Future (and sharing my experience with you)

    You are welcome!

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    I share technical stuff (AI/ML news)
    I also share my opinions about startups/ipos/fundraising etc ...

  14. 2


    • sharing interesting stuff sometimes
    • key book ideas
  15. 2


    • Launched 1 product in the open in 2020: SheetMonkey
    • Launching 2nd product in January of 2021: Wunderbucket

    I generally try to help my fellow indiehackers and share my experiences with building products.

  16. 2

    And here is mine: https://twitter.com/shashcoffe

    I'm obsessed with Startups. And I’m trying to launch B2B Startup in the U.S. I think Twitter will help me to do that. Also, I read a lot about startups and want to write a bit in English.

  17. 2


    You shouldn't follow me. But I do tweet about crazy cool startups and products.

  18. 2

    Great idea. I run a bootstrapped SAAS for creating customized Learning Platforms primarily for B2B and organizations. Here is the link:


    Follow us because we are doing lot of interesting things in 2021 including making it a bit more open hopefully for partners and developers to build their own custom interfaces on top of our API.

  19. 2


    📮 Tweet threads with practical UX tools and techniques
    💥 Launching something UX-related (and free) in a few months 😉

  20. 2


    I tweet daily about how to build products with #nocode tools.

  21. 2

    ma tweetaah

    I am building my free side projects and paid one sin public, also, ask questions about dev and design, share resources, i post about my newsletter....i don't know...

    just scroll it and judge yourself.

  22. 2


    1. I'm building Jira for lawyers. Lawyers hate change. Come for the giggles.
    2. My ratio is off and bots are expensive.
    3. I don't post a lot of spam (that's what my brand account is for!) and try to engage in real conversations in small bursts.
  23. 2


    📝 Tips on getting better, faster as a developer
    🔨 Build in Public
    🎥 I post videos talking about software career topics

    I tweet about building a Python learning app! (which is 2 days away from beta launch)

  24. 2


    I'll be posting a bunch of things in 2021 that will be useful to other fellow indie hackers including:

    🤓 Building DevDojo and posting updates about the project https://devdojo.com
    🍕Creating Delicious interfaces using TailwindCSS https://devdojo.com/tails
    🛠Building in public and sharing my lessons
    😁Sharing positive vibes and inspirational stuff

    Thanks if you end up following me. Happy 2021 to us all 🎉

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    💡 I tweet about personal development and business development.
    🧱 I have a couple of projects that will reach the public in 2021, I will build them in public.
    🧬 It's all about making people's lives better through technology.

  26. 2


    I just recovered my twitter account few days back which was created 8 years ago. Going to start a paid Newsletter in Feb, will be building that in public using Twitter.

  27. 2


    🎨 Design educated, frontend developer who loves making things!

    ✍️ Launching my new personal blog on the 1st, where I will be writing up my experiments in IndieHacking and MVP building.

    🏗 Work in progress from my side-projects.

  28. 2


    I'm just getting started on some little projects to build some muscles for building and delivering.

    One of those little side projects is a list of all the twitter handles from Courtland's guests on the podcast - it's a great way to get a stream of inspiration into your twitter feed!

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    Ahoy 👋

    I'm just starting out full-time on my journey as an indie hacker. Previously, I was a staff engineer at Etsy, and before that, I worked at Google on Google Docs. I'm really excited to start a company working for myself.

    Tomorrow, I will Tweet my 2020 recap explaining why I quit my full-time job at Etsy last November, and why I started working for myself.

    As 2020 progresses, I will Tweet the milestones I achieve and the hardships that I experience.

    Hope to see you on Twitter 😁

  30. 2


    Become an early follower to see the entire journey where I explore how to best build web-based tools and an audience.

  31. 2


    🚀 Launching the beta site in early 2021
    🚧 Building in public and learning from others
    ❤️ Caring and sharing all things open source and Jamstack-related

  32. 2


    🎉 Launching Paperless.io
    👉 Show you how it's going
    🤓 Learn more about SaaS Startups - Growth

  33. 2

    Here’s mine...


    👋 Tweeting about side projects, insights, maker tools and the like.

  34. 1

    Nice Matteo!

    I'm writing a series on Twitter's most prolific product creators.


    I’m curious:

    1. What products are they creating for their audience?
    2. Which products work and why?
    3. How much money are they making?
  35. 1

    👨‍🏭 I am building Tappy👈 We launched our public beta and looking to hear what users think and be ready to adopt this fast-changing SAAS market.
    📈 The same product, but different storytelling brings out a different reaction. I believe value is the core of growth. You also have to work with how to position your product until you get the right message to deliver.
    🏃🏼‍♂️Every day is a challenge, how to optimize my remote work process, how to bring up the feedback rate etc. IndieHackers and Reddit is a great community to listen to! Thank you.

  36. 1


    I try and give people a break in their timeline with unique or interesting design I create or curate.

  37. 1

    Hi, are you in the phase of finding users? or acquiring users? I am in that phase now, and I feel that building an audience is not easy task. That's why I tweet about my findings in building an audience. Follow me if you're interested:


  38. 1


    In 2021 I'll be tweeting about:
    👨‍🏭 Projects that I'm building and hopefully finished;
    📚 Open source projects that are interesting;
    🏃🏼‍♂️ Online challenges and lessons;
    📣Finding other developers that are inspiring or share similar interests.

  39. 1

    I'm on Twitter as https://twitter.com/iamsubhrajyoti

    I've been posting about interesting things in Android.

    For 2021, you can expect

    1. Learnings from being a author. Writing a book on Android to be launched in March/April. Working with a publisher.
    2. Learnings from trying to set-up passive income and side gigs. I currently make about $1.2k a year from side gigs which is a considerable amount staying in India.
    3. Aiming to launch my first product. I'll be sharing the journey
    4. A YouTube channel is in the works as well
  40. 1


    My name is Yusuf, I took a break from coding after a not-so-happy internship. I will be sharing my journey of getting back into coding again. I will talk about the projects that I will be working on, the languages and tools that I will be learning. I want to teach others what I learn with tweets, blog posts and videos. I'll follow back everyone that follows me.🤍

  41. 1


    Sharing my learnings about growth, product, and strategy. I'm always building (and launching), so I'm always putting what I've learnt to the test.

  42. 1


    I like tweeting and retweeting side projects, #nocode, growth and venture building.

    Let's connect if you believe in making impact everyday ;)

  43. 1

    Only last month did I know that there is this website and this way of no code. I have been doing website development and shopify development. I have opened my eyes to the world of no code and start learning from the new

  44. 1

    follow me so i can brag about it: https://twitter.com/usamaejaz and i am the cofounder of SocialBu

  45. 1


    I climb a lot so you get some cool mountain photos PLUS I have a dog so you get dog posing on top of mountain photos. It's a nice break from the monotony of programming tweets :D

  46. 1


    Hey everyone 👋, I'm Preetam. Previously co-founded SuperLemon and grew it to $30k MRR in 15 months. Now working on DelightChat, customer support software for ecommerce stores.

    I write and tweet about

    1. Building and marketing a SaaS business
    2. Living a better life

    In 2021, I plan to tweet even more in the hopes of helping 1000 people build their own successful businesses and earn financial autonomy and freedom.

    I hope I can contribute to your journey :)

  47. 1


    • sharing bite-sized lessons about design, branding, fonts
    • sharing learnings about tiktoking (just started tiktok)
    • sharing tips about education, engagement, and zoom (I teach remotely)
  48. 1


    Posting weekly on lessons I learnt, things that I tried worked and didn’t work for marketing.

  49. 1


    You probably shouldn'y follow me. I tweet about:

    • Being a solo founder of an edTech platform (Qvault.io)
    • Atheism/Philosophy
    • TV Shows I'm watching
    • Programming Jokes
    • Golang/Development
  50. 1

    I am building an e-learning platform and will share the progress weekly. I also am a big fan of being a generalist, so I talk about pedagogy and systems thinking from time to time.

  51. 1


    I'm a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and I teach creative people (designers, developers, founders) how to be better at marketing.

    Many creative people struggle to explain their ideas unless they're on the phone or in person, so it's hard to communicate at scale.

  52. 1


    I’m a WordPress developer with more than a decade of experience under my belt. I largely specialise in WooCommerce and while I’ve tended to avoid social media in general, I’ll be more actively engaged in the year ahead.

    You can expect to hear about:

    • The journey as I build and launch a WooCommerce plugin
    • Tips on working effectively with ecommerce at scale
    • Ecommerce trends and day-to-day experiments I’m involved with
  53. 1


    Hoping to go full time indie hacking in 2021. I'm focused on and tweeting about building ethical and privacy focused applications.

    The niche is big enough for a business to be built around this believe me. Already launched 4 products in 2020 and I'm doubling down on what worked.

  54. 1


    I collected a ton of data on fast growing twitter influencers and found a few patterns on how they gain followers by building on a story. I'm trying to follow the same strategy. I wrote about it here: https://marketingmetrics.io/blog/timeline-hacking-grow-your-twitter-following-with-data

    Please don't follow me if marketing + analytics doesn't interest you. I'm not a fan of F4F either.

  55. 1


    Not much on it yet---I share stuff from the ML space and plan to tweet about my indiehacking come 2021.

  56. 1

    I plan to change to way you look at video editing. Simple + Speed, taken to the next level

  57. 1


    I am a dev big fan of Zapier, Airtable and all the automation you can build with AlfredApp.

    🔭 I’m working on cross-platform mobile applications with React Native.
    🌱 I’m currently learning TensorFlow.js, GraphQL and how to scale my freelancing
    💬 Ask me about React, React Native, and Automation with Airtable

  58. 1


    Building a visual website builder with tailwind css. 😎Trying to build out in the open thanks to this community. Goal for 2021 is to have at least 1 paying user. 😄

  59. 1

    💻Remote work resources
    🎮 A variety of nerdy things
    🐶Very cute puppy and kitten photos (this is the most compelling reason)

  60. 1


    I'm a solo founder who runs a podcast hosting company www.podserve.fm that has some good traction. I will be sharing updates on how things progress there and updates as I continue to cultivate the site.

    I am also looking to launch some other projects on the side of that one. One to help the IndieHacker community. Also one to help my brother who owns a dental practice get more customers.

    Writing it all in Python/Django while still having a full time job and a family.

  61. 1


    Indie developer, planning to launch 6 products in 2021 (unless one of them sticks)

  62. 1


    • sharing knowledges about projects that I'm building.
    • all news and hacks around growth of products
    • hints how to improve your productivity
  63. 1


    I'm writing about Consumer Social, Gen-Z and Creator Economy.

    I'll post analysis of the futur trends in these sectors. I also hope to launch a consumer social app soon! 🔥

  64. 1


    Tweeting away and blogging about:

    1. project management strategies,
    2. How to handle Lessons Learned ,
    3. then once I get launched I will share the story

    Blogging has been a big focus. Trying to get out 3 per week minimum

    All the best!

  65. 1


    I tweet about software development, javascript, typescript, kotlin.

  66. 1


    🌎 Launching a digital nomad community (which is currently in private mode) in the next few days, possibly today or tomorrow
    💻 The website for the community will be built in public during the new year
    📚 Lessons learned from community moderation will be tweeted

  67. 1


    I tweet about technologies that I work on
    I have started a newsletter and will be posting about the stats

  68. 1


    I tweet about entrepreneurial science and behavior science and write threads for smart people.

    There's a lot of intellectual fast food, like case studies etc. Stuff that's essentially Netflix for adults. Things that feel productive but aren't really. I write about strategy and first principles to help you design a better business.

  69. 1


    I've been getting in the habit of writing daily about domain names & ideas for dropping domains on my blog rede.io. Plan to share better snippets for Twitter.

    I plan to share more about my 2 years of living in Vietnam 🇻🇳 with most of my time spent working on mobile and web apps (digital nomad-ish). It encompasses teaching myself to code better in different programming languages and for different platforms while learning about customers from a global view. Hope to show people the future opportunities that will exist in the next 5-10 years in Asia with a heavy focus on SE Asia.

    Follow me for branding, marketing, and thoughts about living abroad while making mobile & web products. 😊

    1. 1

      Rene, the blog gives me 1020 error.

      1. 1

        Hi Vlad - thanks for the heads up, I have Cloudflare with some catch-all firewall rules set. Where you trying to visit from? Maybe I can improve my rules a bit.

        1. 1

          From Russia or via VPN from Finland, in both cases I get an error

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    This comment was deleted 9 months ago.

  71. 2

    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

  72. 2

    This comment was deleted a month ago.

    1. 2

      I love this sassy attitude lol.

    2. 2

      Not sure I'm gonna follow you than 😅

      1. 1

        This comment was deleted a month ago.

        1. 1

          what are you building/planning to launch?

          1. 1

            This comment was deleted a month ago.

            1. 1

              I'm the founder of https://pain.land and https://heyhi.io

              I feel sad for your misadventures, but I'd suggest you to take some rest, clear your thoughts and reach a positive state of mind. I don't think anger will lead you to your success, whatever means to you :)

              1. 2

                This comment was deleted a month ago.

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