Growth November 25, 2020

Posting MMR numbers on Twitter is wild

Tobias Lins @tobiaslins

I recently tweeted my second milestone ($200 MRR) on Twitter and the following happened:

  • 3.3k profile clicks!!
  • 60k impressions

And gained 356 followers within 2 days (I "only" had 990) so that's a huge increase for me

My first milestone ($100 MRR) also had a similar performance. The post also had a link to which led to increased link clicks and not that many profile clicks/followers.

In comparison to my other posts, they perform MUCH better. Seems like people love to see revenue numbers! I even had 2 interviews because of this post.

My learnings:

  • If you want to grow your range and gain followers try to avoid links to your product
  • People love simple tweets with just a number of your milestone
  • If a tweet gets traction, try to keep your phase and post something else a few hours later
  1. 4

    Money talks.
    I also see this behavior on indiehacker threads, when someone is putting high numbers in the title. This usually attracts a lot of interest. (How has this person made this much money? Can I replicate that? Can I learn something ...)

    You have a valid point. Putting numbers out attracts eye balls, leads to traffic, leads to sales. But everything comes with a cost. The question is what is the cost in exposing one's revenue?

    1. 2

      Attracting potential competitors I'd imagine.. But I'd think the pros outweigh the cons

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