May 9, 2019

Problem: Sign-ups without conversion



I have been running a SaaS business. I sell monthly susbcriptions to make calculations in the cloud for the 3d printing industry.

I need your thoughts/suggestions/tips to improve conversion rate. This is the funnel:

  • People seem to run demos on the landing page and some leave their email IDs in the form.
  • Some of these sign-up for an account
  • Some of those actually end up buying a paid subscription

I need your ideas to improve the performance of the last leg - sign-up to subscription.

Have you faced a similar issue? How did you go about understanding user behavior in this regard?

Would email campaigns help with conversion? Anything else that you might recommend?


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    Okay, take this with a grain of salt as I have zero interest in 3d printing cost APIs. Here is my limited first hand observation feedback (without understanding your users and their needs). Note, I realize you are asking for help on last leg but I want to mention everything I see:

    • I feel there are too many CTAs on top. Why not try asking them to upload their model directly from hero section to see what it would cost to print that? Then from that page encourage a signup?
    • Your demo object links did not work for me so I could not test your flow process (what happens after I select an object)
    • The demo page has conflicting CTAs. One asks me to sign up for an account (whatever this means) and other to Subscribe. Why would I subscribe? What benefit do I have of doing this? I recommend placing just one CTA there and make it clear and actionable. Perhaps place your pricing table and buttons directly under each tier.
    • Regarding pricing table: I don't see a free option (yet, this is what I am getting out of your second bullet "Sign up for account". I assume this is free, and if this is the case why is it not mentioned anywhere?
    • It's strange that you provide no email signup form. My only options are google and github? I wonder how many people are being turned away just at this step simply because they do not wish to use either.
    • When I created an account, there were zero calls in my plan. Don't know about others, but I would not pay for something I cannot test. Personally, I would like to be able to make a few api calls to see the results beyond what your demo provided.
    • Conflicting pricing call to actions in dashboard. One asks me to change plan, other to buy top off pack. This is confusing. One shows a monthly rate and other takes me to paypal? Why? Does the monthly subscription not cover X credits? I find this to be very confusing. Does buying 1000 credits for $20 create a monthly subscription? If it does, I wouldn't do it.
    • When I click on "Change plan" the radio buttons in the field are tiny and you could be losing people here. You have to scroll down below the entire table to see the next button which itself looks like its part of a banner. Beware of banner blindness. Once I select the plan I see the pricing table yet again. Why?
    • 500 calls pack is $500. 1000 calls is $20. Error?

    Generally speaking, I think you need to bring clarity to everything, reduce the flow friction, tone down on the number of times you show your pricing, make it clear what the Paypal button does and perhaps focus on one method of signing up either through PayPal buttons or through a pricing chart. You are trying to throw everything on a page and hope someone uses SOMETHING vs. guiding them to what they should be doing.

    Couple other thoughts:

    • Your UI could do a better job inspiring trust. Polish it up to look a bit nicer. There are a ton of ready-for-you frameworks that will take care of the looking nice part.
    • The plan names are a bit ridiculous. I don't know why, but I feel insulted when I see a "Kiddo" plan. It's like you are calling me a baby who doesn't know what he's doing.
    • Perhaps there are too many pricing options? Do you really need 5 plans? Can you fit them on one line instead of 2? I wonder if people are experiencing fatigue just looking at the options and not being able to decide on anything.
    • Overall site needs more polish to instill trust. More visible social proof, some sort of graphical element next to features, better readability, contrast etc.
    • Why do I need to provide an email to test an object file as part of a demo? Makes me skeptical that you want to harvest my email and spam me later.
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      Thank you for taking the time to review the product. You make several important observations. I am kicked about implementing / fixing things based on these directives.

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    Going to need more details. Do you have a live link?

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