RaaS (Research as a Service) Model?💡

What do you think about Research as a Service (RaaS) Model?

"Research as a service" products centralize & organize information in a way that lets people make quicker, more informed decisions"

I personally think it is a great model for makers, especially beginners.


  • Close to zero time investment
  • Organized Data in 1 place for your audience
  • Easy to create with tools like Airtable & Gumroad
  • Literally 0 cost investment.


Source:- https://rocketgems.com/blog/developer-content-businesses/

What are some RaaS Projects?

Do you know any RaaS Businesses? What are your thoughts?

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    Yes, what you're calling RaaS can be more broadly found under the term "info product". It's nothing new, people have been selling information for millennia.

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    Cyberleads is unreal, I've always felt 'X startup received Y funding' in-spite of dominating startup media are useless for most, especially for entrepreneurs as that tells the story of negligible fraction or perhaps because I'm biased towards bootstrapping/ indiehacking.

    But cyberleads not only found the target niche of such information - the marketers but is advertising their 'high price' as a feature -

    We keep our prices high to throttle access to the lists, and to keep spammers out. We all know that overused lists don't cut it.

    But I wonder what's their churn rate, conversion matters especially since funded startups tend to go for industry standard tools and not known for frugality.

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      Same here Abhishek. I too thought that the information is really not that great. It can be researched but takes time. I am also curious about churn rate. But again as long as the project is profitable & growing, it doesn't matter much.

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    I've made $600+ in pre-orders from RSS-as-a-Service 😇

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      That is great to hear, Rosie.

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    I do agree with the point of RaaS being an interesting business model. First product that immediately came to my mind was awesome trends.vc by @dru_riley.

    What I would doubt, however, is the benefit of zero time investment. My expectation is that a significant proportion of the value a RaaS is offering boils down to the quality of the underlying research and the way things are put in perspective and presented in the final product. For me nothing one can do without spending a decent amount of time. Would love to hear your take on that.

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    I think the key distinction between Research-as-a-Service and infoproducts is that RaaS is sold on a subscription basis, creating recurring revenue. Succcessful RaaS businesses therefore would be wise to deal in information that has a limited shelf-life, so the customer has a reason to continue paying for access to fresher data.

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      Yeah. This is what Cyberleads does. Recurring Subscription.

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    I’m a big fan of this model and wrote a bit about it here https://rocketgems.com/blog/developer-content-businesses/ (which is where the screenshot on this post is from)

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      Yes, sorry for not attributing but I have bookmarked your post. Really great. Its a very interesting insight on how you can make money on the Internet.

      Updated the post with source :)

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        No worries! Thanks 👍🏼

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    This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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