Re-designed homepage after feedback.

Hello everyone,

I previously made a post here about my product roughly 4ish days ago. I received quite the amount of feedback. I'm still new to making landing pages so I am working through trial and error here. I've re-designed the homepage again and I would appreciate updated feedback. I will provide the old site for reference.

New: https://www.designacademe.com
Old: https://www.designacademe.com/old/

Thanks in advance!

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    Really impressive designs and animations. You've put in a lot of hard work into this Jordan and it shows! Here are some minor pieces of feedback for ya:

    1. Favicon/Shortcut Icon is not working. I tried on Firefox and Chrome but it's not working for me.
    2. Maybe the youtube embed should be muted by default? The music is nice but not necessarily needed.
    3. The phrase "Master Design Concepts" in the subtitle seems unnecessary and capitalized like a proper name, so I think removing it would be better, so

    Learn the principles of what makes a great design and start creating more visually appealing products.

    1. The rocket animation - it's really cool and fun but it distracting and doesn't add much to the value proposition IMO.

    It's a really good looking landing page. But I was not sure sure what your product does at first, so I think the copy could use some tuning. At first, I thought it was a course designing app, for teachers to design and distribute MOOC style courses, but after more reading I realized it's a course about design.

    If you included a list of the courses you show 18 seconds into the youtube video in the actual landing page I think that I would have figured out what Design Academe does more quickly.

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      Thank you for the feedback!

      I spent the last few days applying changes based on what you said. I really appreciate the time you took to give me valuable feedback.

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    Overall a beautiful site, cool designs and interactivity, surely something fitting a design academy site. A Few remarks, some already pointed out by Arslan:
    1)there are lot of empty spaces in between.
    2)also animation needs a bit of fine tuning,the rocket sometimes goes missing or is lagging, also currently it seems like the falling off (due to gravity) instead of being self propelled.
    3)Also the images seems to be png, it would be great if you use svg, they scale better and look much cleaner.

    Considering it took you just a few days to add all this to the older version I am sure you can fine tune these issue in no time. Overall a great LP and wishing you all success in your project.

    As you are a design expert I would really appreciate if you could take a look at my LP and share your thoughts.


    @thearslankhalid I have seen your feedbacks on LPs ,they are quite insightful. I would be grateful if you too could take a look and share your thoughts. You may use the below thread if you dont want to clutter the OP.


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      Thank you for the feedback! I really appreciate the comment. I wasn't aware of all the issues with the animating. I will have it working properly today :) Good note about the svg. I will convert them older.

      For you:

      I really like your website as well.

      • I might have to steal the way you display your
        youtube video. I love how it goes full screen and
        the focus becomes the video. hehe.
      • Not only that, the actual videos are great. The
        animations are timed nicely. I took a class in
        college and I know the process of making animations
        is difficult. So goodjob if you made the whole
        thing yourself. The videos Explains the website
        pretty well.

      Some things to improve:

      • I would add padding between the paragraphs in
        each text section. It will make it easier to read
        the text and ultimately make it seem like theres
        "less" text.
      • Also if you can, try to make text shorter wherever
        possible. I know you might have a lot to say but it
        will be worth it.
      • Also add more padding between each of the different
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        Thanks for the nice remarks and feedbacks, I will work upon them.
        I was planning on mentioning about the video bit in my remark ,but missed it. Adding a thumbnail image and an animated button looks better than the default youtube thumbnail which always seems kinda pixelated and low-res. Btw ,all these components that I have used are also stolen or "inspired" from one site or another :)
        And the video is created from renderforest.com and audio is made using a free Text-to-speech coverter :)

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    Hi Jordan,

    The new website is on another level. I really like the design and specially the micro-interactions that you have baked into the website.

    The website really speaks for itself.

    Here are some of the areas where I think there is room for improvement;

    1. The animation timing needs some fine-tuning. For example the rocket animation takes the full screen. Similarly, there are some instances when more than half of the screen is empty. This can be tackled with starting animations a bit earlier. So that the visitor does see much blank space while scrolling.

    2. Have a question button needs not to be animated. It is big enough and has a clear hierarchy to get the visitor's attention.

    Overall, it's a solid page worthy of a great design academy. Great job.

    I had one question, how did you improve the landing page so quickly? Did you use code or no-code platform for development?

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      Thank you very much!

      1. That is indeed interesting. I will get that fixed once I can along with any other animation issues.
      2. Thanks for the tip, Ill leave it static then.

      I appreciate the feedback. I basically started to work on the new site the moment after I finished reading all the feedback on my previous post.

      This is all done from scratch. I just whipped up a blank xd document and after I planned a design, I got to coding it. It may seem "quick" but it took a very long time because I was working on it practically all day each day from my last post.

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        Great job, Jordan.

        All the best wishes for your launch. The website really shows the hard work that you have put in. Have an awesome start.

        Let's be a mutual, I might steal a tip or two from you for micro-interactions for my future product landing page 😉

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