Roam Research reaches $1m ARR in 6 weeks

It's amazing to see them get to $1m ARR within 6 weeks of launching their paid plans.

Are there any Roam Research fans here? I've not really used it, but I'd be curious to hear what users think of this and why aspects of their growth plan has worked.

They've clearly used the time to focus in on creating a great product and community around it.

It seems like they had enough funding to last the founding team for 10 years.

Roam Research $1m ARR

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    Been following their journey pre-hype.

    • Conor's amazing at promoting, and buildng a cult-like following
    • They lined up a lot of Twitter/YouTube influencers to promote. Like A LOT of them, within a very short span.
    • This is another example of an "overnight success" after years of hard work. I met a guy that said he used to do contract work for them circa 2015
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      Fwiw, youtube totally was surprise for us.

      I did interview with Kevin Rose (after he reached out), and put our own videos up, but made no explicit effort to reach out to any youtubers.

      Still was massive growth driver though

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    I have used Roam until they announced the pricing. It is a very cool take on knowledge management for the long run. I do believe their roadmap can be very interesting by being able to integrate cross-silo knowledge that in most companies is locked in small bubbles. I used it for a while and somehow realized very quickly the value of writing down ideas, it has a very low entry barrier and you can immediately see how it can help you. I was a user of Evernote for very long. At the beginning was great, but it started to feel outdated compared to my own needs.

    However, for my use case, I prefer a locally hosted system (Zettlr or Obsidian) and publish part of it as my learning in public experience. 15U$/month is just too expensive for a set of features I will seldom need, and as other mentioned, relying on external hosted tools adds the risk of data leaking, exploitation, or just disappearance.

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    ❤️ Roam and the community around it. I can wholeheartedly say that it changed how I learn and think :) Also, I've added integration with my app NeuraCache and I've seen a significant uptick in use.

    "A rising tide lifts all boats"

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    I love Roam.... after using it for just a few days it helped unblock a project I was stuck on... not only that, after I understood how it worked, I started perceiving the world quite differently, through the lens of how things are connected... was kind of psychedelic!
    Highly recommend it, but you have to be willing to get through the initial learning curve :D #roamcult

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      I can completely identify with this

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      Best praise I coukd hope for.

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        It 's the truth 🙏 ....
        Btw,I am a working musician/creative... was thinking of doing a tutorial or demo etc.... do you know of any other interesting examples of musicians/creatives who use Roam that might be worth checking out before I get started?

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          @robresnick on twitter, know at least a few others. At one point CEO of Spotify followed me, so maybe he would? Ask twitter, I'll retweet.

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    Cool to see a RoamResearch post here!

    I actually just launched Roameo today (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/roameo)!

    It lets you add custom domains, analytics and social metatags to RoamResearch — kinda like Super.so but for Roam!

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    Used it a few times, but landed on Foam which is an open source, Roam-inspired tool built on top of VS Code. It’s still in early stages, but seeing how successful Roam is, I think there’s a lot of potential for Foam.

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      Thanks so much for introducing me to Foam :) This looks very cool.

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    I think they handled the announcement of this really well. It’s a beautiful case study in community ❤️

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    I used it a bit, and it's a great product to start with. Initially I was like, why do we need another note-taking app? But they have a refreshing yet familiar take on it. Refreshing in the sense that it's very different from traditional, hierarchical categorization note taking apps, but yet familiar because it mimics the networked thought processes of our brains. It was that good that #roamcult was their viral marketing mouthpiece(s).

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    This is absolutely great key insight.

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    They have built a great community and played well with influencers. The most interesting part that a few of my friends and myself abandoned the product because it is just bad. I can't stand that it loads forever, formatting is terrible, and you need to "hack it" to make it work. But clearly, many people don't share my opinion :)

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    I used it but then moved to TiddyWiki because I didn't want my second brain on another server out of my control.

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      Are you on TW5? or something older?
      I used mptw quite happily for a few years, and never got the TW5/classic cross-compilation/upgrade working, nor did I find TW5 basic or built out variants compelling enough.

    2. 1

      Highly recommend Joplin for your self hosted second brain!

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    Haven't followed the Roam Research journey, how long have they existed before launching their paid plans, and with how many users?

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    I really don't like the product and I can't understand what the hype is about, but I must admit the founders did a great job of promoting their app and building a very loyal fanbase.

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