Roast me; I just revamped Tutorbook's landing page

I just revamped the landing page for a product I created a while back and would love some feedback.

Check it out at https://tutorbook.app (note that we're using custom HTML Web Components so if you see a blank page it's because your browser doesn't support them).

Do you understand what our product is? What we're offering? Do you know who are user base is? Do you know who we're marketing to?

Any feedback would be great; the meaner the better.

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    The design looks just like Intercom (https://www.intercom.com).

    I'd roast you, but how do I know you're not just a copy of the real "Nicholas Chiang"?

    Was this your homework? Looks like plagiarism to me and no citing of sources.

    1. 1

      wow. this is a nasty comment.


    2. 1

      Wow, that's nasty, it's copied without any changes.

      1. 0

        Wrong haha, I changed the "electric teal" colors to Tutorbook's purple.

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    Couple of things..

    • "create service hours opportunities" - I'm not quite sure what this means and it sounds businessy. Same with "Centralize your program's workflow" sounds like you're talking to a business - I'd talk to some teachers, ask them what their problems are and use their wording on why this is something that needs solving
    • your footer links all go to # - I assume you've done this for keywords but it's frustrating because I actually wanted to read more - feels like an SEO hack
    • "The #1 Tutoring Platform for your school and it's students" feels generic and salesy - and when I clicked "see why" I wanted you to tell me - not have to try it and figure it out for myself
    • I'd include some real use cases - I'm not sure of the specifics of how it would work - perhaps run through the use case from start to finish using examples. Are you talking to me as a student, or as a teacher? I'd try and make that more clear

    Hope that's helpful! :)

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      Thanks, yeah, super helpful! It's definitely on Tutorbook's Roadmap to add more individual landing pages (i.e. one for each use case and feature listed in that footer).

      Our target with this page isn't for teachers. We're trying to sell to school or school district administrators (e.g. the Assistant Principal in charge of Student Support Services). Though I will definitely look into running the copy-writing by some of those admins at our existing schools to see what they think.

      Eventually, that "See why" button should open up a product page describing exactly what Tutorbook is (i.e. our primary landing page describes what you can do with Tutorbook and then that page would describe what Tutorbook is).

      As for SEO, I haven't even started to think about that haha. Another thing to add to our Roadmap!

      And yes, we are in the process of creating some testimonial videos that'll be added to the site soon (along with a "Customers" page showcasing the schools that are already in love with the app).

      1. 1

        Cool - yes I'd try and plan SEO and marketing before launch, that's something I wish I'd done more of!

        All the best with it :)

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    Haha you asked for it...

    Looks pretty good. Could use better alignment on some of the screens.

    One big thing missing: Social proof. Do any schools like this product? Any think it's a good idea? Any teachers? Administrators? Without their words and faces it seems like it's missing something...

    1. 1

      Right, I definitely agree! We are in the process of creating some testimonial videos that'll be added to the site soon (along with a "Customers" page showcasing the schools that are already in love with the app).

      But what do you mean by better alignment? Could you send me screenshots as to what's wrong there?

      1. 1

        Awesome, that's great.

        Just some little things:

        1. in the section with title "support every underserved student" - the iphone X has the "Search" text covered up
        2. in the section with title "Coordinate tutoring across schools" - there is like 1-2px of black space on the mac screen at the top between the bevel and the screen (which wouldn't be there ordinarily)
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