Roast My Idea: Deal repository for sleep products & apps

There's a significant amount of noise around new "innovative" sleep products and apps. A curated repository of tested and proven tools at better price points than you'd find anywhere else on the web allows high performance entrepreneurs/IHers to effortlessly build their quality sleep stack quicker and more affordably.

Charge a reasonable annual fee ($50-$99) to access a large amount (50+) of the best sleep tools at discounted rates. (even 20% savings on a mattress will easily cover the cost of membership alone.)

Get leads in the door with giveaways from partner companies.

Sleep is an area I'm super passionate about. I've iterated a few ideas in this space and yet to find the one that sticks. I recognize my skills are more on the marketing, BD, and curation side. This idea seems to fit within my strengths.

Happy to receive your feedback.

Is a deal repository for sleep products and apps something you would join?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  1. 2

    You should look at AppSumo's business model. Do incredible deals with founders of sleep apps, products, etc. and split the revenue.

    1. 1

      Definitely an idea I've considered. I work at AppSumo. ;)

        1. 1

          I went ahead and took your advice (along with the 50 other people that said recurring membership might not be the best model). I've spun up a quick landing page. Now reaching out to potential sleep product partners to nail down my first deal!

          Appreciate the feedback Andrew.

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