Landing Page Feedback September 24, 2020

Roast our landing page⚡ and I'll do the same with yours 🦾

Rcm @rcmy

This is the page:


  • is the message clear?
  • is there something missing?
  • any advice for improvement?


Feel free to leave a link to your page and I'll take a look

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    The message is clear, but there is no social proof. For example:

    "Increase Click-Through Rate Between 50% and 300% in CTR driven by recommendations"

    Who says that? It should be some real retailer who partnered with you. There should be a photo, real name and position. I should believe it's a real person

    p.s. flying background makes reading your benefits a really painful experience.

    You're welcome to roast my LP:

    1. 1

      Thanks, in some cases unfortunately we don't have an agreement to disclose the names of our customers publicly, that's why not all of them are named.

      There has been several feedbacks around the background in the same direction :-)

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    I think you have an interesting product, but you should definitely work on your website.

    • I think the headline is not bad but the description is very weak. I think you should state your value proposition in there and explain how you can help me.
    • Images are low quality (especially the one above the fold)
    • I don't think that the red shoes above the fold explain your product well. (In the first moment I thought you are selling shoes)
    • testimonials give me no feeling of trust (No names, no images...)
    • pricing section is weak
    • it took me some time to get what you actually are doing
    • I think that a one-pager does not really fit for your product. But that is probably a matter of taste.

    What I like:

    • the name & domain of your product
    • the color scheme (Still I'd rather use blue for the buttons instead of orange)

    I hope that helped! :)


    1. 1

      @patrickr thanks for your detailed feedback. Of all of it, the one that really worries me is it took me some time to get what you actually are doing.

      Of the headline: "We increase your conversion with AI Recommendations", is it not clear who is the customer or is it not straightforward what recommendations are?

      Another headlines we are experimenting are (maybe too long?):

      1. we get the right products of an e-commerce in front of their users using AI Recommendations
      2. we place the right e-commerce products in front of the right user using AI Recommendations
      3. The best way to increase an e-commerce conversion is to get the right product in front a the right buyer
      4. Personalize the user experience in your e-commerce (then as a subheadline add 1, 2 or 3?)

      What do you think?

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        The first two suggestions go in the right direction.

        I recommend you to read this article:

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    I love the idea, but have a few tips for the LP:

    • The section with the blue background and the girl should be changed. The Background is too complicated, it's not easy to read the advantages. Also the girl is looking a bit strange just flying there.

    • Remove the shaddows from the buttons (or change them).

    • You are using like 3-4 diferent fonts, try to use only 2.

    Overall the whole feeling of the landing page is "cheap" for me. A couple small changes might help a lot (check or landingfolio, they have great design ideas for SaaS).

    1. 1

      thanks for your feedback, I'll iterate over your ideas.

      I think the most important question for me is did you get the message and what is the benefit for the customer?

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    • Page was white for a few seconds, to the point where I thought it was broken
    • Shoes on the right might be more pleasing to read
    • Really nice background animation
    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback. I haven't noticed that the page was white initially. We'll do some tests thanks.

      About the shoes, I was thinking of creating an animation, any suggestion?

      1. 2

        Content wise, idk. Technology wise:
        I used Flare animations for an open source project (Flutter clock contest).

        I think they're called Rive now. You can embed them pretty easily into apps, I guess it's similar for websites.

        Here's the GitHub with a demo video:

        1. 1

 looks really promising. Thanks for the advice!

  5. 1
    • Use the numbers to improve your pitch. you're lucky to already have performance stats for your product so use them. Maybe switch to -> "Increase your conversions by 100% with AI Recommendations" or something else like this. Avg of 30-250 is 155, I took 100 to be conservative!
    • The smaller text was a bit hard to read for me. maybe test a higher font weight!
    • Personally, I trust the case studies a lot, maybe illustrate them better to draw more attention to them. Maybe emphasise the numbers a bit more.
    • CTA is clear but IMHO the site has a bit too much text. But maybe that's ok for B2B businesses. If I were you, I'd refer and keep iterating.
    • Overall everything looks good!
    1. 1

      Really nice feedback, I'll iterate over your ideas. A thousand thanks

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    hi Rcm, i have some tough news to deliver: i was confused! here are my thoughts:

    • i thought it was a fashion site at first with the shoes being the first thing on the page to load.
    • increasing my conversions... what? and "we" maybe implies this is a service not a product? i dont want to hire consultants
    • scrolling through, i dont really have much idea what you're offering. youre going to promote my products... but where? is this on my own website? i'm pretty sure im not willing to giving you a commission for sales on my own website (but hey, i'm not your target market so what do i know)
    • why the lady in the red dress?
    • the section "recommenders empowering your business" looks like a format most sites use to explain benefits, but the titles of each section seems like a feature of your service. i believe the correct interpretation is that you will create a "you might also like" section on my site but my original interpretation was that you were just now telling me that i might also like something.
    • the images across the whole page just dont mean much to me. they look like junk to be totally honest. i would like to see more screenshots of what a "frequently bought together" section would look like for example. not just pictures of products that are bought together.
    • the language on the website is a little off in tone i think. take this quote for example "We are 100% focused on customer success, so we only get paid if we get you a sale. Our solution is actually free for you." it is very conversational and not so much presentational. i dont think it's the right tone for a website, even though the message is important to convey
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    I'm currently running an AB testing with Google optimize to check to variations of the page

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