Landing Page Feedback September 28, 2020

Roast our landing page revamp

Bobby Gilbert @rogilbert215

Would love critical feedback on our messaging.

We're trying to convey that our software guides founders through each stage of their funding story (pre, during, and post-funding).

Involving accessing non-dilutive capital, understand its costs, and managing it into maturity.

We've tried many variations of slogans/taglines here's our most recent landing page revamp.

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

  1. 1

    Looks fancy, great stuff!
    Value proposition looks a bit vague in the beginning of the page - "manage financing", "optimize the funding type" etc is too broad to stick immediately to what you are proposing. However it become more clear in the section "Enhance your funding experience".
    What do you think about raising it higher or creating a similar section with specifics?
    And did you conduct UX interviews with your potential customers to know what they really think of it?
    Good luck with your product!

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    Hi Bobby,

    The landing page design is top-notch, by the way.

    My thoughts:

    1. I easily understood your software at the /why page than in the frontpage.

    You did a better job at the /why page on explaining what your software does than at frontpage. The screenshots of the dashboard helped a lot, actually.

    1. Are you a software tool or are you a marketplace?

    Showing the "Find the optimal capital partner" section as large as it is on the front page can make people think you're PRIMARILY a marketplace for connecting VCs with entrepreneurs rather than a software tool.

  3. 1

    I'm not sure what "Power your funding story" means. I think you wanted to somehow connect the headline to a product name.

    "Manage every stage of start-up financing" is a statement, not a benefit. Not sure what I'm getting here. If the headline was "Manage every sage of your start-up financing at one place", then I guess it makes sense.

    I found the 3 features under "Enhance your funding experience" to give me a clearer idea of what this software is all about. Things like "Visualize how close you are to your funding target.".

    1. 1

      Awesome, thanks for this!

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    Targeting was good I can relate:

    Pre-funding (ok i'm in)
    Perfect for businesses preparing for financing (a bit redundant but ok)
    Optimize for the right funding type (eh? what is funding type?)

    But what's next? How do you help me optimizing? Event when I click on this tab you just show some generic screenshot.

    So out of curiosity I signed in. Some panes, bunch of dashboards, but where is the action? Show me success path. You customer in funding phase, so is very very motivated. To watch a video, even to read a long copy. But not to find a way how you think your tool can help. It's too much to ask from user.

    Show clearly how you can help entrepreneurs.

    1. 1

      Ah! "Success path" is great framing.

      Thanks for this feedback, we're working on revamping our onboarding in the next build!

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