Browser Extension Makers September 15, 2020

Save Link Browser Extension

Taylor Harrison @IndieStacker

Has anyone built a Chrome extension before that saves the link for current page to an app? Or found a service/platform that allows you to build a basic Chrome extension with this functionality? For instance, I want to create a Chrome extension that allows users to save the current browser page to their profile within an app I’m working on. I’m building my app on Bubble so I’m hoping to use Bubble’s API and pair it up with a Chrome extension. Thanks for any input!

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    My first extension was a link saver. I called it Read Later. I was a fun learning experience but I quickly realized Pocket is a better solution.

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      Hey Tim - does your extension save the links locally in the user’s Chrome account? Or do they get saved to another source with some kind of API call? And is it flexible? I liked the simplicity of your extension if someone didn’t already have Pocket or didn’t want to create a new Pocket account just to save a few links. Nice work!

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        The extension uses . It works well but there is a max amount of data you can store in it.

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    Hey Taylor - not sure if this is helpful but someone I know open sourced their web clipper extension

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      Hey Matt - thanks so much for the link. That’s exactly what I was looking for to get started. I looked over the source code and I think I can hack something together to send the URL of the user’s current page to their account in my app. Just have to figure out the API call(s) to I’ll reach out to the creator for more info on his extension. Thanks again!

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        Awesome - glad it's helpful!

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    I had to set this up building I'm not familiar with Bubble, but for LD I keep all links stored in postgres hosted on AWS. If Bubble has an integration with AWS you should be able to set up something similar.

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    Hey Taylor, actually I do work on this kind of browser extension. It's called inmypocket (landing page InMyPocket, or here on IndieHackers), and it's aimed at saving the current page in a "read later" list, backed by a Pocket account, and therefore sync-able across any number of devices or different browsers.

    I'm in the process of porting it to Chrome too, among many other things. Why do this? Because Pocket stopped maintaining the old Firefox addon, and the Pocket integration was really barebone (and still is, even if it's become better over time).