August 1, 2020

Send me your product, I'll send feedback


Hello guys, I have literally just quit my job to focus all my energy on my venture. I am doing a little experiment where I want to try out three new products everyday for the next 30 days! Anything as long as it is not Top-down b2b SaaS.

Comment your project, I ll give you feedback in 24 hours.

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    UPDATE: I am working my way through the list..thank you so much for all the comments..I ll hammer them all in the next 3-4 hours! If you think my feedback is of value please consider giving a shoutout to my newsletter ( on twitter or other social media platforms. I will provide feedback regardless, but it would be a nice gesture from your side 😊.

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    It's a Facebook Ads Targeting detailed video course. Cheers! :)

  3. 1, thank you! It's more of a tool than a product right now though, there is no monetization.

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    Hello, a different (weird for many) kind of stuff:

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      I like the idea. I was actually talking about that with a buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago. I dont know still what to do after I create my timeline, it takes up a lot of time and I am not sure what I ll do with it. Maybe share it on my group chat but thats a hella time to invest to share a post with my 6 friends.

      UI is great but UX is a bit confusing. The big ADD button changes to a cancel button(yet has the + sign) while I am adding a new phone. I just presumed that this was the "add more phones" buttons and kept having to restart my journey until i figured it out. "Used until" "primary" and the different values you are using are also not clear. I put 2008 in used until and it wouldnt allow me to continue. I think you may need to dumb it down a lot. Just make the whole thing a lot simpler and faster to do.

      Would be cool to create a few timelines on homepage maybe like Obama or Kevin hart to demonstrate how it works/show the value of the end product.

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        Hehe.. Thanks!

        What I've observed is that people use the site, beside sharing on social media, for tracking their phones or for forum signatures (yes, there are still some forums there). Me personally, the day i got a new phone, i go to my profile and i add it. This way i know exactly the day I've got the phone (for whatever reason)

        Funny, that "+" button should convert to a "x"


        I agree with used until, primary - need to work more on those (i've tried different iterations, yet need to improve more). The idea of used until and primary is that you cannot have the phone as primary if you're not using it anymore. Meaning "used (it as main phone) until" is for past, primary for present. WIll definatelly have to tweak this more.

        I got a a link to a demo showcase right in the second section of the homepage. I was thinking to hire a video animator that can tell the story in an interactive way.

        Ah and one more thing - all the other stats from the site (most owned phones in a particular year for eg) are build based on people's timelines.

        Thank you for the feedback - really the most in depth and on point feedback i got so for!

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    We are working on Wicked Templates.

    Some feedback is always great !
    Thank you for doing this.

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      Okai first off congrats!
      I have seen quite of few CSS templates, yours specially stands out i guess it has something to do with the background design. Its really cool I LOVE IT

      The sign up flow is also really smart...where I make a purchase and then it prompts me for a password to sign up. One click into creating an account i didnt even realize it! Hats off to you my friend i think you are capturing a lot of missed opportunity that other people just dk existed.

      Same goes with the "Free" -> "Name a fair price". Smart simple hacks! I love your whole approach.

      I had a bit of trouble with the purchase. It didnt automatically start downloading. I have to go to "View content" then download. This wasnt very intuitive as i closed off the tab right after purchase.

      You also made really good use of the footer/ "bottom" real estate...a place that is also usually under utilized.

      As for the templates..I think they are really reaally well designed...I dk if populating a template in the "View" offering would lead to better conversion. like creating a fake website rather than placeholder text and images...maybe smth worth experimenting.

      Great job Michael and best of luck!

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    Hey, I'm working of Portabella](, you can think of it as a secure alternative to Trello, but already I'm encroaching on the feature set of Asana/Jira.

    Let me know what you think!

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      Okai I must say WOOOW!!! I can totally see this on TC or equity podcast. As A16Z would say this has a very strong zeitgeist market fit and really hits the nail on whats happening.
      What I love

      • When u said secure..I wasnt convinced..when I onboarded I was like "holy fuck they take this very seriously" I love that about what you did specially with the login password thing that I cant remember its naame.
      • The fact that you make it a point very early on that it is an easy to migrate to solution
        -And of course the hacks carousal...THIS IS MY FAV

      Some easy wins.
      -In dark mode the color of text while typing on white is so light i can barely see what i am typing

      • The landing page is "too white" i can not tell sections apart.
      • A lot of different font sizes and colors throughout the landing pages. Throws me off a little bit
      • You have a mix of square and rounded edges in the cards detail pages...again throws me off a little bit
      • I found it a little bit difficult to go back to the 1 project i created. Took me 5-6 clicks cuz i wasnt sure where the "home" button is
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    Hi @ATA, My product is - a simple to use video editor. Thanks!

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      So i dont have a windows pc so I couldnt get a chance to actually try it out. I can give you my feedback on your landing page and product offering though

      Whoever designed the landing page deserves 11/10. Love it!! Copy is clear so is the value proposition... "i instantly got it" which is surprisingly not the case for 50% of stuff i see. However being "Free" is hidden along the landing page, try to make it more prominent and see what happens to conversion. Also videos take a long time to load, i dk if there is a way to load lower quality content or if that makes sense to u. but in my case it took a good half a minute to play then a bunch of them played together since i kept pressing random videos on the page. That was the only drawback I had using it.


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        Thanks! I'm actualy redesigning it to have a lot of screenshots of the app in there. The reason I didn't have this before was that I was in the process of redoing the UI (huuuge and complicated process, all in all)

        About the videos - I may actually put them on youtube and link tothem - but I need to think about it. Youtube is making it harder and harder to embed videos into your site the way I'd like it to, so I'm a bit ambivalent about it - but I will at some point test to see how that would work.

        Thanks again!

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    congrats on taking the plunge @ATA ! My project is It's a 30 day challenge for makers. We put people in small groups of 5-10 people and help each other build!

    We're only 7 days old and are just starting another group (free) today if you want to join us. Would be fun to have you in there documenting your progress!

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      Hello Andrew. I signed up. Doesn't seem to be an option for today's group though :/ lemme knw if u can add me