Growth July 14, 2020

Send personal video welcomes to increase conversion

Marc Thomas @iammarcthomas

Recently, I was inspired by this tweet by Tom Osman of Makerpad:

I decided to give this a go.

I started by only doing it for people who choose a paid account.

This resulted in lovely messages back like:


And this one:


And I thought that was really nice. I just did it to be in touch with new paying users. Nothing more intended than that.

Then I thought: I wonder what will happen if I do it for every single user who signs up to doopoll.

So I started doing it.

I fire up Loom and record a 30ish seconds video where I welcome users, give them my personal email for any support requests, and then ask them three things:

  1. Why did you sign up to doopoll?
  2. How has your first experience been?
  3. Where did you find out about us?

I thought that what would happen is I'd get maybe 20% of users respond to me with one answer to that question set.

What actually happened is that: less than 1% response rate.

But, I noticed that new users were hitting a key activation milestone (get 10 responses to a survey) at a significantly higher frequency than before. So I crunched the numbers and I was right.

Users who received a personal video welcome from me hit that conversion event at a rate of 4.26% higher than those who received only a generic email sequence.


I actually started to add elements of automation into this sequence so that I now have a templated email that I ping the Loom link into – still need to record the video fresh each time.

It takes a minute to do each one and I do them in batches each day – but I know that when users hit 10 responses, they tend to upgrade, so I don't mind spending a couple of minutes in the morning and the afternoon pumping out welcome videos.

Has anyone else tried this? What was the result for you?


And in case anyone's wondering how quick these are to make, here's an example I made for IH:




There was a 2.13% increase in conversion to paid accounts when users received a personal welcome video.

Extremely cool.

Note: those are percentages of total signups rather than relative to other stages in the funnel.

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    I think this is a great technique, especially for higher price subscriptions or transactions.

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    This is awesome! Do you just send them the link or is there a way to embed the video into the email?

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      I actually just include a link to the video as an inline link. I wonder what adding an image of the video might do for conversion rates though.

      Maybe I'll try that. Thanks for the idea!

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    Fantastic, Marc! As you know, we've done some cool personalisation stuff like this in the past. And it works so well. Sometimes the conversion metric isn't higher immediately, but you can be darn sure that they remember your name, which might lead to (untrackable) conversion events by them and their contacts later on.

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      It was because of that blog post you wrote about that that I originally discovered lemlist. And it was my initial experiments with cold emailing that got me excited about growth marketing in the first place. Now it’s my career 😄 just goes to show you can never tell what knock on effects your actions can have eh?!

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        Are you saying that this blogpost inspired this career shift, and therefore I'm entitled to 20% of your earnings?? ;-)

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          At the advice of my future attorney, I am downvoting your comment. 😂

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