Ideas and Validation November 15, 2019

Should I still launch it?

MK @mkmaker

Couple of weeks back I read a post which made me to come up with a SaaS idea. I jumped on the product building but then my day job didn't let me finish it till today. But last Sunday I came to know that someone else has already built and launched it after reading the same post.

Should I still launch it or it's not a good idea to launch it now?

Edit: I finally launched it today:

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    If there already was 20 incumbent companies on a highly saturated market, then I’d probably consider finding something else.

    From what you wrote however, it seems like this is not the case, since there’s just “someone else”. SaaS markets in general are growing fast, so even with existing competitors, you can still make a killing.

    In adittion to that, unless your office is literally in the same building as “the other guy”, then I’m sure you can narrow down your market to some a specific niche which you can access and serve comparatively better than your competitor(s).

    So yes, go for it! I wish you a good luck and keep us posted!

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    I think competition helps both players. In the end, it just matters who's product is better. The funny thing about competition it has the ability to artificially increase products importance or notoriety. People will see that there is 2 of the same thing and think there is a trend, they may even jump in because of FOMO. this can just build to support all of you. Remember, to the bold go the spoils.

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      Woah! Nice way of looking at competition @Red8lima

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    Good to see that you went for it! I definitely would have suggested as much also. Just to play devils advocate - what would have been the argument for not launching it?

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      Nothing much, just that I wanted to respect the other IndieHacker's efforts in launching it faster than I did.

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        Haha it’s very polite of you! I think that if they can’t handle someone else launching a similar idea (especially if there’s no foul play) then they need to toughen up :).

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    Definitely launch it! By doing so, you will get to learn and experience a lot of tasks involved in launching, tweaking, marketing and running a product. The experience you gain out of it will be invaluable and help you give an advantage of doing the next product.

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      Thanks @Nakkeeran! You are right. There're lots of products I have built but never made it to market. I think this one I should give it a try. Thanks again for your advice.

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    Of course you should launch it! Sounds like you’ve already built it and there’s nothing wrong with having some competition.

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      Yes I have already made the MVP. Thanks for your advice @Gabe I am launching it :)

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