Shoutout your project: What's your unfair advantage? ✨

I find the "unfair advantage" is the spiciest, most intriguing part of a product. I'd like to get extra some visibility on the cool ones out here.

What's unique about your product that no one else has? Even if it's merely a vision or roadmap item (not yet real).

Comment if you think you've found the "magic" that's going to set you apart.

  1. Your product name / link
  2. What problem it solves in one sentence
  3. Your unfair advantage
  1. 7
    1. AirDash https://airdash.flown.io
    2. Transfer files between any device (Similar to AirDrop, but cross platform)
    3. Quickest way to get a file from any device to another. Unfair advantage is that it is peer-to-peer meaning the service is secure, free and supports unlimited file sizes
    1. 1

      Whoa, I love Airdrop, but also have a PC. I might just have to try it.

  2. 5
    1. Logology
    2. Make your startup standout with a logo by a top designer. Ready instantly for $99.
    3. My cofounder is the best logo designer I've ever met. She can design 20 strong and original logos per week (regular designers can do 1-2). Since our product depends on having lots of logos to choose from, it's a super power. We don't need to hire any external help to bootstrap our catalog to 1000+ designs.
    1. 2

      Nice. Must have been hard to start from scratch, but that's a really nice barrier to competitors now that you've got the catalog.

      1. 1

        thanks, that's exactly it. Took us 2 years to build, but it's worth it :)

  3. 3
    1. https://pirsch.io/
    2. Privacy-friendly web analytics.
    3. My co-founder is badass when it comes to design and usability. We have the most beautiful and most useful dashboard of all solutions out there :)
    1. 3

      Great UI. I could see myself using this over Google Analytics, just for the UI.

      1. 2

        Thanks, glad to hear that :)

    2. 3

      So good to see UX prioritized. Dashboards are really fun to design.

  4. 3


    Behavioural analysis platform where you track your moods, activity & relationships.

    Solid way to find your hindsight bias and get rid of toxic relationships.

    1. 1

      Definitely interesting.

    2. 1

      That second line - the world really needs this right now. I assume it uses the tracking from above to detect bias/toxicity in a data-driven manner?

      1. 1

        yes, it uses analytics to show all your data in charts. I'm launching a query feature using which you can query your events and moods, and find any thing from your database of thoughts.

        Query time of month where mood === "angry"
        Query people with whom mood == "depressed" & activity === "work"

        I believe it'll be game changing for people who want to deep dive into their mind and understand their problems. I see endless possibilities by connecting it to therapists and coaches.

  5. 2
    1. https://neurodiversity.wiki
    2. Education to the public about various mental health conditions.
    3. We're tackling multiple at once instead of just one and focus on the content,not ourselves.
    1. 1

      Nice to see another .wiki domain out there. There are dozens of us!

  6. 2

    Resilience and tenacity. Been plugging away for 3 years and only now starting to reap a bit of success. Most folks on here seem to give up after a few months.

  7. 2
    1. Notabase
    2. Note-taking app for networked thinking (similar to Roam Research or Obsidian), but easy to use, privacy-friendly, and open source.
    3. I'm a product engineer at heart and have designed and developed dozens of applications end-to-end. I have high attention to detail and I'm obsessed with the customer experience.
    1. 1

      Looks very slick. Style reminds me of a pleasantly minimalist Notion.

  8. 2

    WHAT: namy.ai

    WHY: A domain name generator that's actually good.

    UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: it's actually good. Most domain name generator suck with suggestions. Namy is much better.

    (currently having a small outage but I invite you to check it out in a few days if you need any domain name inspirations!)

    1. 3

      Yeah Google Domains' is awful. For "overmind" they suggested "abovebrain" "belowbrain", etc.

      You know what would be cool? If as you're typing in the prompt there's some kind of visual indicator that you've provided "enough" input. Kind of like iOS's fingerprint learner, as you add more info it visually fills up.

      1. 1

        Yeah absolutely. Google domains, naminum, namerobot, namemesh, etc...

        I've tried them all and frankly didn't find any useful. I have a lot of domains, so I thought, hey why not scratch my own itch?

        --> namy.ai :)

  9. 2
    1. Deployment from Scratch.
    2. Know how to run your application in production.
    3. I think one advantage for me is that I was actually a Red Hat Linux packager. Other people can write a similar book, but won't have credentials like that. Other than that, I think I include almost all topics you might need and go deep enough, which other books don't.
  10. 2

    I'm not sure I've found the magic, but here's my stab at it:

    1. Overmind
    2. The information I need to do my job is scattered, stale, and tribal
    3. Overmind is a self-organizing, self-maintaining notepad so you don't have to. The "secret sauce" is the NLP algorithm for auto-organizing.
  11. 1
    1. Kalisten (https://kalisten.app).
    2. The one-platform for managing your workouts (learning, tracking your evolution, gamification, …)
    3. The vision - we provide tons of free features with good quality that others app charge for
    1. 1

      Editing the above message as per a brilliant feedback we received :)

  12. 1
    1. ServerAuth : https://serverauth.com

    2. Provides teams with the ability to control who can SSH into their servers, and when, as well as providing server monitoring and (coming soon) server management.

    3. We've got a pretty huge unfair advantage. Both myself and my co-founder have been in the industry for a combination of over 30 years. We already work with other companies in this industry extensively, so it's meant we're able to be extremely accurate at getting exactly what our customers want into the product.

  13. 1
    1. Olwi
    2. It collects real problems from other people and businesses.
    3. I create it for my own usage because I was tired of manually seeking a problem to solve. It automates a lot of work.
  14. 1
    1. DevConcepts: https://dev-concepts.dev

    2. Help people become true Full Stack developers by explaining a gazillion concepts of IT; from coding basics to secure coding & from UX design to IT infrastructure. This project is unique because of its breadth

    3. My unfair advantage is the fact that I've worked as a developer, tech lead, software architect, security expert, sysadmin, infrastructure architect & founder/CTO during my career, giving me a rare perspective

  15. 1
    1. Mailwip https://mailwip.com
    2. Email forwarding and API to build workflow on top of email
    3. Un fair advantage is that we emphaisze on mail log, if user enabled it, then we're able to let them build a Rest API on top of it to access mail. Then once having email in place, we will build out a platform to let people build app that process email however they like. Example, parse receipt email and write to goolle sheet. Write about it more here https://www.indiehackers.com/product/hanami/plan-for-mailwip-add-ons-serverless-for-email--MeWGlwvu9bwyWuyf-T8
  16. 1
    1. https://mylinks.ai/
    2. Link-in-bio tool that focuses on displaying your social media content.
    3. We get your entire feed just from you inputting a social handle. Your bio page continuously updates with new content without requiring any updates. None of the other services are as as quick/easy to setup to allow more than just links.
  17. 1
    1. Authmoji http://authmoji.com/
    2. Security and Two Factor Authentication using emojis
    3. More playful than standard numerical input
  18. 1

    1.- Wicked Templates wickedtemplates.com
    2.- Tailwind CSS well designed websites for those lacking time or design skills.
    3.- Fair prices, pro quality.

  19. 1

    thedailyapp.co - A calendar for tasks and todo lists.

    Instead of struggling to use a calendar that was always meant for meetings and events, use a calendar meant for tasks. Increase your productivity and achieve great things.

  20. 1
    1. https://cinematicstudio.app
    2. Simple + Fast Video Editing
    3. At this point, if I have an idea (about a video editing feature), I can develop it 20x as fast as any other team.
  21. 1

    Sparrow helps indie founders get mentorship from startup advisors who are founders themselves. Our advisors' startups have generated millions in revenue, raised funding rounds and exited.

    We've seen many founders spend hours trying to find the most relatable mentor and then getting advice that's irrelevant - so we went ahead and did the due diligence ourselves, to make sure the mentors only provide advice on what they've actually done and are ridiculously good at, for a reasonable rate.

    It's called Sparrow (https://sparrowtheapp.com)

  22. 1
    1. Kiko
    2. Analyze Data via Plain English
    3. You no longer have to learn SQL/pandas/excel to analyze your data. You can simply ask your data questions and receive instant answers. What Google Translate did for language translation, Kiko is doing for data analysis.
  23. 1
    1. HelpKit https://www.helpkit.so
    2. Turn your Notion docs into a hosted self-service Knowledge Base for your customers – no code required.
    3. Eye for design and details + certain features which are yet to be announced
  24. 1

    Your product name / link:

    Your unfair advantage

    • Features such as portfolio ranking (to be added), learning academy (to be added)
  25. 1
    1. DeFi Decentralized Financing

    2. Peer-to-Peer Smart Contract Crowdfunding Community.

    3. Working with Multi-Billion Dollar Partnerships that offer Profits, Equity, Digital Currency, Partnership Rewards along with recurring Community Funding.

  26. 1
    1. Makers House https://makershouse.xyz/
    2. Co-living in Europe, a great way to work somewhere else with better weather
    3. Not really one at the moment but I think personally I am keen to live somewhere else in Europe after being locked down for so long and likely another one to come :(
  27. 1

    Can a one person company be regarded as a unfair advantage ?

    1. 1

      I mean, there are advantages to being a solo founder. But I'm not sure it'd be "unfair" since it's pretty easy for someone else to claim the same.

      1. 1

        One advantage which I think of is that one don't need too much of revenue to keep the company floating.

        So can operate in crowded market provided operating cost are low.

        1. 2

          For sure. It's nice not having the stress of burning investor money at a terrifying rate.

          I've got really low costs, so I can keep experimenting and refining for a long time. I'm not in it to become a unicorn, so this pace is great for me.

  28. 1
    1. Watch Routine - https://watchroutine.com

    2. A workout tracking app for Apple Watch, allowing you to leave the phone at home and exercise without distractions.

    3. The unfair advantage is that it's built with a phone-free life in mind. There are other great workout apps for the Apple Watch, but all the good ones are built around a smartphone-first approach with the watch app often being an afterthought. Watch Routine runs independently on the Apple Watch and does not require a smartphone.

    1. 1

      Hey @AndyAFK,, I need a small in understanding how you did location based currency change ?

      I took a look at your landing page it looks awesome. I really liked how you show pricing right away i want to implement location based pricing. Can you please point me to some articles or code.

      I couldn't reach you in dm on twitter. Thanks.

      1. 1

        Hi @remidi, thanks! I'm using Paddle for the payments. Not sure if it's the best solution but it's easy to implement and the price localization works out of the box. There's a post on their website explaining it: https://paddle.com/blog/saas-localized-pricing/

        1. 1

          Thanks for the info. It's helpful.

  29. 1
    1. ✂️ Pintura Image Editor

    2. Pintura helps your customers upload better pictures, and saves your development team heaps of integration time.

    3. My unfair advantage I think is the fact that I'm both a designer and developer, am an extremely patient person and have an unhealthy attention to detail.

    This results in Pintura being incredibly polished. Me spending heaps of time on the tiniest details. I have a feeling it's going to be tricky for bigger teams to create the same result as there's lots of small details that require both code and design to be on the edge of their seat.

    1. 2

      Designer/Dev combos are superheroes. Site looks slick.

  30. 1
    1. Focus Wall - https://focuswall.madebyayan.com
    2. A clean desktop wall to help you stay focused with a glance.
    3. Keeping all your important to-dos in that one perfect place that see everyday, your desktop wall!
    1. 2

      Interesting. What's a "desktop wall"? Is it a site, or an app, or some kind of widget that plugs into native OS?

      1. 1

        Wall as in wallpaper.
        So it's a dynamic wallpaper for your desktop!
        You can write, edit or check off your to-dos on the app, and it'll change your wallpaper to show the updated version, so you can easily sort out your priorities, right there on your wallpaper, with a single glance

        1. 1

          Nice. Yeah, native on your desktop is even faster to access than an app or site, so I'd say that's a pretty great advantage!

          1. 1

            Thanks! Glad you like it.

            And as a matter of fact Focus Wall just launched yesterday on Product Hunt 🎉, and there's a launch sale going on right now that you can check out!

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