April 23, 2019

Show IH: Hey, I just launched my Remote Job aggregator for IT professionals at https://remoted.io. I'm so excited. I hope you like it

André Pena @andrerpena

Hello IndieHackers

Yes, there is a lot of remote job for developers already. Some very good ones from people I admire. However, I think diversity and competition is a good thing for the user. It is always a good thing to have options, and I thought there was still room for improvement so I built my own on my spare time, for the last 4 months. https://remoted.io is still far from perfect, but I prefer to release now and fix stuff later.

Here are some highlights from https://remoted.io:

  • ⚡️ It is fast, really fast. According to https://www.webpagetest.org/, the other aggregators I tested are from 30% to 300% slower. Also, the page transitions are super smooth due to the amazing Next.js navigation and Apollo caching.
  • 🤖 It is API first. Usually, when services make APIs available, they are not 100% complete. Either the texts are cropped or there is missing information. Not on Remoted.io. Everything you see on the page has been captured from the same API that is publicly available at https://remoted.io/graphql. Ah, and it uses GraphQL which is pretty cool. If you are learning GraphQL, Remoted's API might be a good place for you to practice.
  • 🕵️‍♀️ It has pretty good filters. For example, when looking for remote jobs, it is common to find a lot of jobs that are only for US or Europe candidates. I tried to mitigate this problem with good filters. Of course, it is not perfect but it is a very good start. It is also possible to filter by source.
  • ℹ️ I display a lot of useful information right on the frontpage, like salary and location restrictions. I think it might save you some time.
  • 🔥 It has an open Issue Board on Github: https://github.com/remoted-io/remoted. Please, plaese leave your feedback and vote for stuff you would like to see done.

Of course, there is room for improvements. For example, it is still restricted to development jobs, but I plan to, as a next step, make it broader and welcome other areas like Design, Marketing, Product and Project Management.

I hope you enjoy it. It was definitely not easy to make this alone having a fulltime job.

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    I see one of these sites popup almost daily on IH and PH, what are you going to do to set yours apart from all of the others?

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      Hey. I acknowledge the existence of too many of these aggregators. But I still went for it because I can make things a bit better, at least from my own perspective.. It does have to be better for everyone, but if a sufficiently large group of people like it, there's audience.

      I built https://remoted.io to be a platform from the group up. I have the intention of being able to spawn multiple jobboards, so, if https://remoted.io doesn't work, it is not the end the world. I already have others in mind.

      Back to your question, what I think sets Remoted apart is the speed, better information displayed on the search page itself (again, this is my humble opinion) and search options, which are not very prevalent in other solutions.

      In fact, what you see in https://remoted.io is just the beta version. There is already a lot of cool functionalities I can't disclose right now but they are coming. Best I can say is that I'm working on a very very nice search experience.

      We have to try.. I don't think that the fact the there is competition should put us off when we have a clear strategy to move forward and to gain market. The existence of competition is actually a very good thing.

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    This is cool and gives me some inspiration for my own job board.

    How do you plan on monetizing?

    What did you build this with?

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      Was just going to ask this :). Do you have a plan for driving traffic?

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      With regard to your question of the technology stack, here it goes:

      I use Node + TypeScript. IMHO, TypeScript was one of the most important things that ever happened to the Node/JavaScript community. It adds a "tax" while developing but it makes refactoring so much more reliable that I would not write anything in JavaScript, not even something meant to be simple.

      On top of Node, I use Next.js. Next, again, IMHO, was one of the best things that could have happened to the React community. They are amazing and brilliant people working there. When you are building React apps, you basically have two options of runtime, if you don't want to spend 2 weeks dealing with Webpack hell, not to mention future updates: One is to use create-react-app, if you don't need server side rendering, or you can go Next.js if you do. In the case of https://remoted.io, I need SSR for SEO.

      They are API I use GraphQL with Apollo.

      For the deployment + hosting: I use one Digital Ocean VPS. I deploy using https://codeship.com/ plus GitHub hooks.

      When I look at the speed of https://remoted.io and the smoothness of page transitions, I think I made right technology choices.

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      Thanks. Well, for monetizing, we need to become famous, which is super hard. But if we ever manage to do that, we sell job posts

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        I guess for an aggregation job board it is different. However, why not offer a cheaper solution? WWR is 300 for a posting. Why not offer a cheaper solution, dedicated to IT professionals, for the little guys trying to hire?

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          Hum. Peter Levels already proved this can be achieved with remoteok.io. Its an aggregator but now he's getting a lot job posts. With regards to pricing. Yes. The price can be adjusted to your audience. If you have a ton of users, 299 USD seems to be the default pricing, but of course, you can charge less for a smaller audience. But in the beginning it is all about audience building. The focus is, of course, not making money.

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    As a non dev, would love to see other jobs there (marketing + community management for my own selfish interests), I see that is in the pipeline tho, so all good.

    Also perhaps, emails notifications based on tags.

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      E-mail notification on tags is something I also plan to do =). But it is always good to know what people are interested on. Thanks for your feedback

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    Thanks for the words. Yes that is correct. Until now I was only focusing on delivering but now that it is there, it is time to focus on the nice-to-haves. Categorization and non tecnical positions are certainly on my list =)