Startup founder with several past exits, looking for growth/marketing or engineering co-founder to explore new ideas/projects

Currently looking to build new side projects, looking for a co-founder to test new ideas and getting initial paid customers.

I'm working on a few ideas at the moment in AI and consumer products.

Ideally, you should have built projects in the past that have had some traction in revenues or paid customers. Your skillset can either be in distribution/growth (some variation of sales/marketing/go to market) or software engineering.

My skillset is in software engineering and growth, worked in both extensively in the past so happy to work on either :)

Thank you!

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    I am also looking to partner. Here is my profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/vipulwadhawan/
    Reach out to me if interested

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    If I understand u correctly, I have a new AI graph-computing tech, need potential co-founder to bring investors to go for the 1st round. "Tech Demo" is available if interested?

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    Interested as a growth marketer and growth hacker

    reach me via [email protected]

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    I have a full team working on side projects until they become full projects....
    Following the "Startup Studio" model, use a core team to build from concept, validation to first sellable version, then getting a full time founder on board once the time is right (varies a little by project).

    Got a few projects at varying stages, if sounds like interest then happy to talk further, potential opportunities either in the studio or leading one of the new businesses.

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      Hey! That approach sounds quite interesting. What's the best way to contact you?

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    Haha i am looking for co-founder who is interested to build somethin with AI, have 14 years tech background and team of developers

    we did some experemental project with computer vision
    Chech it out and if you interested - let's talk!

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      I am interested. My email is [email protected]

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    Check my email in my profile. I am just getting back into building things - be interested in chatting.

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    hey! how can I get in touch with you? I recently posted this post - https://www.indiehackers.com/post/serious-inquiries-only-i-want-to-invest-and-partner-up-in-your-business-e8c33eba2f - please reach out my email is in my profile.

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      Hey! Thanks -- I'm currently not looking for investment yet. We need more help with growth or content/marketing. Are these areas you'd be interested in helping on?

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