Landing Page Feedback February 24, 2020

'Stripe Atlas Alternative' Page


Hi Everyone!

A couple months back, I read a great post from @harrydry regarding the use of 'competitor alternative' pages to help with marketing. We got it up, highlighted the differences and would love to know your thoughts or any feedback :)

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    Hi, this caught up my attention.
    I like the value proposition of your company and, as @falcon007 pointed out, the landing page is pretty clear on what you guys are trying to accomplish. In my case, I'll add that there is a fundamental difference (perception-wise) between Atlas and Blook and that is your brand. I'm obviously not an expert in corporate law, but I work as a brand strategist, so my perception's there and I'm also speaking as a founder myself.
    OK, so here's what happens: Stripe is already a well-established financial company so I wouldn't hesitate to start such a complex process in Atlas because, as a product, it's already part of something that Stripe understands pretty well, and they're active in many countries already so I'd expect to be well taken care of. In the case of Blook, I primarily wouldn't focus on your rates (as a founder), but on your expertise. "Who's the team behind?" "What are their backgrounds?" All legit questions I want to be asking myself if a new startup is going to serve as a middleman between my company and a foreign country I intent to do business with, so essentially I'd care more about that first, then move on to your pricing deck. Just my two cents.

    Anyway, good luck with Blook, I'm absolutely loving all the implications of more companies starting on this business. Y'all make it easy for us founders! Thank you!

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      @youce. Wow, thank you for your feedback! This is definitely some great food for thought.

      I'm glad we can help!

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    It's cool. I finally decided and used to form my UK Company, setup my bank account for Stripe account activation. I am a start-up founder but also an ecommerce enthusiast.

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    Hey Pedro! Love this productized service :)

    Good luck for your launch!

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    Good page Pedro. And nice execution. I think Stripe Atlas alternative is going to be reasonably competitive so I'd suggest trying to get some backlinks on that page. Backlink outreach isn't easy, but a few good links will make a big difference.

    For anyone wanting details on this strategy, here is the full post.

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      Thanks Harry, I appreciate the help!

      I definitely recommend everyone to check out Harry's full post ^^

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    Interesting. We are sending some questions your way using the Contact us form!

    Feedback: You should mention on your site why incorporating in the US is better for someone who's not residing there.

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      @useCastup, thanks for reaching out and for the feedback! We just responded :)

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    Hi @Pedro_M,

    Your web page is pretty clear, it explains the steps and how much it costs. Maybe you could add a typical time frame for registering a company in the US. You can polish the text colors, maybe add an image to make it look even better.

    I like what you have on offer, I am very likely to use your service once we plan to expand to the US.

    All the best.

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      Thank you for the feedback, definitely something we can add!

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