Landing Page Feedback February 24, 2020

'Stripe Atlas Alternative' Page


Hi Everyone!

A couple months back, I read a great post from @harrydry regarding the use of 'competitor alternative' pages to help with marketing. We got it up, highlighted the differences and would love to know your thoughts or any feedback :)

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    Hey Pedro! Love this productized service :)

    Good luck for your launch!

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    Good page Pedro. And nice execution. I think Stripe Atlas alternative is going to be reasonably competitive so I'd suggest trying to get some backlinks on that page. Backlink outreach isn't easy, but a few good links will make a big difference.

    For anyone wanting details on this strategy, here is the full post.

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      Thanks Harry, I appreciate the help!

      I definitely recommend everyone to check out Harry's full post ^^

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    Interesting. We are sending some questions your way using the Contact us form!

    Feedback: You should mention on your site why incorporating in the US is better for someone who's not residing there.

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      @useCastup, thanks for reaching out and for the feedback! We just responded :)

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    Hi @Pedro_M,

    Your web page is pretty clear, it explains the steps and how much it costs. Maybe you could add a typical time frame for registering a company in the US. You can polish the text colors, maybe add an image to make it look even better.

    I like what you have on offer, I am very likely to use your service once we plan to expand to the US.

    All the best.

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      Thank you for the feedback, definitely something we can add!

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted a day ago.

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      @youce. Wow, thank you for your feedback! This is definitely some great food for thought.

      I'm glad we can help!

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