April 18, 2019

Struggling to find a software idea people would pay for


So I've started several consumer facing software products. All very robust, enticing, clean, etc. and think I have a strong grasp on web app development.

My issue historically however has been with building a product that solves a problem. I have been receptive to conversations with industry veterans to understand the ins and outs to discover a problem worth solving, but nothing really came to fruition in terms of a sale.

Anybody have any thoughts or tips on finding a software business idea that maximizes odds of success?

P.S, here's my portfolio if anybody wants to check out previous work: http://ethansteininger.com

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    My issue historically however has been with building a product that solves a problem.

    I believe others have mentioned to some degree, but create something that already exists in a space that has competition.

    Really niche down on it. Directly address the needs of a small subset of the products that exist in the current market.

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    Let someone else validate the idea for you. In other words, find a market that already exists that is of interest to you. Look at what others in the space are doing and find a way to put your own spin on it.

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    Looked over your portfolio. Could not find how/why I should pay? Most was answers to “question”, stuff I would use Google to figure out and some research. Look like you have the skills to solve more advanced stuff.

    I built this (landing page) in one day to alert people when good deals are available in an app that is popular in Europe. Already have paying users waiting for the finished product:

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    Problem of must developers , as developer you are problem solver by definition . You can solve almost any pain at work also every thing is open source so way pay ....
    Maybe need to learn other market

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    I have some projects that solve people's problems but I'm not a developer even though I'm studying for it. If you are interested in a strategic partner, we can talk about it

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    What is something that you would pay for? If you would pay for it, there's a good chance that there are other people that would pay for it too. Talk to people about your ideas, see what they think. I'm working on a project right now that I know I would pay for. There must be others out there too!

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    Same here.
    My experience on this is to start from my pain. But as software developer I'm able to solve my pains easily at work, I mean I can literally build anything I need and use any kind of services/product/stuff on internet to solve anything.
    So I have started to talk with people and ask why they made a choice, about their problems and so on. One hint is : ask why they choose a product and understand what product do and which is the problem.
    It's hard :D

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    Quick mindset change I like to use: Stop looking for problems to solve, start focussing on understanding pains you can treat...

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    Nutripeek looks like a cool site. Problem is you will need a ton of visits to make affiliate links work. Unless you start your own brand of supplements.

    A growth hack for it might be to interview some top guys in the space and get their current stacks. Hopefully they will share on email and social media and that could kick start your site.

    A blog would be great, but ranking might be hard.

    Remember that these sites take a while to build up.