Struggling to find YouTube channels to sponsor


I've been cold emailing various channels on a particular topic about a potential partnership. So far the results are far from what I've expected.
Small channels <10k subs are asking for $500+ per shoutout which in my books is off the charts. There is absolutely no way such an investment can pay off.

So couple of questions:

  1. How are you approaching the whole idea of sponsoring YouTube creators?
  2. Any tools that can help?
  3. How to get a better understanding of the pricing? Is it related to subs numbers only or there are other metrics worth considering?
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    Great question, we haven’t gotten into paid marketing yet, but definitely interested in how this goes for you.

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      What's stopping you from going that route? Budget or something else?

      Do you mind sharing your product? :)

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        Yeah, we just haven’t started any official marketing yet. Matter of time, not anything else.


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    Two quick thoughts...1) maybe ask the ones who are giving you a high sponsorship rate to share some stats with you on how other sponsors have done (ie, are they driving traffic) and 2) have you looked at a tool like SparkToro to find out which channels your audience is watching?

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      Try another batch of cold emailing? Try another niche of creators or? :)
      What do you mean by new?

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