Growth June 30, 2020

Struggling with a sales challenge? AMA!

Louis Nicholls @louisswiss

Hey all!

This week's "listener questions" episode of the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast inspired me to give it a go on my own Sales for Founders podcast...

Have a question about sales?

Send me an email or - even better - a voice message and I'll answer it on Thursday and give you a shoutout to ~2-3k founders!

The question can be as specific as you like. Don't be afraid to ramble and give context :)

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    You got mail. Very cool idea BTW.

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    Awesome opportunity Louis! @coreyhaines just mentioned you in the IH meetup as someone to look for in startup sales advice so I came across this.

    I just recorded you a question, here's a link to it along with the transcript.

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      Awesome, thanks Philipp! (And Corey for the shoutout)

      Will make sure to answer your question on Thursday. Assuming I have a good answer that is ;)

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        It's been a tough time because people describe the same pain in so many different ways... hard to find predictive factors to select a niche. And since it sits between user research and analytics, positioning it as either hasn't quite worked.

        Yet when we do get people on demos they are always really into it. I think the demo clears it up so we're considering making our landing page a bunch of gifs like this app haha...

        👍Really excited to hear your thoughts if it's one you choose to answer.

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    Just sent you an email.

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      Got it, thanks!