Looking to Partner Up August 1, 2019

Technical founder looking for a co-founder. I have a few ideas and willing to listen to yours

Bigyan Ghimire @wayoverthecloud

So you don't have to be a marketing wizard but some SEO, paid ads and online marketing knowledge and some industry expertise would be good.

Background: Computer Engineer
Location: Don't want to disclose here but will personally(not the US)

I am really bad at ideas but I code and build. I know tidbits about marketing. I am very passionate about what I do.

We could work on your idea if it has legs and you believe in it or mine if you think it has legs too.

I am looking for serious people. Since I am really serious, let's talk equity. I am willing to split the equity 55-45.

An idea in the B2B space would be good but I don't mind B2C either.

What the co-founder has to go through in the initial phase:

  1. Validate the idea
  2. Find beta testers for the MVP once the idea is valid
  3. Find marketing channels and talk to potential customers


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    I can't find anywhere to contact you. I looked for your email - no luck

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    i got a good one and still in validation mode, Let me know so we can talk.

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        check my profile, there is email sending option.

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    Hey @wayoverthecloud ! I'm a non-technical founder and I'm searching for a CTO associate for my project explained here : https://www.indiehackers.com/post/b40056d6eb
    If you're interested in, tell me ! I will happy to exchange with you !

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    I'm a marketer. London based.

    A tool to help salespeople find relevant prospects online, using Linkedin to build prospect lists.

    Category: B2B marketing, Sales enabelement, Big data, data mining

    Let me know if you're interested

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    hi bigyan,
    Working on a B2B product. Starting with MVP on android playstore. Still working on ironing out marketing, customer journey,etc. Has potential for deep penetration as a novel organizer for huge market with painful problems. On the go small businesses, who want a quick and solid customer organizer using modern tools and person centred workflow.

    Let me know if you'd like to chat further.

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    55-45 split is a tall order if you're coming into an established revenue earning product.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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