January 5, 2020

The one hour project - Week 1

Mads Obel @madsobel

Hello everyone 👋
A couple of months ago I set out to do an experiment, see https://www.indiehackers.com/post/the-one-hour-project-week-0-74503ea2c3 for some more details. Unfortunately some things happened in my personal life, so I had to postpone this.
Any way I have picked it up since new years now and hope there won’t be any more major bumps on the road.

This hasn't been a full week, since I started on new years day.

Day 1 (1/1)
Decided that now is the time to try and pick this project up again. Did some thought work on how I’d like to approach this, tech stack, hosting etc. I considered trying to build this in Phoenix with Elixir, since this is something that has really gotten my attention lately, but ultimately decided to stick with what I know the best, Ruby on Rails. I booted up an app and a git repository.

Day 2 (2/1)
I added Tailwind CSS as a CSS library, have really come to like that recently over good ol’ Bootstrap. Began laying out a “pre-launch” landing page.

Day 3 (3/1)
Finished up a simple landing page to hopefully collect some emails from people I can shoot an email to once the app is beta ready. Added some simple backend code to store the “lead” in a database table.

Day 4 (4/1)
Did some minor nitty gritty stuff on my landing page. Added a new Heroku project to host my app on. Got it setup with automatic deployment and domain. This is rather tedious to fiddle with to be honest, but hopefully I won’t have to do much more in here for now.

Day 5 (5/1)
Added Google Analytics so I can see if this pays off at all 😅. Tested my “lead” collection in production and it seems to work. Wrote this post up and posted it. Will see if I can start adding some initial user authentication.

Thanks for following along this week. Check out https://vbio.io/ if you want to be notified when vBio is ready for beta testing.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions, if not I’ll see y’all next week! 💪

  1. 1

    nice stuff, but what exactly is the problem being solved here?

      1. 1

        nice! but is it the same as linktree? https://linktr.ee/

        1. 1

          I believe that it would be very similar, yes.
          However I think that I want to put a lower focus on Instagram audience that they're doing.

          1. 1

            Good idea, i've notive that a lot of youtube videos have lots and lots of links.. might be a good idea to check that out!

            I'd be interested in knowing what tech stack would you choose? keep me updated please!

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