Daily Stand-up April 4, 2019

Thursday Edition: Daily Stand Up!

Janice @Janice


That extra nudge of accountability to achieve even a small step on your IH journey each day.

To join in:

01 Share your epic (a big chunk of work with a meaty objective) you'd like to complete by the end of April.

02 Share what you accomplished yesterday.

03 Share what you commit to accomplishing today.

04 Comment on at least one fellow hacker's progress and give them an IH Point for their check in.


05 Share your Work In Progress to underscore your accomplishments.

Then tune in the tomorrow to share how you did on your own tasks!


  1. 5

    2019 Goals for Magnus Rush

    • 50 Augmented Podcasts: (4/50) 8%
    • 12k MAU for the App: (31/12k)

    April Epics
    (Stats from Clubhouse.io)
    Milestone: Launch: 78% Complete

    • [Epic] Launch Marketing: 74% Complete
    • [Epic] SaaS Launch: 79% Complete
    • [Epic] Mobile App Launch: 80% Complete


    • Caught a bug with the partial download cleanup routines
    • Cleaned up some email template issues
    • Drafted script/outline for podcast episode


    • Remove free points from earnings estimate in the SaaS dashboard
    • Work on download manager issue

    @louisswiss setting some meaty goals!

    WIP of the Magnus Rush podcast app and podcast augmenting platform

  2. 5


    By end of 2019:

    5K MR

    By end of April:

    • Conduct 3 post experiments with a minimum CTR of 2.69% - First experiment: 6.15%
    • Double organic growth from 10 to 20 persons.
    • Double social growth from 49 to 98 persons.
    • Publish 15 articles - Planned: 2 of 15 | Written: 2 of 15 | Published: 1 of 15

    By end of week:

    • All posts migrated from WP to Gatsby - 4 of 15
    • 3 new articles published - 2 of 3


    • Worked on migrating how-to posts.
    • Published a post.


    • Finish migration of how-to posts.
    • Get started on Privacy policy.
    • Customize page metadata.
    • Get started on 404 page.

    KUDOS: Pending...

    WIP: Search for "Jeanius" in Google (page 3 or 4). (Grinning) Click on the one with "ass" in the title.

    1. 2

      Really love the layout of your update. Taking notes of formatting for future check-ins! 🙌

  3. 4


    By end of May (launch):

    • Launch course
    • Make $10k+ in (pre)launch sales
    • Have 1000+ people on the prelaunch list

    By end of April:

    • Complete the first, live version of the course (with 7 participants) successfully*

    • Record 10 interviews with amazing founders/salespeople (5 confirmed, 1 already done)

    • Have 500+ people sign up for the prelaunch list (currently at ~50 but haven't pushed it yet at all)

    \*Successful completion of the live course would mean a) all participants are happy, and b) I learn exactly which bits of sales founders struggle with when they're starting out


    • Finish editing interview with Stephanie Hurlburt and put it live
    • 2 one-on-one calls with participants in the live version of the course

    KUDOS: tba

    WIP: SalesForFounders.com

    1. 2

      I'm a bit confused. You're launching the live version of the course by end of April? And an evergreen version in May? (Site looks great, by the way!)

      1. 1

        Ah no - so I presold the live version of the course (doing it as webinars/calls). That version started this week, and we'll finish the webinars etc by the end of April.

        Then I'll package that into videos/text etc in May, with the goal to launch that evergreen version by the end of May :)

        1. 1

          Got it! Look forward to the updates!

  4. 3

    # 01 Epic for April

    # 02 Accomplished yesterday

    • Sent an email to @jasondoesstuff, the man behind I Wear Your Shirt in which gave me the inspiration behind Sticker Dad Up.

    # 03 Committing to today

    • Gathering more stickers
    • Interacting more on Instagram
    • Reaching out to more folks about the project to widen the awareness

    Thanks for these check-ins Harlem, looking forward to making it more regularly.

    1. 1

      My pleasure! Checked out your Sticker Dad Up landing page and IG... fun project! How do you intend to grow your IG?

      1. 1

        Thanks @Harlem for checking out the site and IG. Yeah super stoked about it. Mainly it's been Gary Vaynerchuk's 1.80 strategy. https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/1-80-instagram-strategy-grow-business-brand/ It's actually been working. I've seen 5-8 new followers some of which I'm engaging in directly and some who I think are coming in from hash tags. Pretty fascinating. I'm not at the volume of interaction as Gary lays out in his post but slowly increasing when I have a moment.

        Are there any IG strategies you've tried?

        1. 1

          Nary a one! I'd like to finish my experiments this month, prior to diving in full monty! (Smiling) I'll be watching you and learning!

  5. 3


    1. 2019
      • $50K annual revenue
    2. April
      • Get a remote sales job.
      • Do 10 customer interviews.


    • Apply to 4 jobs a day.
    • Schedule job interview.
    • Follow up on job applications.
    • Edit customer interview questions.
    • Did a customer interview.
    • Did IH office hours.


    1. Enjoy my birthday 🎂 w/ mom & family.

    WIP Mindful

    1. 2


      Happiness over everything!

      1. 1

        Thanks, @RyanHickman. I appreciate the love. How's life w/ you?

  6. 2

    2019 Goals for Magnus Rush

    • 50 Augmented Podcasts: (4/50) 8%
    • 12k MAU for the App: (31/12k)

    April Epics
    (Stats from Clubhouse.io)
    Milestone: Launch: 84% Complete

    • [Epic] Launch Marketing: 74% Complete
    • [Epic] SaaS Launch: 96% Complete
    • [Epic] Mobile App Launch: 82% Complete


    • Differentiated between free (initial) points and $ points used for tipping podcasts
    • Created weekly email digest template
    • Wrote algorithm to compile weekly activity digests for users. Now, at 6:05 on Sunday morning, you'll get an email with your activity for the week! Shows you which podcasts you listened to, and how you interacted with them, at all
    • Included voice memo transcripts in weekly digest emails
    • Made and tested cron script to do the weekly digests
    • Created an email queue system to avoid API rate limiting, and added logging for email queue


    • Take the app on a long, long drive

    @AndrewV for jumping back into the tank, @michaellee for a DAD focused project!

    WIP of the Magnus Rush podcast app and podcast augmenting platform

    1. 1

      Thanks @Davey for the kudos man! Is the SaaS app for creators while the magnusrush.com apps are for consumers?

      1. 1

        Yes, that's more or less true, there's a blue bar at the top of the screen for creators to see that landing page. I've gone back and forth on which should be front and center. I think when I release I am going to consolidate, but put the creators central.

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