Tip: Leverage a journalist feedback service to get more eyes on your product

If you aren't making use of services like HARO, you're missing out on coverage and content. Request and offer expertise to find new content and increase your exposure.

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is an email list of 800,000 journalists, bloggers, and founders. Needless to say, it's a fantastic resource. Signing up gets you three emails per day with requests from journalists and bloggers for industry expertise. Giving them the info they need will get you the exposure you need in order to grow your business and become a thought leader. Remember to be direct and concise in your pitches, and focus on the facts. On the flip side, if you're looking for content or expertise for your blog, you can put out a request. @brettfriedman of Marpipe does this and says it's their biggest source of traffic. He asks questions and experts get back to him with subject matter that he turns into articles. In return, he backlinks and tags them. Check it out and see how you can utilize this resource for free.

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    If you're looking for practical tips on getting your HARO pitch accepted, check out this helpful guide from @kielo:


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      Looks like a great resource, thanks! 🙌

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    This is brilliant! I was looking at the resources to create some blogs around HARO and this will help! Also, because I'm usually with HARO, I've developed a product (https://headcomai.com) to pitch with AI! Would love you to try :)

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